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  1. Berlin GT6N trams

    There appears to be very strong demand for this item. It was near Hobby's Search's monthly ranking in August the month it was announced and this is not surprising. As of today the Munich tram is #1 for September, the Berlin tram #5 and the LRT04 power unit #8. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/ranking/month/104
  2. Rapido Trains --Factories and Making Train Models

    Another Rapido Trains factory video. A tour of the Rapido Trains Inc. factory in China while production of the Alco/MLW FA-2 locomotives is in full swing. An interesting look at the processes involved in the manufacture and production of model trains. Also a look at making the tooling for the CPR Royal Hudson. http://www.rapidotrains.com
  3. Very nice. Looking at that during dinner must leave you drooling.
  4. Berlin GT6N trams

    Here they are: Hobby Search http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10483596 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10483598 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10421171 HS lists them in a separate category: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/list/1712/0/1 AmiAmi http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=RAIL-24012&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dberlin%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=RAIL-24013&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dmunich%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=RAIL-22331&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dlrt04%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 Model Train Plus https://www.modeltrainplus.net/products/pre-order-tomytec-world-tetsudou-collection-berlin-city-tram-type-1000 https://www.modeltrainplus.net/products/pre-order-tomytec-world-tetsudou-collection-munich-tram-type-2000 https://www.modeltrainplus.net/products/tomytec-tm-lrt04-optional-motorized-chassis
  5. Berlin GT6N trams

    Japanese manufacturers seem only to think of the Japanese market in their product decisions.
  6. Berlin GT6N trams

    In December Tomytec will release its first non-Japanese tram models. These are Adtranz GT6N, Berlin 1000 series and Munich 2000 series. The Berlin GT6N cars were built over a 10 year period from 1994 to 2003. The Tomytec model will be a single end tram, that it drives in only one direction and has doors on one side only. This is common outside Japan, but not found at all in Japan. It either requires a loop to turn around or a circle line. http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/pdf/newitem_20170809_06.pdf Tomytec's GT6N has three sections although there are seven sections in some GT6Ns in Berlin now. Each of the three sections of a prototype GT6N is powered. For the GT6N Tomytec will use the triple bogie TM-LRT04 power unit. A non -Japanese prototype is something new for Tomytec as is the single direction operating configuration. As the GT6N was a design for Japanese trams in Kumamoto, Takaoka, Okayama and Toyama I wonder if we will really see more European prototypes from Tomytec. If you want them it might be an ideal to scoop them up while they are available. Hard to say if this will be repeated
  7. A further explanation. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/09/11/national/police-investigate-how-fire-from-burning-building-spread-to-an-odakyu-train#.WbcIl8h97cc
  8. Looks like the train was in harms way because the police killed the power with emergency stop button at a grade crossing. "According to the police, policemen who rushed to the scene at the time pressed the emergency stop button set at a nearby railroad crossing at the request of firefight at that time, the automatic brakes were applied to the train, just putting it at the fire site It means that it took an emergency stop where it took. " http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20170910/k10011134411000.html?utm_int=news_contents_news-main_001&nnw_opt=news-main_b
  9. Tomix - New Releases

    JR E3-700 Shinkansen
  10. Planning a future layout

    Only if you do a simple oval. No intersections, C66 curves and other pieces.
  11. Painted Trains

    Due for release in October from Greenmax, the JR 103 Series "OSAKA POWER LOOP"
  12. Video by Nanimotv Train Approximately 17 minutes and half of the "Seino Railroad" of the Gakken MOOK "Freight Train Navi 2013-2014" Appendix DVD recorded released in June 2013 is released to the public. The cargo specialized rail service operated from the terminal line of JR Tokaido branch line terminal · Mino Akasaka station starting from the station = follow the figure of the Seino Railway · DD 40 diesel locomotive. Production: (with) nanimo / photography cooperation: Seino Railway Co., Ltd. / cooperation: (with) twinkle, Norihisa Matsumoto
  13. A website listing Japan's Tourist train & restaurant trains nationwide http://beautifulcolorsofjapan.com/ Categories include: Restaurant train Beer and local salad trains Truck train steam locomotive Train with kids space Train on boarding pass at normal fare Lapping train Barrier free train Cycle train A train list that you can experience driving Various trains 2017 ★ Nationwide "railway event" list ★ National railroad stamp rally list
  14. Iyotetsu 5000 type LRT announced

    Video by Smil Panic