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  1. The 100系 Spacia and 200系 are far newer than this 1800系 trainset (most 1800's were built in the 1970's). I expect those to last until after 2020, when there may be a new type of limited express train set or (my opinion!) more 500系 Revaty train sets are built.
  2. It should be noted 1800系 1819F was the very last unmodified 1800系 train set still operational, used on charter and excursion services. A small number of 1800系 train sets were modified to the currently running 300系/350系 train sets used on the Kirifuri and Shimotsuke limited express services on the Tobu Nikko Line. The question now is how long will the 300系/350系 continue to operate before additional orders for the 500系 Revaty train sets in the near future finally displace them.
  3. YouTube member azumatakeshi filmed a video of a trip on the last run of Tobu 1800系 train 1819F on May 20, 2018: The train essentially ran the route of the Ryōmō limited express service, particularly from Tobu Isesaki Station all the way back to Tobu Asakusa Station via the Tobu Isesaki and SkyTree lines. YouTube member (and JNS forum member) ayokoi also uploaded a video of this last run:
  4. The high production cost of the 500 Series was why JR Central ordered the 700 Series in the late 1990's, which was almost as fast as the 500 Series but with way more passenger comfort.
  5. If you think this is crazy, just wait till JR West makes a MASSIVE order for 227 Series train sets to replace the aging 103, 105, 113, 115 and 117 Series train sets. We're talking potentially 300-plus cars, and whatever scrap yard JR West uses will be busy for quite some time. Also, Shinano Railway mentioned just recently they too want a new train set to replace the 115 Series, even though they could get a lot of spares from other 115 Series retirements throughout Japan. Could it mean Shinano is eyeing the JR East E129 Series?
  6. It appears that the Nagano Comprehensive Vehicle Center is going to be very busy scrapping a LOT of train sets over the next several months.
  7. Sacto1985

    SL Yamaguchi C56 Last Run

    I wouldn't be surprised that once the C56 completes its overhaul, the D51 will be sent back for its own overhaul and the C56 takes over the SL Yamaguchi service.
  8. I believe 189 Series trainsets M50, M51 and M52 are all scheduled to be scrapped. :-( M50 is currently at the Nagano Comprehensive Vehicle Center sitting on the scrapyard line, I believe. The 185 Series trainsets are likely next, now that the E257's that originally ran in Azusa service are being reassigned to Okoriko service. It'll be interesting to see what trainsets will be used in Home Liner limited express commuter service by 2020.
  9. Yep, I expect the new E261 to replace the now-aging 251 Series trainsets.
  10. YouTube member (and occasional JNS Forum poster!) ayokoi just posted a zenmen tenbou video (taken in October 2016) of a trip from Miyoshi to Gōtsu, including descriptions of tunnels and bridges along the way.
  11. This uploader just posted a new YouTube video of (mostly) spring scenery around the Yamagata Shinkansen Line:
  12. Sacto1985

    Tobu 1800 Series Spring Flower

    Tobu has been retiring and scrapping a LOT of old trainsets lately. It's getting to the point where who knows how long the Tobu 350 Series EMU used on the Shimotsuke limited express service between Tobu Utsunomiya and Tobu Asakusa Stations will continue to run.
  13. For those interested, here is the full-length zenmen tenbou video of the very last train traveling on the JR West Sankō Line from Miyoshi to Gōtsu Stations before it closed, taken by YouTube member AnotherSky787:
  14. However, it depends on how fast can KHI's Hyogo assembly line build the new DD200 freight locomotive. If we see a lot of DD200's go out the door from the Hyogo factory in 2019, then we could see a lot of DE10's an DD51's head to the scrap line. As for the 381's, JR West has to announce very soon what will they replace them with. Since the 287 Series is still technically available, I wouldn't be surprised that JR West orders a number of them to replace the retiring 381's on the Yakumo service. Also, with JR West making new orders for the 227 Series, there could soon be an announcement that JR West will replace all the 113/115 Series trainsets west of Himeji with the 227 Series over the next several years.
  15. And the videos by YouTube member ichi pika has shown multiple E351 trainsets now sitting at the scrap line at the Nagano Comprehensive Vehicle Center train yard a bit geographical northeast of Nagano Station.