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  1. I just watched the latest episode and have one comment: Russell can't just leave .... who does HE think he is
  2. OK, Nobody PM me ... so I download from Youtube. www.youtube.com/ -----> www.ssyoutube.com/ Give it a try if you want to save to your hard disk.
  3. Hello, Where can I get episodes after #47? Is it YouTube only? PM me with info please. Cheers Ocha
  4. It breaks my heart to see them go.
  5. Ochanomizu

    FOUND: KATO 10-340 / 2x 10-341 E1 Shinkansen

    Hello, Further, the same scenario exists with the 100 series shinkansen. There is an extensive discussion on BOTH 100 and E1 series here: How Prototypical are Tomix Shinkansen?
  6. Ochanomizu

    FOUND: KATO 10-340 / 2x 10-341 E1 Shinkansen

    Hello Marco and Yavianice, When the E1 was manufacturered provision was made for 3 pantos, but only 2 were installed. Thus, one car has provision for a panto, but no panto fitted. The Tomix sets have this modelled accurately. The Kato set does not. Pantos are installed on E155 (car 6) and E145 (car 10). The 3rd panto would have been installed on car E155-100 (car 2) The roof of car 2 looks correct on the roof of the Tomix model, but not the Kato model. Thus, the Kato model is physically incorrect, not just car numbers or lettering.
  7. Ochanomizu

    FOUND: KATO 10-340 / 2x 10-341 E1 Shinkansen

    Hello Yavianice, Are you aware the Kato 10-340 + 341 combination is not a full prototypical set? Only Tomix made the full set in original colour. Of course, if you just want a set that looks "about right", then the Kato one is a good choice.
  8. 48 Episodes? Why I only have 47? Is there a complete list?
  9. Hello, See discussion here: What I need to light up my Kato Roster
  10. Ochanomizu

    Questions about programming Decoders

    Hello, I'll answer your second question first. What brand of decoder? Decoders have a reset code. For Digitrax it is CV08. Send code 008/x08 to reset. You can then reprogram from scratch. Regarding speed. CV05 controls max voltage / speed. Set to 000/x00 for maximum the decoder can handle. CV68 to CV94 all relate to speed tables. Please look up your decoder manual for details. JMRI software will program your decoders with relative ease.
  11. Hello, Anywhere? In the whole world?
  12. Hello, I am missing: Episode 45: Driving Forward with Steam: Oigawa Railway's Strategy Could you please repost? Thanks in advance.
  13. Ochanomizu

    Italian Maglev project

    It will be like their cars ... ever driven an Italian car?
  14. Ochanomizu

    What's in Your Roster?

    I now have a total of 176 consists ... with two more on the way from Loco1Hobby. They are stored in 3 cupboards, each 0.9m wide and 1.8m high. I'm scared my wife is going to find out !!!
  15. Ochanomizu

    What Track Plan Software Do You Use?

    Hello, I also use Anyrail. I bought V5 some years ago and still use it today. https://www.anyrail.com/en