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    Railways in Korea and Manchuria past and present and JNR Aizu (Takinohara) Line primarily, also JNR Tadami and Nitchuu Lines and early electric locomotives, SP Coast Line, St Clair Tunnel (Sarnia-Port Huron) etc etc etc...

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  1. Oh, sorry - I meant scenery-wise. Is say 2 going to join directly to 3, or will you have (a) module(s) between them to transition the scenery and add running distance?
  2. 1. The lighthouse ... it looks like a fairly simple structure, yet quite pretty - and it'd look great. The thing with scratchbuilding... if you can read a ruler, and you can cut and glue plastic, you can scratchbuild. The only way to learn it is to do it... and judging from how your models look so far, you'll do really well when you get to your first scratch project. The hardest part is IMO gonna be finding/working out the dimensions of the structure - building it will be easy enough. :) 2. Ah, got it. Yeah, a tunnel would be a good way to end the module (I've got it in mind for a few, myself). That leads me to another question - how are you planning to connect the modules up?
  3. Okay I'm following this! A couple of questions: 1. On Module 3 - how about moving it over a little bit to include the lighthouse (葛登支岬灯台)? I don't think I've seen those modelled very often at all, and could add an extra bit of interest to the module? 2. On 5+6 - why did you opt for the location of 6 there? Why not the area right adjacent to 5, with the marina and the inner breakwater? I'm taking the same sort of location-specific approach with my planned JNR Aizu Line, so I'm very keen on following your project's progress! Loving the look of the module so far!
  4. I agree. I think that these, along with the 0 series Shinkansens, are as symbolic of later Showa JNR, as the TGV-PSE is to the SNCF, or the E03/103 is to the DB, or the BOAC Speedbird and the blue Pan Am globe is to air travel. Icons of a period.
  5. What's in Your Roster?

    LOL thanks. Discipline Is easy with limited funds... I spent most of the year's "fun" budget on yet more studio gear... as if six synths aren't enough lol
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Mostly I've been lucky, but once in a while they'll stop something here too and slap some duty and provincial sales tax and federal GST on it... and for the duty part it's usually some nonsense - one package's contents list had "plastic kit" so the overzealous (insert insult of choice here) put duty on it as "industrial plastics". It's not a big sum really on model stuff, I'm not gonna make a scene over $10, $20. But a couple years ago I bought a drum machine for $1200 including shipping... they tried to charge me $800 in tax and duties on "machinery"... yeah I made a scene, got it back, too. And other times I've brought in synths for $2000 and they didn't charge a penny (musical instruments are duty free, but they *could* charge GST and provincial sales tax on stuff if they want to be annoying)...
  7. What's in Your Roster?

    I only just noticed this thread... the roster so far: Steam: C11 235 (Kato 2021) DCs: Kiha 23 504 (Tomix 8446) Freight cars: 2x Hoki800 (Tomix 2777) 1x Tora25000 (Popondetta 7144) 1x Tora40000 (Popondetta 7107) 1x Tora70000 (Tomix 2713) 2x Tora90000 (Kato 8062 2-car set) 1x Wamu3500 (Tomix 8704) 1x Wamu50000 with plywood sides (Tomix 8702) 1x Wamu90000 (Popondetta 7132) 1x Wara1 (Tomix 2717) 1x Wafu35000 (Popondetta 7117) 1x Yo5000 green (Tomix 8715) plus: 2x Taki25000 (Tomix 2744) - these I listed separately because they're not themely/superfluous to needs. I've still got a few pieces of TT scale stuff left, but can't offhand list them - they're in a box somewhere in storage. Once I locate it, though, I'll be selling those off too, and then I'll be all J/all N.
  8. True, but (IMO!) the -100s don't have quite the same style as the -0s...
  9. I just discovered that the ワフ35000s were rebuilt from ワフ25000 class cars, which looked considerably different - identical to the ワフ28000s, except the older 25000s were all steel, whereas the 28000s were the "war emergency" variant with a wooden body. All but 66 of the ワフ25000s were rebuilt to ワフ35000 specification between 1960 and 1965, and the unrebuilt ones stuck around until 1968, so I think I could get away with having one ワフ25000 show up on my layout on the rare occasion. I'm realising I'm growing a fondness for these Wafus... :)
  10. Kato - New Releases

    Yo6000 and empty cages for Tora90000s.
  11. Sad to hear. One of my favourite JNR locomotives, they've got such a unique style!
  12. At a guess... it's marked as not being in service at the moment? 一休 means a break, in Chinese anyways...
  13. I never thought the Bow-Mac sign would be missed were it taken down, actually I never even really gave it a second thought aside from if giving directions... it was just *there*, I suppose as landmarks do. Now that it's essentially gone (hidden enough to not be able to see it)... it took a long time to get used to it.
  14. I don't know aught about that sign, but if it's as iconic as they say... maybe removing it entirely is the... "kinder" thing to do. There was/"is" a rather iconic neon sign in Vancouver, the Bow-Mac sign, which was (IMO rightly) deemed to be of historic importance to the city and so is forbidden from demolition... except that now it's mostly hidden by the Toys R Us sign over top of it. It looks utterly moronic, and like this, it may as well not even be there. If it's not going to be preserved to be actually seen and enjoyed, yeah, may as well get rid of it.
  15. Somewhere in one of the boxes in storage I have some photos of such equipment used by the BC Electric on its streetcar and interurban lines in Vancouver in the 40s/50s... some of it rather bizarre looking. I kinda especially like the portable substations.