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    Railways in Korea and Manchuria past and present and JNR Aizu (Takinohara) Line primarily, also JNR Tadami and Nitchuu Lines and early electric locomotives, SP Coast Line, St Clair Tunnel (Sarnia-Port Huron) etc etc etc...

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  1. Pashina12

    Crazy Auctions / Prices Thread

    Or passing the latest Porsches on a flat, straight section of the Autobahn... in a 1964 Benz. :D Or going down a mile-long hill on roller blades, or in a shopping buggy...
  2. Pashina12

    Train Stations

    Michigan Central Station, that (in)famous image of the decay of Detroit, is being refurbished... they've got windows in it now.
  3. Pashina12

    Enoden prototype

    Enoden is awesome
  4. Pashina12

    unitrak viaduct power feeders

    "Because reasons" means basically "for reasons unknown to me that may or may not exist"
  5. I really hope I can get to Japan before they're retired!
  6. Pashina12

    Planning Aizu

    Oh, one other decision I made, whilst working on the bridge plans: I'm not going to go for hyper-accuracy... if an existing structure model is pretty close in appearance, I'll be satisfied with that, even if it's not 100% correct. This will make it easier to achieve my vision, and then down the road - once I've got the bulk of things done - if I feel like it I can always build a more accurate model. My first priority, then, will be to produce something that reproduces the scenes *in general* (such that they elicit a "yeah, that looks like XYZ" reaction from viewers), even if this or that particular element isn't an exact replica of the original. Upgrading to greater accuracy can wait until later. Apologies for making a post just about some mental musings, but with the way my brain works, writing it out like this for others to see makes me perceive it as something more concrete, than if I just think it to myself... if I don't write things out, I'll just keep vacillating, and never get anything done... :)
  7. Pashina12

    Planning Aizu

    So I've started planning out the construction of the Kuragawa bridge. In addition to the Central Valley bridge girder pieces, I picked up a Walthers Through-Plate Girder Bridge kit, with the thought of using the webbing under the deck/track, but since have realised that there are a number of other parts I can use from the kit. Compromises... the model isn't going to be hyper-accurate, but it will definitely look the part enough to be recognisable as this specific bridge. Still haven't decided what to tackle next after/in addition to this module, but it's 50/50 between Kamimiyori and Kuwabara/#1 Ogawa Bridge. In any event I think I've finally decided that I'm going to focus on the Kamimiyori - Narahara section of the line, with an unscenicked staging yard to represent Nishi-Wakamatsu and the rest of the world at one end, and Aizu-Takinohara at the other end, skipping over (for the foreseeable future, anyways) everything between Narahara and Takinohara. The idea I have in my head, in terms of modules, is: Staging - Kamimiyori - Kuragawa Bridge - transition into tunnel - tunnel exit/Kuwabara + #1 Ogawa Bridge/tunnel mouth - tunnel exit/#2 Ogawa Bridge/tunnel entry - Yunokami (omitting Onogawa Bridge) - transition - Cliffside viaduct scene - Narahara - transition - Takinohara. This omits three of the Ogawa bridges and several other things (including Yagoshima Station), but it does include *most* of my favourite scenes, and cuts the line down to something manageable, and gives me a somewhat more concrete aim of what I'm doing. And of course it leaves plenty of room for future expansion, but I think it's also important that if this is all that I ever manage to get done, I can be quite content with it from several angles: it'll be visually pleasing and be unquestionably the Aizu Line, and it'll be operationally interesting, too: opportunities for wayfreight work at Kamimiyori, Yunokami, Narahara, and Takinohara, and be plenty long enough to make timetable running of passenger and freight trains interesting and challenging. Actually, Takinohara - even though it's what first attracted me to this line - is the asterisk/"would be nice" part of this vision: I'd be equally content with just the Kamimiyori - Narahara section I described above, as even if everything from Narahara to Takinohara is represented just as an unscenicked staging module, the visual and operational points I made above are still equally valid.
  8. Pashina12

    My South Hokkaido Railway/Esashi line modules

    Really liking this! Can't wait to see more, it's inspiring me to get started on my own modules, and has given me some ideas.
  9. Pashina12

    What unlikely releases do you want?

    Have you got a link to the freight group on fb?
  10. The horn is awesome. I also quite like how everyone on the platform thanked the train before it left... (though that one guy was quite vociferous lol)
  11. Pashina12

    Old Higashi-Kitazawa crossing

    The gates are down for quite some time at the beginning with nothing happening... why?
  12. Pashina12

    Hot Springs on a mountain slope

    Thing with Shapeways though... the stuff you get in Holland/Europe is far better than the stuff they send to North America... or at least that was the case when I experimented some with it. But that scene is looking fantastic! Very inspiring.
  13. Pashina12

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Inside a Tomix car...
  14. Pashina12

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Thanks for the compliments! I'm super pleased with them, too. Full disclosure, I didn't do the work myself, a friend of mine did. He said the C11 especially took a bit of thinking to solve. He said most of the cars were pretty straightforward to convert, but some needed some extra work I did - actually the boxcar in the bottom picture next to the C11 is a Tomix Wara 1. Actually seven were Tomix cars, two Kato, and four Popondetta. I'm pretty sure the Kato Tora 90000s did not need anything extra done. I just took one of the Tomix cars apart (I'll post a pic shortly), and it looks like he cut out a chunk of both the floor and the weight inside, to make room for the coupler assembly and the screw. Actually, the rear coupler on the C11 is also an MT one... I didn't realise that the Kato coupler is compatible with MT! I think I'm not going to mention that to my friend lest he get annoyed at me, he did say it was a fair bit of work to make it happen... but conversely he'll be happy he won't have to do that job on the C11s I buy in the future!
  15. Pashina12

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Finally I've now got Microtrains couplers on all my stock! Looks so much better I think. As the second pic shows they are larger than scale but still much better than the Rapidos. Had to compromise a bit though and remove the trip pins due to clearance but I can live with having to manually uncouple them in exchange for the superior look.