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Found 32 results

  1. Hi folks! 3 weeks ago I realized one of my dreams with my longtime partner. Trainsetter Ulli Liedtke & Natascha Drews GbR in Germany is now at the model train market. We will produce selected products for the N (1: 150 & 1: 160) and Z (1: 220) gauge in the future. Our first product, which we would like to introduce to you, is available soon in July 2019! The starter set "Hänschen" contains a catenary for the track system Kato Unitrack and Tomix Finetrack in gauge N. 2 pieces long wires for 280mm and 4 pieces short wires for 140mm mast spacing in 0.25mm stainless steel. Of course, the wires are thus suitable for curves, which can be tailored to suit his needs. "Hänschen" is only suitable for the indicated overhead line operation, which means that the pantograph must not touch the wire. Unfortunately we are not ready yet with a website! We are happy to answer your questions via trainsetter-gbr (at) gmx.net or on Facebook and Twitter. Whether in English or German, we will answer your questions. For mid-July, distribution via dealers is planned. Yours sincerely Ulli Liedtke Trainsetter Ulli Liedtke & Natascha Drews GbR Flyer 2019.pdf
  2. I think the brand new replacement motor for my DF200 might be bad already... I purchased it because the locomotive was jerking and stalling randomly on clean track that all my other locomotives were having no trouble at all on, and I had ruled out all other possible causes (dirty wheels/contacts, mechanical binding, etc…) Anyways, I ordered the motor from Hobbysearch, and after installation, the locomotive ran like new…for about 2 minutes, then it picked up the same problems where the old motor had left them off…and then proceeded to make them worse. So, thinking I had just put a new motor in for no reason, I checked and double checked everything else again: Trucks had no binding (in fact, they’re probably the smoothest rolling ones I’ve ever seen. I should also note I replaced the axles that had traction tires with new tire-less ones for better electrical pickup. I have no need for them because I don’t pull long trains, or have any gradients on my small layout) Worm gears and drive shafts seem to be in perfect shape as well. Then I got an idea from another problem. A few days before, I was running my Tomix EF66 and noticed it was stalling for a split second whenever it went over my single crossover. So I ran it over very slow, and it stalled completely. Not only that, but the tail lights on the last car wouldn’t light up either. What was happening, was this: http://my-miniature-worlds.blogspot.com/2015/04/kato-turnout-4-short-circuit.html So basically the wheel contacting the two rails at once was shorting out the whole track, causing even the rear lights to stay out. This got me thinking, if something in the DF200 is shorting out, then other things on the track will stall or dim as well. So, to check for this, I removed the motor, driveshafts, and worm gears so the unit would be a free rolling dummy with working headlights, hitched it up to one of my DE10’s, and towed it around every inch of my layout multiple times to see if the lights would flicker or dim. And they flickerlessly burned bright over every millimeter of it, even over the #4 crossovers, so no problems there. Then, I put the motor back into it, but not the driveshafts or worm gears, so it was still a free rolling dummy, and then pulled it around the layout with the same DE10. But this time, there was a problem. Not only did the DF200’s motor hesitate and stall, but when it did, the DE10’s would as well, just as the tail lights did with my EF66 on the crossover. So it would seem that something in the motor is shorting out. So, I got a bad motor, right? Has this happened to anyone else? I mean, I know it sounds improbable that the new part would be bad as well, but then again, the last time I tried to replace the alternator in my car, I had to buy 3 or 4 before I got a proper working one. Is there something in these motors that can internally short out? I found a motor on plazajapan for $13, but wanted to get some second opinions before ordering…again, lol. So any ideas or advise would be helpful, thanks!
  3. gcmr_new_zealand

    Yamakaigan Railway

    Last year I completed this steam depot: It was mainly from parts supplied through a magazine subscription. I removed the original double-loop concept so I could run trains from it onto my main layout and have a second line onto the turntable. As the cat has always shown a keen interest, I have at long last found enough pieces of wood to build a box over it to protect it. A front flap gives access to the trains. A couple of 'port-holes' in the flap allows me to view it without having to open it each time. ... the cat is not happy!
  4. GeorgeHInch

