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  1. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Chinese floating bus/tram

    The Sydney tram light rail project has, according to recent media reports, descended further into farce. The company building it are demanding an extra $1 billion plus, and are taking the government to court. The project is, apparently, a year late. 2 interesting news articles about the trams we used to have and what is happening now: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-12/sydneys-original-tram-network-what-happened-curious-sydney/9610328 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-13/sydney-cbds-light-rail-woes-predicted-six-years-ago/9651672
  2. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Japanese Music

  3. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Ugliest Trains?

    With that higher centre of gravity, I'd be worried that it could easily "roll" in a sharp turn.
  4. Takahama Trainwatcher


    Likewise, I really like the knowledge that it is on its way. One day there's that happy surprise of the parcel waiting at the front door. It makes every day until that point kind of happy, too.
  5. Takahama Trainwatcher

    What Track Plan Software Do You Use?

    I was using SCARM which was nice. The beta versions was free, but it is no longer available. The full version is , I think $50 US; there is a limited free version too, from memory (but too limiting for me to use to adapt the plan I already made when it was free ).
  6. Takahama Trainwatcher

    JR Central 2017 desktop calendar

    And the 2018 JR Central calendar (the first 8 months) images can be found at: http://company.jr-central.co.jp/company/others/calendar/
  7. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Train hits buffer in Sydney

    There was a train accident this morning when a train approaching the terminus of the suburban branch to Richmond did not stop in time. It hit the buffer with enough force to injure 16 people. The news links below describe what happened. The TV news included video of the actual impact (in the first link). https://tenplay.com.au/news/national/2018/1/22/train-incident http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-22/sydney-train-crashes-at-richmond-station-injuring-passengers/9348398 https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/rouse-hill-times/injuries-people-trapped-after-reports-of-train-derailment-at-richmond-station/news-story/ad218fea29bf525a721fffbc1fe6612e The meeting between government officials and the train drivers' union was suspended as the accident was checked; we are headed for a 24 hour train strike in a week.
  8. Takahama Trainwatcher


    My E001 can from MTP via SAL. It was pretty much the usual shipping time, so I think it was probably posted within a couple of days of payment. There was no email to indicate it had shipped. A previous order had the email for shipping sent several days after it was sent (Nariichi-san had been particularly busy, he had indicated, so I think he prioritised sending the parcels over sending the emails).
  9. Ha, ha, somewhere there's a happy medium between "angular" and "rounded". 8600s = too round. GV-E400 = too angular. I think 211s, E130s, E231s and E233s nail that sweet spot.
  10. Takahama Trainwatcher


    Indeed, it is a good site. The Malwarebytes trial having ended a few hours ago, I can now happily peruse the site again. Good for entertainment, bad for wallet.
  11. Takahama Trainwatcher

    JR Central 2017 desktop calendar

    Waiting for the 2018 edition now. For those so inclined, there is a screensaver available at http://museum.jr-central.co.jp/download/ .
  12. Takahama Trainwatcher


    Presently have Malwarebytes in its premium configuration (it has done itself on a 2 week trial). When I try to get to www.loco1hobby.net , it is blocking it ("Malwarebytes blocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program.") A bit odd. Malwarebytes' explanation: Your Malwarebytes malicious website blocking technology has blocked outgoing or incoming communication between your computer and a malicious Internet Protocol (IP) address. That's a good thing. This communication could be: An attempt to download malware onto your computer An attempt to redirect you to a malicious webpage An attempt to deliver malicious advertising
  13. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Adding Parts

    Ok, thanks. When I have put it in the slightest touch has seen it moving around, so I thought it might need glue. I'm worried about it coming free when a train is operating.
  14. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Adding Parts

    Maybe this is a reasonable thread to add a question I've been wanting to ask. I have Kato 10-1118 / 10-1119 115-800 Series Yokosuka Colour. I've had trouble adding the part at the front that is boxed in the attached picture. Does anyone know whether this should click in somewhere, or does it need to be glued? Ta.
  15. Takahama Trainwatcher

    Why do some windows have "screens" and others don't?

    Would you anticipate any situations where the shorter length of track over which the locomotive's weight was distributed might cause issues for the track?