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  1. I don't know--that much red color looks a bit strange on this new design.
  2. The Yamanote Line going driverless may not be such a far-fetched idea. The way the Yamanote Line trains operate makes them perfect candidates for eventual driverless operation.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the prototype train mentioned in that article is already starting to take shape at either Hitachi's assembly line near Shunan or KHI's assembly line in Hyogo. Once complete, the test train set will be shipped to JR East Shinkansen Comprehensive Vehicle Center in Sendai to start testing.
  4. I know train set J0 has been running between Shin-Osaka and Hakata Stations recently. I wonder has JR Central started testing between Nagoya and Tokyo yet....
  5. The E257's are going to be refurbished (and likely have a smaller consist) for the Odoriko services, which will replace the aging 185 Series on that service. The 251's now on Odoriko service will be replaced by two E261 trainsets coming probably in 2019.
  6. The news from railf.jp still doesn't mention what train sets will replace the aging 415 Series train sets on the Shimonoseki to Kokura service through the Kanmon Tunnel, which requires 1,500 V DC operation from the south entrance of the Kannon Tunnel to Shimonoseki.
  7. My guess: Kinki Sharyo, the same company that built the Green Mover Max articulated LRV for the HIroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden) and a number of low-floor LRV's for various transit agencies in the USA.
  8. Sacto1985

    Hong Kong Tramway front view videos

    I like the nagomi view videos because it covers ALL major areas covered by Hong Kong Tramways, including the route to Happy Valley. The Kennedy Town to Shau Kai Wan route is actually run by relatively few trams.
  9. YouTube member nagomi view recently posted two excellent front view (though from the upper floor) 4K videos of two trips on the Hong King Tramway system: Kennedy Town (western end) to Happy Valley: Happy Valley to Shau Kei Wan: It's a very fascinating view of the buildings and Hong Kong street life along the way.
  10. According to this news: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201807120037.html It appears that JR West will try to get the San'yo Main Line reopened by middle August 2018. Fixing the other lines in the Hiroshima region will take longer, especially the Geibi Line, which may take up to a year for repairs.
  11. The "Green Wing" 227's are intended for JR West lines in the south and eastern Keihanshin region, especially the Kisei Main Line and Wakayama Line.
  12. Re-opening the San'yo Main Line should be a major priority, since at least essential goods can be moved by train. They do also need to re-open the San'yo and Chugoku EXpressways so truck traffic can move through.
  13. The most likely highest priority is to get the San'yo Main Line fully operational again. They'll probably do a lot of work on the Kure Line, too.
  14. You can see the latest news from Japan on Asahi News Network (ANN) livestream on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu2etwHzcvw
  15. I wonder why JR West didn't decide to modify a 700 Series Hikari Rail Star 8-car train set to become the Hello Kitty Shinkansen train.