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  1. Mr Frosty

    Future prospects for Kato 1:150 Swiss metre-gauge?

    Looks like some new releases. :) http://media.noch.de/filestore/1/1/5/5/4_86f0937cba7be48/11554_5a896b62c52fefc.pdf pages 34 and 35
  2. Prototype. Model https://www.facebook.com/Togcenter/videos/1245537445504227/
  3. Bump and a little discount. $35 shipped worldwide
  4. Mr Frosty

    My Japanese style layout

    Excellent. Where did you find the vehicles with built in lights? Most of the ones I have found looked quite poor in comparison.
  5. Mr Frosty

    SOLD - Sankei Building Kits

    These are now sold. Thank you.
  6. Mr Frosty

    SOLD - Sankei Building Kits

    The rest of the photos.
  7. I have a number of Sankei building kits I wish to sell. Also a couple of Casco bridge kits (also card construction) and a Greenmax Tram Station. I would prefer to sell as a "job lot", to make logistics simper and am prepared to offer everything at a good discount to facilitate this. If they dont sell after a few weeks, I will reconsider selling individually and reprice things accordingly. I have enclosed a full inventory of the kits below. Pricing has been taken from Plaza Japan where available (as they usually offer the lowest price) and from Hobby Search if not available from Plaza. New price fro the complete set is approaching $400 without postage. I will sell everything for $300 including world wide shipping. Thanks. ***SOLD*** MP03-05 Post Office $13.20 MP03-09 Billboard Architecture A $13.20 MP03-10 Billboard Architecture B $19.42 MP03-13 Bakery Store $15.50 MP03-14 Noodle Shop $15.50 MP03-26 Apartment A $17.40 MP03-28 Row Houses A $18.32 MP03-30 Small Factory $16.40 MP03-35 Old House Type B $15.42 MP03-49 Old House Type B $17.90 MP03-51 Row Houses C $18.32 MP03-52 Double Store Type D $19.20 MP03-53 Pharmacy $17.40 MP03-54 Store Type E $11.90 MP03-62 Corner Shop - Opticians $15.50 MP03-68 Street Stalls Type A $15.50 MP03-76 Sidewalk A1 $10.00 MP03-76 Sidewalk A1 $10.00 MP03-77 Sidewalk A2 $6.60 MP03-77 Sidewalk A2 $6.60 MP03-83 Double Store Type F $20.10 MP03-84 Acute Angle Building Type A $21.00 MP03-85 Old House Type C $17.70 MP04-19 Rickshaw $2.70 MP04-26 Noodle Stand $5.50 MP04-30 House Wall $4.90 MP04-30 House Wall $4.90 MP04-52 Station Double Track Crossing $4.43 YP-408 Casco 70mm Girder Bridge Green $7.81 YP-409 Casco 70mm Girder Bridge Red $7.81 2155 Greenmax Tram Station $6.50 Total $396.63
  8. I am selling a Bandai B Train Mo510 & Mo520 Tram set. This has been long discontinued and is pretty much impossible to find anywhere. The sale also includes an unused and boxed Bandai motorised chassis #3. 2 sets of cast metal truck weights/side frames, a pair of Kato pantographs, a pair of Kato trucks for the unpowered coach and a set of Kato close couplers (about 10 pairs) Everything is new and unused. The kit is unbuilt, although 1 parts bag was opened to check the pantographs fit the roof panels correctly. I would like $40 which includes shipping anywhere in the world. Thanks. EDIT: Now $35
  9. Mr Frosty

    Boeing 787-9 practice run for 2016 Farnborough Airshow

    Its always easier to throw a passenger jet around the skies when there aren't 250 people trying to cling on to their coffees and packets of peanuts.
  10. Mr Frosty

    Taiwan suppliers

    I bought from a trader in Taiwan via ebay. No problems at all.
  11. I have one of the Dapol O gauge Terriers and I must admit to it being pretty amazing.
  12. Mr Frosty

    Wanna buy a subway car? Cheap!

    I have always wanted a calaboose as a man cave. The cost of getting one shipped to the UK would probably be completely prohibitive though.
  13. Mr Frosty

    Cruise ship construction time lapse

    Yes company head office. Although, I probably should have said that the office provides a pre programmed course and route for the ship on a computer memory stick. The vessel is then tracked from the operations centre who monitor its voyage. .
  14. Mr Frosty

    Cruise ship construction time lapse

    A lot of ships can be controlled via a computer programme at head office that details speed, direction, destination and the route. If the captain deviates from this, then the company will want to know why.