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  1. Why do some windows have "screens" and others don't?

    Would you anticipate any situations where the shorter length of track over which the locomotive's weight was distributed might cause issues for the track?
  2. Dirty Old Girls.

    Hmm.. can't see the pictures, just file names.
  3. They must like Japanese trains. They should be invited to become members of JNS Forum.
  4. High speed rail in Australia

    These "strange decisions" are entirely consistent with government thinking. Consider Newcastle. It is not just fear of putting HSR above ground into built up areas. In Newcastle they have removed heavy rail from the built up area in the centre of the city (http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/end-of-the-line-for-newcastle-rail-after-government-wins-key-vote-20151015-gk9nqy.html). Seen in the light of this kind of thinking, the reluctance to put HSR anywhere near a city centre should not come as a surprise.
  5. High speed rail in Australia

    We're getting a new international airport in Sydney. There is presently no commitment for funding or a decision on a route for a rail link to it. There is a philosophy around that the rail link can be decided upon and built once the airport is established. This is the kind of foresight that gives me so much faith in the high speed rail network coming to Australia.
  6. High speed rail in Australia

    As someone struggling to afford a house in Australia's most expensive city, I see great value in easing that burden by connecting it to Wollongong which, according to the news the other night, is now Australia's 3rd most expensive city (apparently more expensive than Brisbane). The NSW premier has just been in Japan looking at the Shinkansen. Predictably, high speed rail in Australia was talked up. Closer than ever, they said. I remembered this thread and thought, "should I post?" Nah. Same old, same old.
  7. Most boring train?

    Yeah, boring fleet versus boring train. I like E233s. If they were the only type, perhaps that lack of diversity could be perceived as being a boring fleet of one type of interesting train. The worst case scenario would be a fleet consisting of one type of boring train. Something like the Melbourne lines served by the Siemens trains (that I have previously identified in the ugly trains thread): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siemens_Nexas#/media/File:Siemens_train_in_Metro_Trains_Melbourne_Livery.jpg
  8. Chinese floating bus/tram

    Speaking of gridlock, human behaviour and buses vs trams, things are interesting here in Sydney. The main street through the CBD (George St) has had numerous bus routes using it. People complained that the buses were causing traffic jams. The congestion around there was so bad that when lights turned green, there was never enough space at some intersections for a bus to traverse the intersection and fully clear it. The bus would still need to run, so the bus drivers would go across the intersection and then partially block it. Then the light would turn red. Then the traffic in front of the bus would move so the bus could continue, but the bus would not move, still blocking the intersection. Why? The bus drivers could, apparently, be booked for moving on the red light (the back end of the bus being the offending part of the vehicle), so they had to sit there causing gridlock. The solution to buses causing gridlock is to replace them with trams light rail. There is debate about whether the trams light rail vehicles will actually be an improvement. KVP would surely enjoy calculating it all out if reliable data were available. The lines are currently being laid. How exciting. http://www.sydneylightrail.transport.nsw.gov.au/ (supposedly one service every 4 minutes during peak... how many buses does that equal?) And if line conversions and lack of foresight float your boat, check this out: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/one-of-sydneys-newest-rail-lines-will-close-for-at-least-seven-months-just-a-few-years-after-it-opened/news-story/00a0c72cd72887774055d3439b8dd37d :)
  9. XPT by Commonwealth Engineering - 1980s promo.

    A couple of anecdotes as regards the XPTs, having travelled on them plenty of times up and down the NSW north coast: 1. One year, on the night before Australia Day, the XPT hit a fallen tree somewhere near Grafton. This delayed it by perhaps some 4 hours, so it finally made it to Coffs Harbour in the wee hours of the morning. An 82 class locomotive had been tacked on to the front, the XPT's nose being quite badly damaged. (The train lost more time on the way to Sydney, and, as a result, I missed out on seeing the Red Arrows aerobatic team perform in Sydney). 2. My grandmother was an extensive traveller and a tough woman (she had worked as a bus conductor and crane driver). She complained that the XPT was the only train (of many) that ever gave her travel (motion) sickness. Every time she rode it she took the travel sickness pill first. I wonder whether it was its suspension (I would describe it as spongey or bouncy from my experience) or the poor track that, when taken faster in the XPT, was the cause of this.
  10. Gerry's Train Room

    Yes and yes (I have used Kato viaduct with curves and inclines on them).
  11. Ugliest Trains?

    I like the look of the original EN57s. That picture made me feel nostalgia for Sydney's red rattlers.
  12. I am happy to see they have a consistent roofline along the set now.
  13. I think Ken's site also describes how temperamental the FL12s are; even if they appear to be positioned perfectly, they may refuse to change the light colour with the direction change from the throttle. It takes very fine adjustments inwards and outwards in the socket to get them to behave as desired.
  14. Please help! Much appreciated!

    We need a preferential voting system (4 points for best, 3 for second best, etc.).
  15. Ugliest Trains?

    Do you mean how the light is reflecting unevenly off the side of it? That is curious.