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  1. Ochanomizu

    Seibu Keisatsu

    Yeah ... I remember that show ... true to life, too ... ... ...
  2. Ochanomizu

    Kato 10-377 DCC friendly??

    Hello, When Kato first got into DCC there were a few models released where decoders would not fit. I am struggling to remember the details but somewhere around 2010 - 2011 Kato "withdrew" the "DCC Friendly" status from a few models around this time. Is this jogging anyone's memory here? Perhaps the E2 was one of those, but I can't be sure. Checking the Kato website, 10-377 is not listed as DCC Friendly.
  3. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, I just received two separate replies from AmiAmi advising me of their ARN. For Australian purchasers: buying from AmiAmi at 28% discount + 8% Japanese Tax + 10% Australian GST = a real saving of 14.5%. To get the actual price you'll pay use this formula: AmiAmi Price x 1.188 + shipping. Presuming shipping costs are about the same between vendors, you're better off buying from a vendor with 20% discount who applies neither tax for international customers.
  4. Hello, Thanks kvp, who is obviously more knowledgeable than I. I have no trouble with Digitrax transponding, except for the huge amount of wiring I had to do for the BDL's and RX4's. Perhaps my trouble-free experience is due to 100% of my decoders being Digitrax or Kato.
  5. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Further, I have asked AmiAmi TWICE for their ARN .... no response ...
  6. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, OK. I have learned EVERYTHING about GST collected off-shore, thanks to sending an email to the ATO and receiving a phone call from Mr Raj of the ATO, in reply. Here's the deal: 1. If the goods are valued at over $1000AUD the company needs an ABN, not an ARN, and must collect GST; 2. If the goods are valued less than $1000 AND the company will have a turnover in Australia of less than $75,000AUD they are not required to collect GST; 3. If the goods are valued less than $1000 AND the company turns over MORE than $75,000AUD of business in Australia they ARE required to collect GST using one of the following methods: a) Simplified Method: Get an AUSid, register for GST, and display the ARN on ALL invoices on which GST is being paid; b) Standard Method: Register the business and get an ABN, register for GST, and display the ABN on ALL invoices on which GST is being paid. 4. Australians are NOT required to pay GST unless the ABN or ARN is displayed, and the GST itemised. If the AmiAmi invoice does not show an ARN then you are NOT REQUIRED TO PAY GST. Raj directed me to the following: 1. ATO Requirements for Receipts Issued to Customers 2. ATO Requirements for Customs Documents In short, don't pay the GST unless you're satisfied you have all the correct information.
  7. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, Update: Yes, my mistake, FOREIGN companies are required to register for GST and receive an ARN, not an ABN. ARN is 12 digits. ABN is 11 digits. The company is REQUIRED to display the ARN on the invoice. The invoice must comply with the requirements for a "Tax Invoice" under Australian law. @Katoftw: is there an ARN number on the invoice you just received?
  8. Hello, Please check out Uhlenbrock's digital controllers like IntelliBox II. Most, if not all, include Loconet and Transponding.
  9. As I said before, Railcom is a proprietary technology. Railcom© & RailcomPlus© are trademarks of Lenz Elektronik GmbH & Electronic Solutions Ulm GmbH & Co. KG. Other vendors pay a license to use the tech. Loconet is a similar proprietary tech. licensed to Digitrax. There are several versions of Loconet, just as Lenz has several versions of Railcom. Other vendors pay a license to use Loconet: Kato, Uhlenbrock, CML, RR Cir-Kits, Digikeijs, Team Digital, Railroad and Co, iTrain, and a bunch of others. Edit: you are correct in that NMRA has registered Railcom as Standard 9.3.2, back in 2012 ... I predate that event by some years .... the standard is currently being revised. Six years down the track and Digitrax still retains a huge market share with its Loconet, as well as its base of licensed vendors. Obviously, Standard 9.3.2 doesn't carry much weight.
  10. Hello, Railcom is a proprietary feature. Digitrax has something similar called Transponding which runs over their proprietary network, Loconet, but the system is not compatible with Railcom. Kato decoders, manufactured by Digitrax, include Transponding.
  11. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, In Australia, businesses with a turnover of less than $75k are not required to collect GST. This is because the paperwork involved for small business is considered too demanding on a sole trader with such a small turnover. So as to not discriminate against international companies, the same rule applies. If a foreign company has a turnover of less than $75k in Australia they are not required to collect GST. A company that registers for GST will have all product scanned when it lands in Australia. The value of the goods is tallied against the ABN number for that business. The ATO will then know roughly how much GST is to be paid by the company to the Australian Taxation Office. If a business purchases products on which GST is charged and uses those products for business purposes that business can claim back the GST charged on the purchase. AmiAmi is not playing by the rules.
  12. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, AmiAmi is breaking Australian Taxation law. Today I received this reply: Australian Tax law states that ANY business collecting GST for the Australian Taxation Office MUST be registered for GST with the Australian Government. AmiAmi have not registered. I have sent a reply to AmiAmi outlining their responsibilities. I await their reply. In the meantime, I would suggest Australians not pay the 10% until AmiAmi register for GST.
  13. Hello, I purchased 4 x Tomix track cleaning car decoders about 5 years ago. If you used orders@ email address then try again with shuhei@ instead.
  14. Ochanomizu

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Hello, In order to collect and pay GST in Australia, a business must register with the ATO. For that to proceed, they must have an ABN (Australian Business Number). I have searched the ATO ABN Lookup site. There is no "Oh-Ami" company registered. Nor is there an "AmiAmi". I have just sent AmiAmi a message requesting their ABN number .... I look forward to receiving the reply.
  15. Ochanomizu

    What's in Your Roster?

    That's a "Great Wall of Trains" !!!