    Tomix 0508 Light board issues

    I have purchased the Tomix E259 using the 0508 light board and recently noticed that both the red and white LED are on at the same time in the power car. I had recently opened it up to see about the feasibility of converting it to DCC and I'm not sure if it's something I managed to do in the process. I'm using a Tomix power pack and the train runs perfectly fine. I've tried a couple of different options even going as far as testing the board directly. Everything works as expected until it's connected to the motor. Even placing it on with the motor springs removed worked. Has any one experienced this? Are there any obvious solutions I'm missing?
  5. Good evening (my time) I recently found TOMIX sleeper coaches series 14 on ebay - and now they are here. It should have been the H0-031 set and a separate NAHANE14. In fact the set had NARONE and NASHI instead of the NHANEs. A perfect consist for my collection. All parts were attached except the ladders. I have to remove the lettering because previous owner did not align the letters. Enough lettering material is still left. But the manuals (instructions) were missing. I searched the net but could not find TOMIX instruction. Kato serves better. I found lot of interesting entries here in forum but failed with instruction or manual. (I probably used poor searching keywords). Could anyone of you provide a scan of or link to series 14 coach instructions? I don't mind the Japanese of instruction "camera translater" of my tablet does it. The sketches are important to me (how to open, where to attach). Many thanks in advance! EDIT: added some word to make sentences make sense. Added the few lines about Japanese text of instruction.
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum (live in the UK). I use Tomix wide tram track on a town layout I'm building and have just invested in a pair of Tomix controllers & two TCS units to automate the double track tram looped circuits to include a couple of tram stops on each circuit. I also have 4 of the short sensor track pieces. However, the instructions are all in Japanese and I'm having a devil of a job sorting out how to do the wiring to achieve this. Anyone got any tips or links that might help me?
  7. tgv_obsessed

    Kato, Tomix, Peco double track spacing

    Tomix spacing is 37mm; Peco setrack is 35mm; Kato is 33mm; and Peco 55 is 26mm. Now I know that Tomix and Peco setrack are fine for 11inch (280mm) and 12.5 inch(315mm) curves in parallel for long coaches not to hit each other, and, I know that Peco 55 spacing is probably a little narrow. But what about Kato? I am looking at variation pack V14. I have read that the spacing is a little tight for longer rolling stock to pass each other. Does anyone know if this is 'internet expert logic' or reality? In my mind, and shifting peco track a couple of millimeters in, it seems to be fine, but if anyone knows say if trains with BR mk4 or long continental coaches can pass each other with those radii and 33 track spacing, then I can probably start investing in Kato which is a lot easier to get hold of here in the UK
  8. Hello All, Having a break from the kiha 40 build, I looked at dcc'ing a kato dd51. I had not removed the body from the dd51, just looked up on the net about dcc for the dd51 and from what I saw, the loco was not dcc ready, but some had used the circuit board for the ef65 to dcc the dd51. So, I ordered a circuit board. A bit later I got round to taking the body of the dd51 and found that it was already fitted with the same circuit board as an ef65, complete with 8 pin socket! With the ordered circuit board already in the post, I got round to thinking what else I could use it for. I have a number of Tomix ho models, non of which are dcc ready. Some time ago I got a mint second hand ef81, and with it being a similar shape to the ef65, I thought that swapping the Tomix circuit board for the Kato one should be possible, and am pleased to report it is. The original board is easy to remove, as nothing is soldered to it. Unplug the wires, remove the clips for the motor connectors (keep the clips), and then unclip the board from the chassis. Next, remove the clips on the chassis that are for holding the original board in place, as the Kato board will sit on top of the plastic dividers each side of the motor. The motor terminals attach to the Kato board by the number 15 on the cutting mat, place the contacts on the underside of the board and use the clips from the original board to secure the contacts in place. The wires from the pickups attached to where number 16 is on the mat. Also, please note that on the left hand side of the motor, you need to remove some of the plastic in the middle of the divider, this is to allow clearance for the gold coloured component on the left side of the Kato board. Position the board with the underside of the dcc socket (right hand side on board) on the flywheel side of divider. It's tight, but the socket will be clear of the flywheel.
  9. Ewan.in.gz

