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  1. Tomix - New Releases

    Tomytec Railway Collection vol. 26 pics: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2018/02/tomytec2018-70d9.html Various new Tomytec poster announcements: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2018/02/tomytec2018-1e99.html
  2. What's in Your Roster?

    That's a very nice collection of JNR locos!
  3. One of the comments say it's controlled through a remote control. Like those used for RC cars and planes.
  4. It's been playing up a few times during the last few days. I've let Martijn know.
  5. We never did anything like this, although we had a discussion about the possibility of one in this thread: One of the problems was that there was not actually a train prepared, and that there was not someone who wanted to take the lead in the project. After all, you need someone to keep track of who has the train in possession, where it is being shipping, etc.
  6. MicroAce - New Releases

    New MicroAce announcements without planned release date.
  7. JR Central 2017 desktop calendar

    Thanks for the links. But really, wallpapers with only a 4:3 ratio and a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200? Screensavers? In 2017? Better find some high resolution images on the internet in that case.
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    No worries there. I had to buy a whole suitcase to get my stuff properly back home!
  9. Kato - New Releases

    The green 3-section tram is a Hiroden 1000 type in standard 'GREEN MOVER LEX' livery. ;) Tomytec actually made a special edition release sold only at select locations of this tram a few years ago, but these have become very rare and expensive. I think it's a good thing that Kato is expanding its horizons a bit.
  10. I think I'm actually starting to like the design of these GV-E400s. Here's a video of the first stretches by itself.
  11. Some videos of the JR Shikoku 8600 series test run on the Hakubi Line.
  12. Kato - New Releases

    I didn't even think of that possibility! I just hope Kato will also do the N2000 (and maybe the TSE), instead of only the 2000 series basic model. I really hope this will be a prelude to the 8000, 8600 series etc. as well. The less need for MicroAce the better.
  13. To repeat myself, JR East has plenty of KiHa 40 series units to replace first. They just ordered 60 units of GV-E400, which is not even near enough to replace both KiHa 40 series (at least dozens of units left) and KiHa 100 series (247 units in total). At least this initial GV-E400 order is just to replace any lingering KiHa 40. Replacing the KiHa 100 series now doesn't make sense anyway, since they are only 20-30 years old. When the KiHa 100 series will be worn out, these will head straight to the scrapyard (or the Philippines, Myanmar, etc.) and be replaced by whatever new train is available at the time. I bet JR West, Kyushu and Shikoku don't want some run-down KiHa's from their northern cousin either.
  14. ModelTrainPlus

    I haven't received a reply to the inquiry I sent a few days ago yet either. I guess something came in-between that caused some delays.