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Some nice little dioramas

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Found these when looking at the video of the Sankei Totoro house. No running trains but good technique for building scenery. 





Cheers eh,



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Nice scenery techniques presented well!

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JR 500系

The last video with the beach was REALLY nice! He actually used REAL sand for the beach! Amazing work on the water and waves too!


Subscribed! His videos are great ideas for diorama building!


This guy is amazingly good at diorama building, and works great with foam and Tomytec kits! I like his foam cutter!


Here's an amazing video from him, showing how to weather and create looks easily...



P.S. he seems to be using a large variety of Tamiya paints and stuff... Wonder if he is sponsored by Tamiya...

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Thanks for that.  Nothing like seeing it in action to be able to try it yourself.  And Tomytec dont offer any vermillion red shrine/temples, so this has given me the techniques to repaint some brown versions red. yahoo

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