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  1. M-497 "Black Beetle" - Jet powered train

    I recall reading that the windscreens were actually F7 numberboard glazing, which might help with the design if you want to build one. There seems to have been a determination to find an excuse to strap a jet engine to a railway vehicle from the dawn of the jet age. Here they tried jets as a snowblower in 1947. The engines removed the snow...and the ballast which essentially became large shotgun pellets!
  2. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The Kato SaRo 110 1200 turned up today. Not in a Tomix box but it is the right coach for the box I already had! At the moment it's lurking in my 111 Series as I don't have any of the matching 113 Series. I may have found a source for the Kato add-on pack for the 111-0, hopefully it will still be there in a fortnight when I can afford to buy it. Interestingly the diagrams in the SaRo box show pretty much the same set formed with 113 Series stock. Also ordered another Tomytec chassis to replace the one under a 119 Series that the motor died in. I managed to get it running again but the flywheel wouldn't go back on square, so it vibrated horribly. Unfortunately they don't sell the motors individually.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    There were KuMoHa 115-1000s but also plain MoHa/MoHa pairs. Kato made both years ago, still looking out for odd cars from that series to complete mine. My only Tomix Shonan car is a SaRo 110. It sits noticeably lower than Kato stock so looks weird if you run them together. Since won another auction for what I suspect is a Kato SaRo 110 in a Tomix box (as opposed to the Tomix one in a Kato box I won from the same seller last week!)
  4. It may be that the motor brushes are dirty. I've never had slipping UJ cups but I have had motor brushes jamming with carbon gunk. If it has the same design as the later motors you can pop the end caps off, remove the brushes and springs, clean everything and reassemble. I find a bit of paper towel rolled into a point and soaked in lighter fluid is perfect for cleaning the inside of the brush tubes and the commutator. I have what is probably the same motor in a 153 Series. It's a little bit louder than a new one but runs smoothly with a twelve car train.
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    If you look at the page for the individual volumes of the Railway Collection you get little photos in two columns of five, I sized it to fit just that part of the printout in the label wallet. Have also left space for the KuMoYa and KuMoRu/KuRu in the very unlikely event of finding them for sale! The detachable chunk of foam which spaces a pair of 4w wagons would probably rest against the flatbed of the latter two and stop them from sliding upwards.
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    These came from Modeltrainplus, but Hobbysearch have a bigger range if MTP don't have a style you want. You can also buy the foam liners and the cases separately - handy if you have a boxed set with a damaged inner tray or want to fit the basic and add on sets into the same box. They're more flexible than Kato in the foam design - the slots can accommodate pairs of four wheeled wagons or stock between 16m and 21m depending on the design and how much foam you remove. The removable end pieces are held in by perforations so if you're keeping some in situ (as I am with 20m stock in slots which can handle up to 21m) they won't wobble or fall out. I would have preferred the landscape orientation foam for both cases but the Shonan one only came with this layout (and given it will hold Shonan express stock I couldn't resist). Other trick I found, if you print the Tomytec website page for the collection you have on A4 paper scaled to 65% or so it can then be cut to fit the label wallet on these cases. You end up with a load of little photos of the contents.
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    My Casco storage cases arrived. Pretty much identical to Kato but different colours and foam arrangement. Tomytec Vol.20 lives in this one: The second one is a limited edition with Shonan colour striping: This one has my extra 153 Series cars and a handful of others which are hiding from the dust in here: The KuMoNi is a GreenMax kit. The green isn't bad but it turns out Tamiya orange is too lurid for Shonan orange. Also lurking are a couple of old Kato 165 Series cars and a SaHa 87-300.
  8. Where to get/how to choose bookshelf cases

    Kato, Tomix and Casco all make foam lined cases. The problem is that they're all designed around standard Japanese car lengths so you may need to do some measuring and trimming. Can't comment on Casco yet (have a couple of their empty cases on order) but Kato and Tomix make good ones.
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    My second SaHaShi 165 arrived and joined the fleet (the six car core set is in another case): The extra SaHaShi will probably spend a lot of time in my 153 Series set for now, but I've seen diagrams on Wikipedia for 153s and 165s with a SaHaShi-SaRo-SaRo-SaHaShi formation in the middle. The 165 Series diagram had three KuMoHa-MoHa-KuHa sets with the extra trailers coupled between two of them, interesting as that's more like one and a sixth trailers per power car instead of the usual 1:1 ratio.
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Did actually say to my friend that if he ever got the urge to import a car I'm claiming the boot space in transit. Pretty safe location to ship a load of N scale!
  11. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Weirdly I had a conversation about containers with a friend who's also into Japanese cars. Apparently you can buy a 40ft container and have it shipped (loaded with two Skylines and whatever rare parts you could fit in the remaining space), then sell the container on when you've emptied it. I'd love a couple of the storage boxes styled like JR Freight containers, but the price plus postage is ridiculous.
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    My Kato MoHa 152 arrived, and has just starred in a few photos demonstrating how to fit the tightlock couplers:
  13. Upgrading Kato couplers

    As promised, some photos of the upgrade couplers for Kato stock fitted with standard Rapidos. First the types - you can also buy all three in grey to match the bogies on your stock: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbeLZLVHjDf/ Now to fit a set of tightlocks to a MoHa 152! Remove the coupler parts from the sprue and unclip the bogie. Remove the Rapido and spring by turning it through 90 degrees and pulling up. Press the two parts of the new coupler together and insert into the coupler pocket as shown. Note the bevelled edge on the coupler shank, this needs to face upwards at this point: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbeL-NSHJvu/ Twist through 90 degrees to clip coupler into pocket, and refit bogie to coach: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbeMWshHvUJ/ The same basic technique applies to all three types. Here are a couple of KiHas with the knuckle couplers fitted, the two types are compatible. I generally use the ones with hoses within sets and the ones without on cab ends, locos or freight stock: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbeMnzMnkV8/
  14. The following occured a few years ago in Wales: Someone decided to drive onto the crossing when the exit wasn't clear just as the lights began flashing. The inevitable happened, the barriers lowered and they started panicking...much to the amusement of the train crew who at that time were required to stop before the crossing and trigger the lights/barriers with a control box at the lineside, so were watching from their stationary train!
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Well, this is weird. The coach I bought on ebay arrived. It's not, in fact, a KuHa 111 as in the description. It's a SaRo 110 as in the photo! It's also Tomix in a Kato box (for the correct type). Not unhappy as I can still use it somewhere, it's Shonan and can either run with my 111 Series or with the KuMoYas. The seller has another identical listing at the moment with the same photo which mentions the item not being in the original box, so I may have a bid on the gamble that it's the other half of the mixed up box and contents.