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  1. The article says that JR Tokai has already completely retired the KiHa 40 series, and that the KiHa 40 series is planned to be withdrawn from the Niigata region by 2019, and from the Akita region by 2020. The article is far from complete though, as for example JR Hokkaido has announced to completely replace their KiHa 40 fleet with the new H100 series.
  2. Looks like Fyra is history

    The Dutch railways were able to sell the ex-Fyra V250 units to the Italian railways Trenitalia, where they have now become known as the ETR700.16 series. Here it is doing a test run at Napoli Centrale. They have not yet been taken into commercial service.
  3. It has been just over a year since I rode the Sanko Line for both the first and last time at once. Along with the E351 series, yet another piece of Japanese railway history comes to an end for me. さよなら三江線。
  4. Japanese Music

    In other news, Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri by Shiina Ringo is just too good. Tofubeats also does some great stuff.
  5. Japanese Music

    Ah, yes. I know plenty of artists that have been influenced by Tetsuya Komuro. Namie Amuro worked with him as well.
  6. Yet another sayonara E351 picture... although taken a year ago.
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The actual livery that JR uses for HoKi 800 is black. This is the correct model of that prototype: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/n/2777.html If you rather have the black livery I would advice you to buy the Tomix 2777 and sell your limited edition sets.
  8. Yet another attempt at a Tokyo/Kanto railway map, by Theo Ditsek: https://theoditsek.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/tokyo-railway-map-v-2-0/
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The blue and yellow Tomix World Limited Edition HoKi 800 are really cool! These may be fictional liveries, but the yellow ones look very similar to the HoKi 800 that Ohmi Tetsudou uses.
  10. Crazy Auctions / Prices Thread

    Are we implying that Kato hasn't announced the Seven Stars in Kyushu yet?
  11. Kato - New Releases

    The JR East HB-E300 series 'Resort Asunaro', E231-3000 series Hachiko Line/Kawagoe Line, and 205-5000 series Musashino Line are pretty good new releases. And, although it is very small, a re-release of the Yo 8000 means that it will be much easier to get hold of this car outside of Japan.
  12. What's in Your Roster?

    I see interurbans and railbuses, I upvote.
  13. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Those are some very new things you got, @JR 500系! The Marine Liner, JR Tokai 313 series, Fukutetsu, Hiroden! I'm seriously starting to consider getting the blue Marine Linere set as well...
  14. JNS Forum World Tour 2018

    Maybe you can put me on a pending list? I live rather close to Martijn, so I can just go pick it up and bring it back personally to him if it ever gets around here.