    New Tomix shop,

    I am currently traveling in Japan with a Chinese friend, it's our big winter vacation time in China. 5 more days until I have to go back to China.... (Eww... 6-7 day work week, tons of dirt and trash, brainless people) I was in Yodobashi Camera Umeda (downtown Osaka) the other day and I was able to pick up TOMIX 98603, JR East 200 Series Tohoku Shinkansen (H Set). I've always REALLY liked these trains, along with the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen 100 Series trains, because of the shark nose styling. This is my first Tomix Shinkansen, I generally prefer KATO Shinkansen, because to my mind, the KATO diaphragm coupling system looks more accurate to Shinkansen trains that do not feature a full width, flush diaphragm (e.g.: the N700A, E5, H5) My question is, does Tomix have an "Official" outlet? The Yodobashi Camera in Umeda didn't have the add-on sets in stock.... And I'd prefer to have the full 16 car train! The add-on sets are: 98604 Add-on Set A (3 cars) and 98605 Add-on Set B (7 cars). I am in Kyoto and Nagoya for the next few days before flying back home to China.... *sigh* Ewan
  10. mattdwnunder

    Tomix Chi 1

    The Tomix Chi 1 (with pipe or logs) appears to have the same chassis as the Tomix Tamu 500 and the Komu1 container wagon. Does the chassis moulding come from another Tomix wagon? If so which wagon and is that wagon generally to scale? Depending on the answer either the Chi or the Komu 1 might be able to be modified to make an accurate model.
  11. valkyriepm

    My new mini layout

    Hi guys! Can't wait anymore! Even when I have other projects on the workbench, can't stop thinking on the next layout. So, I've been playing with scarm and track I have available and came up with a little desing based on a layout seen on the net some time ago in the dissapeared blog of Mr. Hidetaka Ishijima (great layouts!). My problem comes withe height gradient to meet the right height on the left curve. Any ideas on this? I don't have yet defined the design. First design: Second, reduced size, but I think I'll go back to the original size: And where I am now: started the elevation earlier but still too much, Was thinking on making an exit to the station on the right: Well, that's all for now. Any super suggestions welcomed! :) :) Martin
  12. I bought 4m of tatami (Japanese paper-based Ginpaku). Wrapped it around a EPS foam board core. Put a layout on one side. Leave the tatami as decoration on the other side. See the following 2 min video for a summary of what I did to avoid looking like a train geek... In September when I'm back visiting Kyoto again, it'll be time for some portable structures...
  13. Really loving the Tomix EVA 500 Shinkansen. I had some issues with my layout that I had to address to get it to run properly - track and station items, but I dialed them in and...SO COOL! hehehehe Anyone else have the Tomix AND KATO versions? I was just curious about which looked and ran better.
  14. i recently picked up 1/2 of a TOMIX 92139 JR Electrical Inspection Cars Series 193 2-car set; the training(?) car (the one with 2 pantographs). Though it's not prototypical, I want to use it for an express locomotive for a 2 or 3 car container consist. The piece came with both the track cleaning truck and the regular truck. my 1st problem was I could not get it to move on the track as the wheels had no traction (motor works). I checked the orientation of both installed trucks and they are turning the same direction. I think I finally fixed that problem by adding traction tires. At least it moves now. But, it will only move in 1 direction, backward. even if using the direction toggle on the power pack. it only moves backward with the direction switch in either position. Is this trailing chassis only set up to move in reverse (relative to the lead chassis)? I have not taken the motor case apart yet to check the drive train.
  15. I have a question regarding the light functionality for these trains, I have read from 1 source (and I could only find 1 source) that the light functionality on car 11 is not correct (that both red and white light regardless of driving direction). Can someone (preferably someone that actually owns these trains) shed some light on this issue? Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, As announced from a short time, the sunrise express is approaching in HO. Here is the Tomix page for this train : http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/menu/index_hojoho.htm As I have ordered two full set, I'll show them there when they arrive. Cheers! Nicolas
  17. Hello, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to adding DCC to HO models. Thought I'd put it in the HO section, rather than the DCC section as it's dedicated to HO. I have been building a small collection of HO stock for several years now, in preparation for when I can eventually build a layout to run them on. Although it's still likely to be some time before I can build a layout, it would be nice to know how to dcc models, especially as quite a number of Japanese models are not at all dcc friendly! To get the ball rolling, I recently purchased a second hand Kato de10. When I put it on the rollers to test it, the lights came on but the motor didn't run, so I took the body off to investigate, and was surprised to find an 8 pin dcc socket on the pcb. As space it tight in the model, to fit a dcc chip I would remove the weight from the body, under the long bonnet, to allow space for the chip. I would stick a small piece of card to the chassis, on the silver coloured area at the bottom of the photo, to ensure the chip will sit clear of the mechanism. The wires will need to be arranged so not to get in the way of the LED, and the plug simply inserted into the socket. I have not yet installed a chip, but will post some step by step photo's when I eventually do. Please feel free to add your own advice for other models, it would be good to have a 'catalog' of dcc installs, especially for those of us with little or no knowledge about these things.
  18. kvp

