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  1. The two 2600 series sets started doing public runs from 11 August:
  2. Very nice display Sammy! Just want to warn you from sun light directly shining upon the display to prevent yellowing.
  3. Berlin GT6N trams

    Kato released their Rhätische Bahn models also in 1:150, even though they did all of their previous European models in 1:160. I just fail to comprehend the choice for 1:150, as this completely destroys any European market potential. You would expect the Japanese customers to mind the scale less, because the European models will be out of place with their other Japanese trains anyway. Doing them in 1:160 is killing two birds with one stone.
  4. Tomix - New Releases

    Amongst many, interesting releases might be the Keihan 80 type non-airco re-release, the Sotetsu 5000 series, and the standard gauge JR East 701-5500 series that run alongside the Yamagata Shinkansen on the Ou Main Line. I don't get why they're releasing the JR Shikoku 121 series when the old MicroAce is available for relatively cheap though. For truck fans the railway vehicle carrier looks interesting. Looks like it'll even come with a passenger car included.
  5. Tomix - New Releases

    Tomix yet again announced a bunch of new releases... Tomix: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2017/09/tomix-bfa8.html Tomytec: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2017/09/tomytec-a825.html Pics of upcoming model... Tomix: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2017/09/tomix-c569.html Tomytec: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2017/09/tomytec-8dd2.html
  6. Keihan Ōtsu Lines model trains

    That's very good news! The pricing is still a bit steep though...
  7. Good find! Although I already have a 2000 series, I really need to get myself a N2000...
  8. Dirty Old Girls.

    We're having some difficulties with external images at the moment, so just upload your pics as attachments for now. I always recommend doing so anyway, because it would be a pity if externally hosted images in a post were to disappear at some point in the future due to termination of the hosting service or account amongst other reasons. Attachments will always stay there as is, so it is the best option really. Anyway, nice weathering job! Are these Kato or Tomix models?
  9. Tomix - New Releases

    In general I agree that it's not necessary to standardize couplers. However, I would recommend standardizing for rolling stock you might want to actually couple together. For example, have all your locomotives, passenger coaches and freight cars have the same coupler for maximum compatibility. In prototype these are also interchangeable after all and it makes for great variation on your model railway as well. Another example is northern Shinkansen, where you might want to couple your JR East Shinkansen sets with other sets. There's no point in fussing about your steam locomotive not having the same coupler as a Shinkansen though.
  10. First impressions of 20 year old trains

    I personally wouldn't say all modern trains are ugly, but in general I'm also a big fan of older designs. Older trains tend to have either more elegant or industrial appearances, which I like better than the soft-ish design that is often used for modern trains.
  11. Tomytec - Painted & Anything Bus Related

    Sammy when he's bored...
  12. JR Hokkaido showed off their staff training facility to the press for the first time. Part of the Super Ozora that burnt-out on the Sekisho Line in 2011 has been placed inside the building to increase safety awareness amongst employees. Source: http://www.sankei.com/photo/daily/news/170904/dly1709040020-n1.html
  13. More info: http://tetsudo-shimbun.com/headline/entry-1145.html Formation 5822, belonging to the 5050 series, was painted into this livery to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Toyoko Line. The train wil keep this livery until 31 August 2018.
  14. Looks like the Shikoku Shinkansen has started service: