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  1. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I've been playing with my G scale again lately, but just ordered the base pack of Kato RhB EW1 coaches and (hopefully) a dummy MoHa 114 so I can use the other coaches I already have in a realistic train. It'll be shifted by a KuMoNi or a newer 115 Series. I say hopefully as the seller had just joined Amazon Marketplace, and while I'll certainly get my money back should they fail to deliver I'd rather have the coach. I paid slightly less than half what the rest on there are going for.
  2. Traction Tyres - friend or foe ?

    I haven't run the units fitted with it for a while, but both clocked up a few hours shortly after fitting with no visible wear to the rubber. The 153 Series is now an 11 car set so grip seems to be ok. Most important thing is that you cut the sleeving squarely and parallel to make a band of equal width around the whole circumference, and that it fits into the groove without overhanging the outer edge. Check that the tyre is as thick as the original or the outer rim of the wheel may catch on the rails in pointwork, I'm not sure whether this stuff has a standard thickness. You don't need to shrink it as there's enough stretch in the rubber for it to grip the wheel firmly.
  3. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017

    I like the look of the new Kato level crossing, something a bit cheaper than their fully automatic one which doesn't look tacky.
  4. A Strange Sayonara

    Yep, I notice how many cab cars are listed as preserved compared to how few intermediate cars. There doesn't seem to be any thought of trying to save one of each type so that a running set could be reassembled at some point in the future.
  5. A Strange Sayonara

    What surprises me is how fragmented preservation is in Japan. For example, looking at lists of preserved stock you could assemble a seven car 165/169 Series set and there's a lone Kumoni 83 at what I assume to be a test centre, so you could get close to one of the Alps sets as modelled by Kato recently. However, they're scattered all over Japan rather than kept as complete sets. There are also oddities like a 117 Series in three car form, which isn't a true representation of the type and certainly could never run again as it's missing a Moha 117. Compare UK where groups attempt to assemble complete units to run.
  6. A bit too much snow...

    You'd think so, but there's been at least one case of a loco suffering serious electrical damage because some wally took a pressure washer to the bogies. The traction motors did not respond well...
  7. A bit too much snow...

    https://youtu.be/-ugIoMD495E How it used to be done here (we just don't get that much snow now)! We did have a weird problem years ago with the wrong sort of snow. Naturally third rate comedians got plenty of material from this, but there was a genuine technical problem. Usually we get wet snow, and trains are designed accordingly. One winter we got a good quantity of dry powdery snow, which was attracted to live electrical circuits, much like powder coating metal.. Once inside it would melt and cause short circuits.
  8. Kato - New Releases

    I notice Modeltrainplus is advertising the new Kato RhB stock for pre-order. Prices seem a lot more sensible than those quoted by Noch! Might buy one of the coach packs depending on how the pound to yen rate looks when they're released. I've seen photos of the Glacier Express with a handful of conventional coaches behind the observation cars.
  9. Dapol Pannier question

    Yep, if you get a good one it's great, if you get a rough one, not so much. Reminds me, I must get around to fixing the Ivatt 2-6-2 tank I bought as a non runner. Fixed two axles of shifted cranks only for the third to shift too. The crankpins are loose too as they evidently weren't designed to be removed and refitted.
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Tomytecs should be very simple, having dismantled one before now. Just pop the weights and the motor cover/retainer off and lift the motor out, then you should have no trouble isolating it from the pickups. I wouldn't advise cutting the pickup strips as that might make them loose, but bending or trimming the motor terminals would do the trick.
  11. Sahashi 153s?

    Thanks, that link is a lot more informative than the english-language Wiki version! Looks as if I have the formation further down which (if I'm interpreting Google Translate correctly) was used to cover for late introduction of some Shinkansen services. Also confirms my suspicion that some 153 Series stock was converted into other EMU types, although I'm not sure if any were a case of a bogie swap and a new interior (even though the bodies look identical between Saro 153/163/165 and Sahashi 153/165). Most of the rebuilds seem to have been more a case of "turn it into a Kuha".
  12. Just wondering if anyone has diagrams for 153 Series units with Sahashis? I have the old Kato 153 pack with the Saro and Sahashi, also two extra dummy Moha pairs and a Saro 163. Anyone know where the Saros and Sahashi would be placed in the formation, as diagrams posted by both Kato and Tomix don't show the restaurant cars? My guess is something like the 165 Series with the Saros and Sahashi coupled together in the middle of the train, but all the diagrams show only pairs of trailers between pairs of Mohas. For a roughly forty year old chassis the motor runs superbly, and the more recent cars are an excellent colour match for the old pack too.
  13. Aircon pods for a 103 Series?

    Yep, I've now found Greenmax offer the roof pods. I think I have some leftover aerials from Tomytecs and the headlight should be easy to scratchbuild, as these units don't have working lights. I'll probably do it in stages, could always go back later and fit directional lighting (and I think someone does a brass etch to represent the tsurikawa?)
  14. Aircon pods for a 103 Series?

    Anyone know a part number for suitable roof pods for a 103 Series? I fancy turning my yellow Kato Kokuden into one of the Tsurumi Line units, which had an aircon pod on each car amongst original circular vents. Did look on the Kato site but they don't seem to sell them as a separate part. If anyone does a transfer/decal pack that would be a bonus. Hopefully I'm not missing some major difference which makes the Kokuden unsuitable for this upgrade, I find they run well and don't look bad after the paint and coupler upgrades I posted a while ago.
  15. Thanks for that, the first one explains the comment in the Kato instructions about the formation changing later on (both Kuhas facing the same way rather than back to back).