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Mr Frosty

Contacting Bandai

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Mr Frosty

Does anyone have an e-mail contact for Bandai?

I would like to mail them with a "respectful request" that they might consider making an EH500 B Train shorty.




I can only find phone or snail mail contact details. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I too have hoped for a long time that Bandai would release a b-train version of the EH500.

Another train I would like to see them release is the M250 express container train, 'Super Rail Cargo'.


There is a contact page on their Japanese website, maybe they would be impressed to hear from their world wide customers.




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Gordon Werner

Well you can try them on twitter ... their account is @HobbySite but their twitter account tells you to contact them using the phone or snail mail contact info found here: http://bandai-hobby.net/site/contact_classic.html


you could try their product inquiry form ... although I don't think it is for "requests" ... that you can find here: https://ssl.bandai.co.jp/soudan/inq_fs_input.php

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Another suggestion I've thought of lately - a pair of DD51s in Hokutosei livery?

They have the tooling, they've recently made the Hokutosei, and the real train has just been retired. Perfect timing!


The fact that the eight wheel chassis runs far better than the four wheel one (as found under the two electric locos in the Hokutosei sets) has nothing to do with this, naturally...


Agree on the EH500, it needs to include a bar coupler to replace the Rapidos on the powered chassis. Even better, you could hide some fine two-core cable under the bar to connect the two chassis electrically, which would help enormously.


Their FB page does seem pretty active, although they really need to find a new electronic translator as I can't believe their correspondent is really opening posts with "Hello, Hikyaku asshole is" or more recently "Hello, Hikyaku bastard". I've never met them, but I'm sure he (or she) is selling themselves short with those statements!


P.S. If anyone from Bandai reads this: More four wheel chassis in black and another batch of 500 Series Shinkansen "Kodama", please? I have two of pack B and no pack A, and they've sold out...

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The Bandai FB page has gone very quiet, nothing since October 2018.


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