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  1. You already answered your own question here. JR will stop making bi-level Shinkansen, and this design is not for a prototype but for an animation series.
  2. Densha

    Kato #4 turnout mis-labeled!

    That is a pretty unfortunate mistake. The labels are correct in Japanese in either case. It is just the English translation that is messed up on one of them.
  3. Due to an interruption of the Yosan Line, Shiokaze limited express services are currently split into Okayama - Tadotsu services and Kanonji - Matsuyama services. Some trains on the latter section are run by 2000 series DMUs, which has not happened for 2 years.
  4. Oh wow, this is definitely unexpected. Very good to see a new manufacturer entering the market! The prices however are a bit disappointing, although I guess that's just what happens when you are a relatively small company. I also promised myself not to get started on collecting Nankai Koya Line trains unless the iconic 30000 series would be released. Guess what this bad boy is now thinking of....
  5. Densha

    Tomix - New Releases

    Well, the main visual difference is the size. The Tomix release is the KiHa 100 2nd batch with 16.5m length, whilst the Kato release is the KiHa 110 with 20m length. Then there's also a bunch of different Greenmax releases as well. The different subseries are also used on different lines. There are also several technical differences, but Wikipedia already got that covered for you.
  6. Densha

    Tomix - New Releases

    Ohhh the JR East KiHa 100 is unexpected! I already have a small fleet of 20.5m long KiHa 110 by Kato, but the KiHa 100 Tomix will release have 17m bodies.
  7. Densha

    Hankyu maroon/burgundy color paint

    I was able to find a bunch of Japanese sold paints and spray paints. These are all intended for use on plastic models, so it really depends on your use case whether these are useful or not. Greenmax Paint グリーンマックス 鉄道カラー32 阪急マルーン [C-32] グリーンマックス 鉄道カラー21 アイボリーA [C-21] Greenmax Spray Paint グリーンマックス 鉄道スプレー 阪急 マルーンB [SP32] グリーンマックス 鉄道スプレー 小田急 アイボリーA [SP21 ] Neko Publishing Paint ネコ・パブリッシング 鉄ホビカラー 阪急マルーン [TH05] ネコ・パブリッシング 鉄ホビカラー 阪急アイボリー [TH06]
  8. Densha

    Hankyu maroon/burgundy color paint

    This Japanese Wikipedia page is all about 'Hankyu maroon' and 'Hankyu ivory', although mainly digital colour palettes are mentioned. Maybe there are convertors to paint colour palettes? I guess it also depends on what kind of paint you are looking for.
  9. Densha

    Tomix - New Releases

    Now that the last LSE has been withdrawn from regular service, Tomix put up a tweet promoting their Odakyu Romance Car models. Usually this is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the tweet ended with the phrase "Wait? There is one track left empty... Could this be...?"
  10. Densha

    Odakyu LSE 7003

    Due to replacement by the newly delivered second GSE, LSE 7004 made it's last scheduled run on 7 July 2018. For the occasion, Odakyu organized a farewell ceremony at Shinjuku station. LSE 7004 will keep on being used on extra train services until its withdrawal sometime during this fiscal year.
  11. Densha

    What's in Your Roster?

    I was surprised about this too, but I did a Shikoku trip in 2016 with a Seishun 18 Kippu and the Tetsudo Hobby Train actually turned out be used for normal local train services on the Yodo Line. Coincidentally, the Yodo Line local train I took was exactly one of these services!
  12. Yeah. Although passenger intercity traffic is possible by Shinkansen, the Sanyo Main Line being closed combined with the closure of many highways means trouble for the supplying of stock to stores in many areas. The only highway that connects Honshu with Kyushu for example is still closed, and freight trains from Central Japan can't get to Kyushu either due to parts of the Sanyo Main Line being damaged. I already saw people on the news fleeing to Honshu by ferry.
  13. The design for the Utsunomiya LRT rolling stock has been decided upon: https://u-movenext.net/information/30
  14. On their 30th anniversary, Abukuma Express has announced the new AB900 series. The AB900 series will be based off the JR East 721 series, and will replace the old Abukuma Express 8100 series. The AB900 series will come in five different liveries.
  15. Densha

    What's in Your Roster?

    Really nice collection, @JR 500系. Especially the Kintetsu limited express collection you have is very nice. I have lately also gotten a bit interested in the Kintetsu Nagoya/Ise region after all. The models are way too expensive for me to start up a collection though. The Tetsudo Hobby Train is not a private railway train, but a JR Shikoku local commuter train. Tomix 9407 and 5594 are local commuter trains as well, and not trams. You might also want to combine your JR Local/Suburban/Commuter/Rapid trains into one category, as most of these trains are used interchangeably for various services. For example, JR West 227 series in local train service or JR Kyushu KiHa 200 on rapid services etc. Yeah, JR Tokai has pretty standardized rolling stock. That's part of what got me interested in them lately. I have spent so much time looking at the sheer variety of other Japanese railway companies that I got sort of exhausted by it. And you can still pretty much mix up 211/213/311/313 series in all kinds of formations.!