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  1. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    681/683 series galore!
  2. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Already some interesting movements this morning. The JR West Inspection train came through heading East. And then the EF81 from the Twilight Express/Salon Car Naniwa went west again on the Osaka-bound track. (It's right up on the platform)
  3. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    I need to check my timetable, but it's probably come down the west coast of Lake Biwako from Toyama or somewhere north. There were reports of heavy snow in Fukui. Meanwhile it was the only train with snow on it for the day. And today... we have the Salon Car Naniwa EF81? Or is that the other ED that often pulls it? Running into Osaka. With snow on it! And then an EF210 with a nice covering of snow also :)
  4. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Snow on the containers and flats! But not in the area.
  5. The first DF200 is been sighted in the Yokkaichi (Nagoya/Mie) area. DF200-216. Seen on the FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovejrFreight/?fref=nf
  6. Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    Mt Hiei! Must see... and if you want, you can make it all the way over the mountain: https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/getting-from-kyoto-to-otsu-the-long-way
  7. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    DE10 hauling DF200 to Kawasaki?
  8. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Another maintenance vehicle today... currently googlin' the car type/number. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/国鉄143系電車 143 Series? KUMOYA I believe.
  9. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Kumoya 442/443!
  10. Index of JR rail cams

    Found a new one of Toyooka Station Yard... Note: I've hesitated posting this, as you can control the camera fully. It's public... and often the camera is shifted... but just play nicely with everyone else watching! Snowing nicely today and the JR West Inspection train is up there.
  11. This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  12. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    More rail trains today. This time a DE10! And then an EF210 in the other direction... And then a 2-car 105 Series from Wakayama? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/105_series And then the usual visitor... And out again very soon after...
  13. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    It sure is a 510... I've updated my post. As for diesels not allowed through Osaka... the DD51s on any of the far tracks have no real other option than to go through the station. The track layout from the camera to Osaka station doesn't have any crossovers to get them to the 'express' tracks past the old Umeda yard. But yes, the diesels on the tracks closest to the camera are definitely off on their way further west.
  14. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Kiya 141 Inspection Train https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/JR西日本キヤ141系気動車
  15. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    An EF210 with a headmark? Hopefully someone on Facebook comes up with a photo. Another light DD51.