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  1. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Exceptional craftsmanship, Jef!
  2. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Jef, I found mine two years ago at Rakuten. It seems to be a hard one to find.
  3. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Jef, are you aware Sankei do a kit for the actual Kurama station building?
  4. A wonderful find - thanks for sharing them!
  5. Foamers... same the world over. Lol
  6. Very interesting - thank you for the education!
  7. In Japanese practice diaphragms are just on one side of the joint? US and European practice is that all cars have them on both ends, and they meet in the middle.
  8. They are here! I'm puzzling through the instructions using Google Translate on my phone - there are two styles (single and double receptacle) of what appears to be the electrical portion of the automatic couplers that need to be added, I think the instructions say to pick the one that is appropriate - I’m guessing from photos. I believe adding these will prevent the coupler from swiveling, or at least restrict it. Or am I off base? Also, I’m surprised to see diaphragms are only on one end of each car? There aren’t even mounting holes on the other ends. One thing to watch out for - the sideframes have a separate molding that simulates what I think is a suspension air bag and bolster end cap. Three of the eight on my two car set were loose and floating in the box from shipping - they pop right back on, but I’d hate to lose one.
  9. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  10. They’ll be here tomorrow. 😀
  11. Oh, what the heck - ordered.
  12. I’ve been waffling about getting these because of the cast on grab irons. My resolve is weakening...
  13. Ken Ford

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    A very creative approach to modeling a delightful station - I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!
  14. You know, we have a big annual Japanese culture fest coming up next weekend at a local temple and community center. I was planning on going anyways (one of my friends will be performing with her Taiko drum group), I’ll look at what it would take to exhibit next year. We have a *lot* of Japanese expats around here, and I’m sure at least some are modelers.
  15. Ken Ford

    Micro Layout - Help Needed

    Thanks, Jeff - that’s exactly what I was looking for! I remember quite a few years ago Ulrich posted on RMweb that he had moved on from this concept, but it was a great example of limited space scenic modeling.