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2 hours ago, bill937ca said:

It's down right now.  Almost 5am in Tokyo. Perhaps later tonight.


Working now.


"2018/06/12A failure of the network equipment occurred, and the service was unusable. We have greatly inconvenienced our guests."

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6 hours ago, Pashina12 said:

Every time a sale starts my ability to control myself and only buy stuff I need for my Aizu project is tested.


This is compounded by the fact that the more I learn about Japanese railways, the more I find is interesting...


But no. Only 1960s Aizu stuff, and eventually a JNR EF66, because I love those.


And maybe a 485系... and maybe something Enoden. And, well... Taisho and early Showa JGR is really nifty too... and Hokkaido... and....


Resistance is futile, you know what they say!  🙂


8 hours ago, chadbag said:


Anyone else having a problem connecting to Hobby Search today?   Keeps saying "cannot make a secure connection to 1999.co.jp..."  (or very similar message)


Yeam me too.. it's up again though ~ 

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