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Found 4 results

  1. Thanks for looking. It's time again to let go some of the train sets that have been decided to be out-of-region, out-of-era, out-of-company and out-of-likeness... Up for grabs are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MicroAce A8380 Kiha185 J.N.R. Color, Improved Product (5-Car Set) - Listed as Junk - read for details Packaging - In original MA Urethane, placed into Tomix bookcase with sleeve . No original MA bookcase. Condition - 5.0/10 Running time - unknown, bought as used set Motor - YES in the 1st car, tested running Couplers - Original MA Rapido couplers. Two Couplers are missing (check photos) Directional Lighting - White headlights with top lighted destination board & red taillights on both end cars. Interior Lighting - NO. Misc. parts - NO parts included. Instructional booklet - NO, NOT included. Decals - NO, NOT included. Additional information - Listed as a junk set as several items are not ideal, such as missing 2 couplers, front of 2nd carriage end of train being painted blue instead of green (check photos), motor included, not smooth as silk but running, lights tested ok. Ideal for advance modelers to cannibalize parts or for customization. ASKING - US$50 + Shipping* Please check photos of the set below: SHIPPING* Sorry I could not factor in shipping anymore in my sales as there is a huge hike recently from SingPost which I really do not know why... Typically, one bookcase will cost: US$15 in a padded envelope to Asia. US$25 in a padded envelope to US, UK, Europe and Australia. (Others please enquire) OR US$25 in a BOX to Asia. US$40 in a BOX to US, UK, Europe and Australia. (Others please enquire)
  2. Overshadowed no doubt by the news about JR East's new E235 series, here's JR Shikoku's new cruise train, the Iyo-nada Monogatari. Based on a two-car KIHA47 set, these have been redesignated KIRO, RO indicating Green Car, as far as I know. They're still numbered as 47s, 1400 subseries. Service will start July 26th. The livery is tasteful, I think, and I really like the interior and bentos :). http://railf.jp/news/2014/07/02/170000.html
  3. miyakoji

    miyakoji's bus corner! volume 2

    In my first installation of Miyakoji's Bus Corner (http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/6531-miyakojis-bus-corner), we saw videos by puku0987 and keiseibusN126 in the greater Kanto area. Below we've got some videos by yscorp1974, who seems to be in the Kansai area. Kyoto Bus - Route 36, express. Demachiyanagi Station to Kamigamo-bashi. The very nice northern part of the city. Not far away from the destination is this shrine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamigamo_Shrine Nara Kotsu - Yagi-Shingu Route Long video of a route that winds through some valleys in the Kii peninsula. A few nice little onsen hamlets. Osaka Municipal Bus - Route 86, Kintetsu Fuse to Hankyu Kami-Shinjō Notice the flashing traffic signals. Just a few weeks ago we were discussing railway signals that did this. I'm going back to my guess that it's an interaction between the light and the camera and that they don't flash ! Look at the green (blue!?) signal around 1:50, and a red signal around 3:55. But, others don't seem to do this, and they're less bright overall. Maybe older, conventional light bulbs versus LEDs? Shikoku! Some very narrow roads in very rural Tokushima prefecture.