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Registration Terms

We are a friendly, worldwide community of Japanese train and modeller enthusiasts that like to share news and information on these subjects. JNS Forum is divided into categories and forums on modelling and prototypes. You are welcome to read posts without joining the forum, but to participate in the community you will need to join as a member. If you have any questions or concerns about the forum, please contact a staff member. The forum is all volunteer and has no advertising. We do a small donation drive once in a while to pay for the forum software license and our server costs, but those are all voluntary and infrequent.


Please come on in and participate and enjoy! We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but we need to have some basic rules that we request each member to hold on to.



Be polite and always be respectful of others on the forum. People will disagree at times, but please argue in respectful and polite ways. Remember that your opinion is not more important than that of someone else, do some research yourself, and try to separate supposition from fact. Think carefully about whether your content will contribute to the community, and keep in mind that people might interpret things in different ways.

This is an international forum with members from all over the world, so remember that language and cultural differences will happen. Many members having English as a second language may cause some misunderstandings or misinterpretations as well. Even if English is not your native language, still do your best to write clear sentences with correct spelling and punctuation.


Do not share anyone their personal information, including your own, in any public area of the forum. Examples of this are telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media profiles, etcetera. 

Stay away from political, religious and adult-oriented content. This is a public forum that we want to keep open for everyone, so please refrain from posting content touching on these subjects. Exceptions can be made for factual discussions about politics or religion related to modelling or rail prototypes.

Do not post or embed images, videos, sections of web pages or other content that is not your own, as we cannot have other people their copyrighted materials on the forum. In order to give credit to the creator, provide links to the original full web page the image or video is on. A URL directing to just an image file will not suffice. For text it is fine to copy a short excerpt into a post, as long as the reference link to the complete piece is given.

Please report questionable content or spam using Report post in the top right of any post. Replies to questionable posts are not appreciated, and will be deleted if deemed necessary.



Regular forum posts should be in the default font, text size and colour. Do use emoticons in moderation.

Do not create excessive amounts of new topics or posts. Always first try to find an existing topic to post in, and edit a post instead of making a new one if you are just adding something small. Do also use compact whilst descriptive topic titles.

Quoting is not necessary if you are replying to the entire latest post. Feel free to quote if you are replying to a specific section of any post. Remember to only quote the part that is needed for reference; the shorter text and the fewer images the better. This to prevent cluttering of threads.

Keep down the embedding of photos, Tweets, etcetera to just a couple per post. Try to be critical of your embeds, and prevent posting highly repetitive similar content.

Uploading personal images as an attachment is preferred above using external image hosting services. This because image hosting links often tend to stop working over time. Loading from external servers also severely slows down the forum.



If you violate our guidelines, a staff member will contact you. Those who ignore moderator or administrator instructions will receive an official warning, which can result in a temporary suspension or permanent ban if ignored.


if you notice any problems with content on the forum, please use the report button to report it to staff and do not try to step in with comments in posts, let the staff handle it.


Copyright Disclaimer

JNS Forum does not assume any copyright on content posted by members on the forum. All copyrights are held by their respective owners.


Privacy Statement

JNS Forum does not share any of your personal data with third parties. Cookies are used only to keep you identified for sign-in purposes. Personal data can be removed upon request.