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  1. Had to repair a tomytec pantograph...

    Had much the same problem with some other Tomix pantographs. I eventually traced it to some metal spurs on the lower arms which jam against the moulding which attaches it to the roof. Very careful dismantling and filing away the spurs left me with pantographs which stand up properly.
  2. Did a bit more research on the Union Mills locos. It seems that they're now using a better motor and that the Mashima 1015 will fit older models as an upgrade. Couldn't get that but I have ordered an equivalent from a UK Ebay seller for £7.50, the reviews were promising and it's intended as a straight replacement for the discontinued Mashima unit. Also found that one worm drive on my J39 is just spinning around the motor shaft, which would explain the poor haulage and lumpy running! I'll leave it alone until I have the new motor, as if that fits the mounting cradle I'll swap both worms over to it. They're brass, so I'm expecting to need a heat gun to remove the other one and fit it to the new shaft without risking bending something. I have a hot air paint stripper and long nosed pliers to hold the parts with, it'll be fine.
  3. Mine is much the same, it won't trundle around at a scale 25mph with a 1950s goods train. As I've cleaned and lubricated everything I can I suspect the motor to be the problem. Meanwhile the Minitrix 9f I acquired recently jumps into life then settles down to a reasonably scale trundle. Need more coal wagons for it as I only have four at the moment!
  4. Ooh, I need one of those! Have a book with a photo from 1948 showing one hauling a goods train out of the yard here. How does yours run? My sole Union Mills loco isn't as good as the reviews, it's very lumpy at scale speeds.
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    See if you can get hold of the "Powerflex" superglue. It has rubber in the mixture so it's not as brittle after it hardens. Does seem to work, I have very few problems with it as long as the joint was good in the first place.
  6. Trains in anime/manga

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but I stumbled across a Doraemon episode where the gang turn their house into a train and end up fighting some sort of train thief (with a huge collection of real trains). Don't remember the title though and haven't found it again since. Edit, I think it might be this one http://doraemon.wikia.com/wiki/Nobita_Express_and_the_Mystery_of_the_Train_Hunter
  7. Japanese Mascots are Too Damn Big!!!

    Given how small Kei cars are this must pose something of a problem!
  8. Do plenty of research and ignore the professional cornflake piddlers in YouTube comments (the ones who always know a better product but are strangely reticent about actually naming it). The Karma works for me, it might not work for others. It does look expensive but at the time it was competitive with the likes of DJI if you compared like for like. I don't think the DJI came with a case and they seem to rely on a phone for the screen rather than having an integrated one. Plus I can use the camera handheld with stabilisation or stuck to pretty much anything with the mounts they offer.
  9. Japanese Mascots are Too Damn Big!!!

    To be fair, when you're dressed as a giant green sphere nobody is likely to recognise you!
  10. The area I filmed in (the Elan Valley Estate) was bought by the city of Birmingham in the late 19th century and flooded to supply drinking water. They bought the land up to the highest point all around the planned reservoirs in order to protect the water supply. There was an extensive standard gauge branch line which left the old Mid Wales Railway just south of Rhayader to bring materials and workers to the construction sites. I've walked a fair bit of the old trackbed and would have loved to see it running. Little tank engines wrestling with heavy stone trains on steep hills would have been spectacular. Fast forward to the present day and it's pretty similar to a national park. There are a few tenant farmers but no other permanent inhabitants, pretty much the entire area is open for walking with marked cycle trails and a road through the valley. It's also a dark skies park thanks to the lack of major development and the ensuing light pollution. It gets horribly crowded at weekends, but go up mid week or on a sunny summer evening and you can find your own corner of the valley to enjoy.
  11. I can only speak for the Karma as I've never flown any other serious ones (had a cheap toy one before minus camera which was good for learning) but it's very easy. If you let go of the sticks it will just hover. Obviously it will wander a bit in wind until the GPS catches up but it won't fall out of the sky. Unlike a conventional RC aircraft it trims and balances itself, so you just have to concentrate on avoiding the scenery and getting the camera pointing the right way. I went for the Karma as it's neatly integrated - the gimbal just plugs into the front, a Hero 5 or 6 camera plugs into that, the controller has the FPV screen built into the lid so you don't have to mess around with phone apps, and it comes with a semi-rigid backpack case to hold drone, controller, spare battery, charger and spare rotors. You can also unclip the gimbal from the drone and use it hand held with the grip they include in the box. You can spread the cost by buying in stages too - I bought the camera first, then the stabiliser, then the flight kit with the drone and controller. About the only weakness is that you have to turn the whole drone to pan the camera. It's smooth though and this does mean you won't accidentally get bits of drone in the corners of footage.
  12. Finally got the right weather to take my Gopro Karma drone out: I'm still learning to fly smoothly, it's easy enough to stay clear of obstacles but keeping a steady speed while moving is a bit harder.
  13. Foil Spheres??

    Also utterly baffled how anyone can think they look like food. What's next, idiots trying to drink shower gel because it smells like something edible?
  14. A lucky find in a tiny model shop in west Wales. There was a box of assorted old N marked "Locos £5, Coaches £4, Wagons £3". Yes, this loco cost me £5! It runs. Bit growly, needed a good clean and could do with new brushes. It's an old brass geared Farish loco. Couplings are not original but will be replaced eventually, I have one spare of the right vintage. Also picked up an open wagon, a van and a 4w GWR brake coach from the same production era, the coach now has Peco couplings in an effort to keep it attached. Also went a bit mad with Minitrix on ebay. There's a tidy, unboxed, running Ivatt 2-6-0 in need of a service and a tidy boxed black 9f on the way to me.
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Snagged a lone KuMoHa from a Kato Panorama Express Alps set which popped up on ebay. Somewhat hopeful more of the set will appear, judging by the seller's other listings they bought a random job lot.