    SCARM library upgrade

    While looking at the data files of SCARM, i discovered that it uses a simple text based format. Interestingly the library format is very similar, so it's possible to create new libraries and add new tracks to existing ones using a simple text editor. (like notepad) I would like to upgrade the Tomix library in SCARM, but i don't have much information about all the existing track types available, so i would like to ask everyone who is willing to help to gather all the missing pieces for the Tomix track types. What is needed: -name of the track (like S140) -catalog number (1021) -geometry of the track (length or angle and radius) -both geometries for compound tracks (like double track pieces) The new library will be posted here and also submitted to the SCARM team for review.
  19. Gordon Werner

    Tomix special event cars

    TOMIX Yokohama model railroad Festa 2016 event ■EF60形電気機関車(19号機・やすらぎ色)     会場販売価格 ¥7200(税込) ■ヨ8000形(グリーン)2軸貨車セット  (ヨ8693・ワム380140・ワム287419)     会場販売価格 ¥4200(税込) ■オリジナルデザインコンテナ貨車(ネイビー)     会場販売価格 ¥1700(税込) ■オリジナルデザインコンテナ貨車(ライトグレー)     会場販売価格 ¥1700(税込) details: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/menu/index_event.htm event info: http://www.festa-yokohama.jp/
  20. dawdawes

    Tarumi railway

    Morning all I am looking into building a railway using Tarumi rolling stock. I have done a bit of a search and some stuff has appeared ,map, some vids. Does anyone know if a book has been produced and what would be the best place for photos. Thanks DD
  21. Wich voltage output do Tomix or Kato use? Is the direct home current (110v or 220v) or there is a transformer wich reduces output voltage?
  22. miyakoji

    Tomix 6415 wheel cleaning track

    Does anyone have this Tomix cleaning track? Based on the video it looks like it's actually effective. http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/n/6415.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adta7kuIwYE
  23. Socimi

    TOMIX E231-500

    Starting from a TOMIX 3-car Yamanote Line E231-500 set (code 90146) what expansion set do i need to obtain a realistical composition (11 cars) ?
  24. Ciao, At last - having been to Italy for two weeks - I got it. It looks nice but is kinda puzzling. Il put my question adding pics hoping someone will be able to help me (God bless japanese "writings"). PIC 2693: ON/OFF are clear, of course!!! Then: what is CL POWER position (on the switch on the roof)? Close to it (at left) there's something that LOOKS LIKE AN OIL TANK CAP, correct? There's a given oil ti be used? further at left WHAT'S THAT PIC 2695: there's a "correct runnong position" looking at the car as in picture? PIC 2697: is the (sort of) "rubber sweeping tool" in correct position? THX! Francesco
  25. The latest RM Modeler magazine has a report on the JAM convention, and I noticed something that may interest HO modelers- a full size operational HO scale layout. This blog has some pictures: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sihowme31/archive/2014/08/22 It replicates the Choshi Dentetsu in Chiba Pref. namely the area around the Yamasa Soy Sauce Plant. It's a tail chaser, but note how the factory buildings provide an effective scene divider. Also note the Tomix display layout, which also uses trees and vegetation to provide a screen to make the layout appear larger and avoid the toy train "round and round" look. Also effective is the use of slight curves rather than tangent track. I think the Tomix layout has been displayed before, and is part of ongoing sales promotion.