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  1. NHK is incredibly frustrating on AT&T UVerse - in the guide they always treat this show as not being a series, so you have to hunt down and record each episode individually.
  2. I thought your username was familiar! Ken / HeavyDuty
  3. Riding the Hakone Tozan is on my bucket list...
  4. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Phenomenal work, Jef!
  5. Ken Ford

    2nd Hand HO Amfleets?

    I would hold out for the latest Walthers ones - they are more expensive, but are incredibly better than the older Walthers or any of the Bachmann ones.
  6. Ken Ford

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I just had a package arrive from Amazon.jp with RM Library #136, the issue covering the Nambu-Jukan Railway. I just bought one of the line’s KIHA10s (in HO from another member) and wanted to learn more about the line. I’m amazed that Amazon delivered it in two days for very low cost. By by the way, I’ve seen it written both as “Nambu” and “Nanbu”, and “Jukan” or “Jyukan.” Does anyone know which is closest to being correct or commonly accepted?
  7. Ken Ford

    Looking for a lost layout

    I remember this one, and have a pic of it saved... on a PC I can’t access. The oval was on a slight angle to the bench work, right?
  8. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Jef, this is causing me to rethink what I want to do with my idle plans of modeling Kurama for exhibition...
  9. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Exceptional craftsmanship, Jef!
  10. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Jef, I found mine two years ago at Rakuten. It seems to be a hard one to find.
  11. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Jef, are you aware Sankei do a kit for the actual Kurama station building?
  12. A wonderful find - thanks for sharing them!
  13. Foamers... same the world over. Lol
  14. Very interesting - thank you for the education!