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  1. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Got the used Kato 23-125 elevated station set I bought on ebay. The missing parts tally really isn't too bad, just the bridge piers, stickers, and an S-joiner. All deck plates are there along with the two shop buildings and station building which support part of the structure. I may have enough stickers left from my first set to complete this one.
  2. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Amazon UK marketplace can be surprisingly good for Japanese N. Obviously prices vary, but there are deals to be had. Sometimes you find things the more conventional retailers sold out of. I think a lot of the sellers wait for an order then go and trawl their local model shops for the items. Would explain the one I had with a Popondetta price ticket on it! Brand new at a reasonable price so I really didn't mind.
  3. Not post, but after trading some unwanted OO stock I picked these up today: I know the Minitrix Class 27 looks very little like the real thing, but I kind of like it. Runs very sweetly after a little oiling round, has working headlights but they only come on at warp speed. The Duchess is now behaving with the lead bogie staying on the track (even if one wheelset on there and two on the tender aren't turning). This would have been the case when it was new so there's a fair bet I'm sorting out a factory fault! Need to do some servicing on the J39 as it hesitates occasionally and won't run particularly slowly, it looks a little crude but the mechanical side would make a machinist nod approvingly. It's all metal apart from insulated wheels.
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I have that and a ten car 103 Series, both Yamanote versions. Will hopefully manage to get an E235 when they're released later this year. It should become a stock item for at least a while surely!
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Got my full E231 out for a run. Then had to remove five cars so it would fit in the passing loop! Have noticed a couple of little snags on this unit, a spur of plastic on one bogie which turned out to be causing a growl and one trailer bogie which wouldn't swing freely. Fixed both but this isn't what I normally expect from Kato. Anyone else had problems with theirs?
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I think Tomytec did them, not sure if anyone else has. At least some of them had spoked wheels (Kato sell those as spares, not sure if the diameter is right though). Plenty of photos of them if you scroll down here: http://kokuden.net/mc53/sub.htm/sub20.html/sub20.html/sub20.htm The final add on set for my Yamanote E231 and the storage case for my orange 103 Series arrived earlier, will give the former a run tomorrow when I rebuild the dining table layout after Sunday lunch.
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yep, hence saying I'll see what they have. If there are a few models I want that I can swap a pile of models I don't want for then it works for me.
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Coincidentally I've been assembling a large box of barely used OO with a view to trading it for N scale models I will actually use. Going to see what the shop has in stock on Monday, if there's anything I like the look of hopefully a deal can be struck. Will probably be British N as they very seldom have anything Japanese. I know I'd get more on ebay but after the fees and postage and so on it's not so clear cut.
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I have a few photos on my phone to help with that. Mostly of the ends of boxes or the numbers on unboxed stock, to avoid buying duplicates in future.
  10. Anyone Assembled Greenmax EMU kits?

    The only one I've built was an old KuMoNi 83. Think it was from their Economy Line kits as it came as separate parts on sprues rather than a single bodyshell moulding with detailing parts. It went together ok until I discovered that the cabs were too wide, then had to persuade ends and sides apart so I could narrow them to something approaching prototype width. Would I build another? Probably not as it cost about as much as a RTR dummy unit by the time I'd bought bogies, pantograph and paint for it. It spent a year half finished before I summoned the enthusiasm to sort out the gaps in the body joints and bought the closest paint match I could find. I would buy their prepainted kits as the two KuMoYa 90-100s I have from them are very good, with sharp paintwork and markings.
  11. Any photos of KuMoYa 90-100s?

    Thanks for that, will be spending some time on there! My interest comes from having bought a load of Kato and Tomytec units, and also having a small pile of random EMU cars which can make a believable set for a couple of them to shift around. When they're not running as originally intended with express services anyway.
  12. These units were rebuilt from 72 Series like the main KuMoYa 90s, but with KuMoYa 145 style bodywork. I have a couple of GreenMax examples described as JR Tokai type (4460/4461), but have drawn a blank on prototype photos other than the one fourth from bottom on this page: http://kokuden.net/mc53/sub.htm/sub-Jigyo/sub-jigyo-90/sub-jigyo-90.htm I tried an image search but just got photos of the GreenMax models back. Anyone seen some of them doing what they were built for and dragging broken units around?
  13. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Oh wow. Good find! I still need to sort my MicroAce 185 Series out as it runs significantly slower than everything else. I suspect the rubber tubes they used in place of UJs may be slipping. In my case the random EMU cars are from Kato's occasional habit of selling individual vehicles rather than box sets, so buying single cars from the junk pile would suit me fine. And I just picked up a box containing most (possibly all, photos are not too clear) of a Kato elevated station for £30 including post. Planning to use it to double the width of my existing station, will need other parts as well but couldn't pass it up at that price. The main station building and three deck plates are definitely there, so it's worth it for those.
  14. Kato - New Releases

    Funnily enough I was running a dummy Kato KuMoYa 90 and Tomytec KuMoYuNi 147 together earlier. Turns out this was realistic!
  15. Kato - New Releases

    Some inspiration for anyone tempted by the new KuMoYuNi 147: http://web.fc2.com/jump/?url=http://annpage.web.fc2.com/kumoni143_kumoyuni147_113kei_maibara.jpg I don't know what all the text says, but it's a Shonan KuMoNi 143 with an Iida KuMoYuNi 147 and a Shonan 113 Series. Clearly they wandered!