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  1. JR 500系

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    It just keeps looking better and better!
  2. JR 500系

    (New) station Nozomi

    Wow! Insane weathering! Great skill there! Especially loving the car park! That gives a great idea to make a carpark myself to fit in those 'cannot be fitted with convectional off the shelves stuff' areas!
  3. hhmmm interesting ~ My guess would be that the Osaka-Tokyo leg is the most travelled leg for both tourist and locals... Especially more so for first timers to Japan with a Rail Pass, hence it would seem to be more often checked by conductors to ensure first timers know where to sit and which train to board. Perhaps Mizuho trains are less rode on by first timers, hence JR would assume that they know the rules of the Pass? As for Limited Express trains, I am sure we were almost checked everytime, probably because we were riding on the Green Cars (we have a Green Pass)… The one that was checked almost immediately once we boarded was the Yokosuka Line bound for Kamakura, probably because we used the Bi-level green cars and each green car had an inspector/ customer service to check on all the customers...
  4. Oh wow! Thanks for the detailed explanation! Now that's what I call a 'Magnet Scientist' ! 🙂 I'll be sure to check it out! 🙂
  5. Perfect! You're a genius! It looks good enough to be sold on the shelves! I'll be sure to revisit this thread again when I get back to building my moving bus layout... Truly is more useful over the Tomytec default ones! How do you stop and move the bus off at the bus stop? 🙂
  6. JR 500系

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I found my answer.... https://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/news/20180718/index.html It seems Tomytec will replace the decal and not the urethane? A cheap trick to what was printed wrongly... It looked like the Urethane should be able to hold 18... Even Tour buses in collection 17, which are much taller, can hold 18 buses...
  7. hhmmm.. depending n which Hikari service you take, it might be totally the same... Based on Hyperdia, Nozomi 205 (N700 series) leaves Nagoya at 09:01, arrives at Kyoto at 09:35, leaves Kyoto at 09:36 and arrives at Shin-Osaka at 09:50, taking a total of 49mins for the journey Hikari 461 (N700 series) leaves Nagoya at 09:07, arrives at Kyoto at 09:45, leaves Kyoto at 09:46 and arrives at Shin-Osaka at 10:00, taking a total of 53 mins for the journey Seeing the difference between the Nozomi and the Hikari, the route between Nagoya and Kyoto is 34mins for Nozomi and 38mins for Hikari, and the same time they both take from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka (14mins)… so i'm not sure if that is due to the fact that the Nozomi did travel faster than the Hikari since they both have the same stops. The next Hikari, Hikari 503, is different from Hikari 461 though, cause it stops at Gifu-Hashima and Maibara before coming to Kyoto, which means even more time taken over the Nozomi … Kodama is the all stops service so that makes it the slowest... (Nozomi-yellow, Hikari-Red and Kodama-Blue) There is another advantage of the Nozomi over the Hikari, in that it goes Non-stop from Tokyo to Hakata, by which no other service does. Having to transfer trains is sometimes quite tedious especially more so with luggage to drag along, though the best choice of transfer station would be Shin-Kobe where most Hikari stops and there is no need to walk anywhere and simply wait on the same platform! 🙂
  8. JR 500系

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Amazing haul there buddy Paul! That's quite a huge box of trains!! I love the 313s!
  9. JR 500系

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Wow just amazing work you have done there! Very nicely built indeed!
  10. Nice ~ Kinda reminded me of the Tomix voting contest!
  11. I think he got on a 'Hikari' as if the train that he rode on is the one that is pulling into the station, then it is a 'Hikari' as the destination board is in Red... The other train when they arrived at Shin-Osaka and is pulling into the station is a Nozomi (Yellow board)
  12. JR 500系

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Aaahhh I see! We're always learning something new each day! 🙂
  13. JR 500系

    Kato 20063 - Illuminated buffer?

    Nice! How did you get all 5 of them to light up? I am assuming since buffers are fitted at the end of parking yards, usually the yards will have switches and hence current usually only flow into one track, hence only one yard... Unless of course you are directly feeding them straight without the yard ~ 🙂
  14. There is ~ All but one in Singapore sells Japanese train models, and his a good friend of mine. If you like I can pm you the contact address. However, he does not carry Kato... so I still look for online retailers for Kato models. If you looked around the forum, especially on the retailers thread, you can find a mirage of online suppliers that carry extensive amounts of models at very good prices as compared with Amazon Japan ~
  15. JR 500系

    What did you do on your layout today?

    I'm pretty sure that is a Toyota Cecila Liftback 😛