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bikkuri bahn

Monocle magazine ranks Tokyo as world's most livable city 2015

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bikkuri bahn

Note that surveys are subject to great variation depending on the criteria used.  Western media publications typically tend to favor Anglophone cities outside of the U.S. and Western European ones, as well as those places where well-paid expats are pampered.

After finishing runner-up last year, Tokyo has climbed to the top spot on Monocle Magazine’s list of most livable cities in 2015.

Japan’s capital was followed by Vienna in second place, with Berlin rounding out the top 3 cities. Fukuoka and Kyoto also ranked in the top 25, at 12th and 14th, respectively.

The London-based lifestyle and culture journal said that Tokyo was crowned the top city in its ninth annual Quality of Life survey “due to its defining paradox of heart-stopping size and concurrent feeling of peace and quiet.”






*edit/add: Interesting comments by the editor of Monocle magazine, about Australia (which cities are highly ranked btw):

In reference to Sydney's contentious lock-out laws, Brule said that "the public health and safety agenda win every public debate” in Australia, making life boring for the many to hypothetically protect the few. 

He warned that to an outsider, Australia is fast becoming a place where you have to pick-up a "hard-hat and hi-vis vest" along with your Visa before entering the country. The self professed rant was received with applause from the sold-out audience.


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Hmm, if one's definition of "Tokyo" is restricted mainly to an east-west swathe starting at the Peninsula Hotel in the east and ending at the Omotesando/Harajuku area in the west and one is not beholden to the daily rhythms and social constraints of most ordinary Tokyoites, it's quite a pleasant, almost serene city. Personally it's got enough going for it that I like living here, but then like certain fashionable magazine editors I don't have to spend my days commuting into overcrowded identikit offices from apartments (many of which would be illegal in both Berlin and Vienna). For an all-round quality of life not dependent on being a member of the jetsetting elite, I'd go for Berlin (where I lived for many years) and Vienna (where I learnt to walk and have spent a fair bit of time since).

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I was reading an article about the safest cities in the world.  Tokyo also ranked number 1.

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Mudkip Orange

That's a lie. The safest city is Plano, TX

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