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  1. We have a lot of zenmen tenbou videos of this line (going in both directions!) taken from the HOT7000 limited express train, but this is the first time I've seen it in local service from a HOT3500 trainset. Besides the Super Hakuto trains, this line also hosts the Super Inaba trains between Okayama and Tottori, and those use the KiHa 187 trainset (the same model used on the Super Oki run between Shin-Yamaguchi and Tottori).
  2. YouTube member railan aunz recently posted a long zenmen tenbou video of a local trip on the Chizu Line and JR West Inbi Line from Kamagōri to Tottori from a Chizu Express HOT3500 trainset. It's so different to see this line on a local train instead of sooming by on the limited express HOT7000 train in Super Hakuto service.
  3. Here are the videos of the JR Hokkaido H100 DECMO trainsets being shipped out: From YouTube member 4011tama1, the units being pulled out of the KHI Hyogo factory by DE10 1561: From YouTube member Masaharu Aono, the trainsets being shipped out of the Osaka area:
  4. More on the E351 scrapping--in the latest YouTube video from ichi pika, you see various E351 trainsets awaiting scrapping. Note they quickly scrapped the 485 Series NO.DO.KA trainset very quickly, and it appears the 189 Series M50 will soon be meeting the same fate.
  5. Wow, EF66 30 looks in pretty sad shape.
  6. Alas, the station is NOT as convenient as you think. The rail line at the ground floor doesn't travel far, unfortunately; it'll be just more convenient to walk about 100 meters to JR East Shim-Matsudo Station, where you can get onto a JR East Musashino Line train to get to the eastern or western suburbs of Tokyo or get onto a JR East Jōban Line local train, which often becomes the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line subway train that travels through central Tokyo.
  7. I'm sadly not surprised. Once JR West phased out the 500 Series Shinkansen on the Nozomi runs in 2010, it was only a matter of time before they finally retired it, especially since the N700 Series original developed for JR Central (and adopted by JR West) had roomier interiors, could go just as fast as a 500, had better acceleration, and could "tilt" in the sharper curves of the Tokaidō Shinkansen line between Mishima and Tokyo Stations. However, I wouldn't be surprised if JR West modifies one of the Hikari Rail Star 700 Series trainsets to the Evangelion livery as a replacement, though.
  8. Here's a video of the prototype GV-E400 trainsets doing short test runs at the train yard near Niitsu Station:
  9. Well, at least the GV-E400's are getting a workout in the exact environment they will run in: heavy snows in winter in the Niigata and Akita regions. By the way, I read that the first JR Hokkaido H100 is nearly complete at KHI's Hyogo assembly plant and could be sent north to Hokkaido probably mid-February 2018.
  10. By the way, if you're looking for an "angular" trainset, the KiHa 100/110 models used by JR East fit the bill. I expect JR East to eventually replace most of them with the GV-E400, and this could lead to a lot of older kiHa 40/47/48 models heading to the scrapyard as other JR Group companies snap up the best condition KiHa 100/110 models for cheap.
  11. Here are more recent YouTube videos of the first two GV-E400 trainsets (one one-car, one two-car): Leaving the KHI Hyogo assembly plant, pulled by DE10 1561: Being pulled by DE 10 1561 and EF510 9 leaving the Osaka area: Arriving at JR East Niitsu Station in a heavy snowstorm, pulled by DE10 3513:
  12. Is that a new model that will run the Urban Liner service between Nagoya and Osaka?
  13. I wonder has the new trainset gone as far as Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Hakona Tozan Line.
  14. ichi pika just posted a longer video of E351系 trainset S5 being cut up for scrap:
  15. I'm a little bit surprised they're rebuilding the ex-Yamanote Line E231's for Musashino and Chūō-Sōbu Line service. Those trainsets have been hard-used in Yamanote Line service and the structural life left might not make it viable for transfer to these all-stops services. You'd think they would build an E235 variant for the Musashino and Chūō-Sōbu Lines instead.