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  1. JR 500系

    Train terminal!!

    Yap all 3 lines means 9 parallel tracks...there's room, but it probably means just the terminal and no running trains... haha ~
  2. JR 500系

    Japanese advertising signs for Buildings in N Scale.

    Haha you used the same advert (the one with the waves ad the lady) as mine on the same billboard sign! on MS Words, simply use the 'size and position' function, and under size, use the 'absolute' function instead of the relative. Absolute means the size will come out as per dimensions you place, such as 3cm by 2.1cm etc. so it should be pretty straight forward; just need to measure the surface area that the decal will cover... you're right about cropping... some of the images we got off the net are already crop or resized, so resolution suffers. When being resized even smaller, details tend to be lost out.. But it's a cool way to turn some of the nice buildings into real life Japanese ones!
  3. JR 500系

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Haha I always associate these with the 485 series NoDoKa which I always call the carpet train, cause they sit on carpets in the train? I knew it looked familiar! The Kato set for the Fujikyu twin motor set is asking for a kidney these days... Yeah, it looks like it was hooked up to the Kato controller (in the background), the Kato sound box (on the right) and the new Blue tooth transmitter (on the left) for controlling the train using Bluetooth from your mobile... It really is quite a neat idea, since it easily uses your existing controller, enhanced it with sound using the sound box (which can be easily modified through sound cards) and then add on a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver for controlling the trains through your mobile. The guy who thought of this should be given a prize or a big fat bonus! Tomix on the other hand, requires you to get a full sound controller instead (which is super expensive and really big and rare). otherwise, we still don't get sound box for the Tomix yet. Or getting the infra-red controller from Tomix to control the trains remotely (which is also kinda of expensive)
  4. JR 500系

    Train terminal!!

    Wow beautiful! It seems you can only buy from the shop? (http://matsumoto-shoji.net/) at the very cheap price of 75,600 yen for all 3 lines, or 27,000 yen for just one of the three ~
  5. JR 500系

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    One of the nicer carpet trains... the best being the Fujikyu one! 🙂
  6. JR 500系

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Wow... not exactly, but replacing one is! 🙂
  7. JR 500系

    Bill's Showa Era Interurban Layout

    Looking great! Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see it finished!
  8. If i'm not wrong, is the 200系 still running Ryomo services? Or are they all being replaced by the Revaty? The 200系 was released onto service in 1991 (according to wiki) which makes them 27 years old, and the 100系 Spacia released onto service in 1990 which makes them almost 28 years old...
  9. Wow that looks really cool! But first we gotta remove the training tyres first.... 😛
  10. JR 500系

    Basic track questions from a newbie

    The HA can be combined with the HB and the HC to form the 2nd picture from the top. The HC, which is the already released set, is the grade separation, or in other words, the inclines and declines set, for creating overhead tracks and ground tracks inclines and declines. The HB is the station set, whereby the overhead station in right on top of the ground station, which allows for a nice interchange station diorama. The HA is the most basic overhead oval track set. Can I ask where your location might be in? reason is, the shipping for these gigantic sets can cost a bomb, and often, of you already have a track plan in mind, it might be more cost effective to buy the different components of the tracks and ship them over to your location.
  11. JR 500系

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    A little more work on the 783series... Isn't still quite satisfied with it... Really broke apart my other 783 series for parts... First was couplers, then windscreens, then pantographs, now light units, floor boards etc. Now the 783 series HTB/ Midori looks and feels much better now! The Midori now has directional headlights/ tail lights! Yeah! Strange I didn't realise the floor board and interior of the HTB783 was wrong initially... now it is correct, simply by switching with the other 783... not so sure about the colour of the seats though... And must I say, the Ibusuki no Tamatebako looks amazing with interior lights and TN couplers!
  12. Revised photos as I will be using a better condition, better looking MA box with outer sleeve instead. Also revised on a prices ~ Please feel free to PM me for trading options! 🙂
  13. JR 500系

    MicroAce - New Releases

    Looking at the MA calling retail price for a 7-car un-powered carriage set (yes it's rare) at 29,000 yen (what was the locomotive to pull this, just for interest?) and looking at a a same 7-car carriage set WITH a special steam locomotive and being Limited edition at 37,000 yen, yes I will pay 8000yen more for a limited edition set with a Steam Locomotive. While I do understand the rationale as to why MA is doing this, I am wondering if the sales of these models would really be able to sustain the company in the market...
  14. JR 500系

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Man I need skills like this!
  15. JR 500系

    Voltage conversion on the fly

    Interesting stuff indeed.... and I would like to say what a great diorama the first video has done! Really realistic and impressive!