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It's finally done (or is it?)

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It is with a sense of excitement that I post my first You tube video (basic one done on my phone)!


After a disastrous short stay in the tool shed the layout is now comfortably set up in the garage and functioning well.




A special thanks to this forum,  Rick K's site on Tomix and Takayamasan from Modeltrainplus.


As a matter of fact with leftover parts after the relocation (+ few more) I am now building a coffee table layout with TCS automation



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Martijn Meerts

A layout is never done... And if it is, you tear it down to start a new one ;)

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My next task is to try and automate this using 2 Tomix 5563 automation units.


With my current layout (as above) is there some way I can use the 2 units in sequence? i.e. Mode 5 in the first unit (for the yard) feeds into Mode 4 in the second unit (for the 2 loops).


Not sure where to put the 4th sensor. In my mind it may work if the 2 units share the same 4th sensor. Is it possible to wire them that way? 




Much appreciated.

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