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    N Scale Japanese trains, Shinkansens and odd ball B Train Shorties and anything my son likes.

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  1. tossedman

    My shinkansen layout project

    Good to see you’re back at it Mardon. Now I’ve gotta do the same. Cheers eh, Todd
  2. Thanks Mardon. No cage yet. Still slowly adding details to the engine. Added a fuel line and generator wires last week. Pics below show the engine and the front view. Tons to do on it yet. Thought of the dc motor idea. Worried about heat and melting the 3d printed engine. Cheers eh, Todd
  3. Cool but this year's recruitment has been closed. Something my son might be interested in a few years down the road. Have to keep an eye out for it again. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Is this a real thing or just that black stain on the garage floor maker? Sounds like you had that same module...
  5. Martijn there are still kits to be had. It's a lot of fun and scale crawlers don't need a ton of space. I frequent the RCCrawler.com forum as well. There seems to be a fair Dutch contingent on there. I don't have time for it either but it still somehow happens. It's lot's of fun. Tanks are fun too! Cheers eh, Todd
  6. Thanks Ewan. Now I'm hacking the bottom of it apart to be able to mount it onto the chassis. I'll post pics later. Todd
  7. tossedman

    My second Japanese layout

    This looks like baby bear’s porridge. Just right! Well done Ian.
  8. I was on Facebook looking at the T-Trak Tokyo Project page where I saw a reference to the Traintech Bluetooth controller. Here's a link: http://www.traintech.jp/ Is anyone familiar with this system? Any thoughts? Comments? Cheers eh, Todd
  9. I've been slightly obsessed with building my radio controlled VW Beetle for the upcoming crawling season here in Calgary, much to the detriment of any toy trains. I bought the STL files for a Beetle engine and printed it at Shapeways. Believe it or not it was printed as one piece. A bit of paint, wires and a small rubber band for the fan belt and Robert's your father's brother. And then, since I'm going crazy with this thing I added a sound module. Now on to finishing the body. I've got lots to go here before paint goes on. Cheers eh, Todd
  10. tossedman

    Server upkeep donations

    Button works from Canada as well. Haven't posted much lately but I'm still lurking. Chipped in a few more dollars. Thanks Martijn for providing such a great site. Cheers eh, Todd
  11. tossedman

    Kato automatic DC reversing loop

    You know, I bought it but it's still sitting on the shelf. Haven't got far enough on building a layout to install it. One day. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  12. tossedman

    Which engineering program for developing trains?

    Great thread! My son's only 11 but having career thoughts along this line as well. I've pointed it out to him. Cheers eh, Todd
  13. tossedman

    Gavino200's Layout phase II - Modeling

    You can do that in SketchUp too. Same thing I'm drawing my Moruoka Castle with. Great program. You can download a free version. Cheers eh, Todd
  14. Well, I mucked up on the base and made the top plate 4.2mm too short. I redrew it and will have to adjust three of the supports accordingly. In the meantime I've started working on the supports for the walls. Here's the initial result. Doesn't look like much without all of the fancy roof tops does it? Cheers eh, Todd