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  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLK2tKssj5M Don't know if this has been discussed.. That small company Kato is still sitting on its hands...innovating...
  2. Hobby Dreamer

    Japanese 1/144 aircraft

    Hi Malcolm.. Is there a link to the aircraft you got? Rick
  3. Hobby Dreamer

    High Rise / Skyscraper building kits ??

    Jeff, How are these kits to work on? Is this likely to be sold out quickly? Thanks again Rick
  4. Hobby Dreamer

    High Rise / Skyscraper building kits ??

    Thanks Jeff! I really like the first because it would be difficult to scratchbuild that one! @Bernard Try http://www.taskboard.com/galleryarch.html this seems to be an easy material to work with. As for supplies it depends what you are looking for (windows, main structure materials etc).. Rick
  5. Hobby Dreamer

    Faller 212113 hbf repaint & installation (Photos)

    Vadim.. Very impressive modelling and layout... Great job on the lighting!! Rick
  6. Hobby Dreamer

    Loco1 Hobbies opinions needed

    Thanks Dave!
  7. Hobby Dreamer

    Loco1 Hobbies opinions needed

    Hi Dave.. Looking forward to your venture.... As a buyer not speaking Japanese I want: 1) to at least be able to understand the transaction process 2) to know that the items ordered are in stock 3) to be able to trust a vendor (paypal does that for the most part) I buy from HS because its easy to navigate in English and because I can snoop out products that I don't know exist.. I know what's in stock and the price and its hassle free.. I'm loyal to HS because they import and that's huge because most of their stock is not available in North America (except Kato); and we've lost a few stores thayt do import. BUT if you beat or at least match HS I think many here would buy from you. What products/companies are you intending to sell? Can you order items in that you don't always carry? Cheers Rick
  8. Hobby Dreamer

    Elaborate Storage Yard - Help

    Thanks Ken for i.d.-ing those structures and providing links. (Also for linking the images here)! Repainting makes quite a difference!
  9. Hobby Dreamer

    N-Scale shunting work with Russian locos !

    @vadimav Great job! I'd love to see more! Merry Christmas Rick
  10. @nik_n_dad Let us know how these lights work out! Rick
  11. Hobby Dreamer

    hobby world reopening?

    If you poke around the: http://www.hobbyworldjapan.com/ site, it looks like its almost the real deal except that there is no good contact info such as address or phone. (although product availability and shipping info is there). And the page design is different from http://hobbyworld.aoshima-bk.co.jp which states its also Hobby World Japan I'd wait to order. I would wonder whether HWJ would email its former clients to announce their new site?
  12. Hobby Dreamer

    Paper KiHas!

    Hi Nick ! There are several threads on paper/card stock models on this forum.. but here is a link to get you started: http://www.cardfaq.org/faq/ A lot of European/British layouts use card stock for structures.. Cheers Rick
  13. Hobby Dreamer

    What's your Christmas/Holiday 2012 Project ?

    That's weird because I dream about the same thing, but mostly at night... During the day I dream that I can make one order from Japan and get it right... And when I can't sleep... I count trams!
  14. Besides receiving hobby related items for Christmas (and we all sneak a little for ourselves); what projects do you plan to work on this holiday? I'm planning to get some Tomix viaducts as Tomix has great looking piers and has a turnout!! (nothing wrong with Kato but its too common and I want an unique look). I originally thought about having 2 single Kato viaduct tracks that would run side-by-side for part of the loop and then have them circle around at different points to add some interest, something like a paperclip. At one end I could have a largish station with the tracks in the middle and then work the track so that the platform is in the middle at a small station on the other side. Tomix had me at "turnout"... But figuring out Tomix track is a bit hard because its all in Japanese. I hope to place my order for track tonight but need to figure out all my needs. Sadly the bridges I was hoping for are not available so I have to re-plan things a bit. I'm also going to work on a Hospital structure.. Also sadly, I suspect this stuff will arrive just after Christmas but I'm enjoying the planning process and still have a huge box from last year to open!! What about you! Cheers Rick