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  1. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    201 transfer today.
  2. It just passed the Shin Osaka Camera
  3. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    The author of the Youtube stream seems to be dealing with faulty components. Pretty funny 'diary' of issues in the description of the feed. Meanwhile, it's back today after about a week of being down... it was a sad week... let me tell you that! The new feed has a great angle and great colour. Here's a cute little DD51 from this morning. And it looks like an EH500 needed some servicing in Kawasaki? (Or maybe a transfer through to Moji where it's brothers and sisters are.)
  4. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Lots of light engines today!
  5. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Some interesting things bright and early this morning. Lots of track inspection on the new line to the east. This is the line that'll run through to the 'Osaka East Loop Line'. I wonder if it's being commissioned? Both an employee with a torch and a small track-vehicle/hi-rail were traversing the lines. And then, not that you can really see it, a freight train passed east (you can see it's headlights in the bottom-right) and as it did so, the little track worker had his torch waving left-to-right to indicate track clear. Then he did another inspection run and shone it straight into the camera... do they know we're watching!? :)
  6. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Not often you get an orange 201 series through Shin Osaka!
  7. stevenh

    Where the hankyus sleep

    Oh awesome! Another yard to go and check out next time :) Yeah, they are very classy. The colour schemes, straight lines and cleanliness... let alone the green velour interior are just perfect!
  8. stevenh

    Where the hankyus sleep

    Just to confirm.. this is the Kishibe facility? https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/osaka-japan-november-2016
  9. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    681/683 series galore!
  10. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Already some interesting movements this morning. The JR West Inspection train came through heading East. And then the EF81 from the Twilight Express/Salon Car Naniwa went west again on the Osaka-bound track. (It's right up on the platform)
  11. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    I need to check my timetable, but it's probably come down the west coast of Lake Biwako from Toyama or somewhere north. There were reports of heavy snow in Fukui. Meanwhile it was the only train with snow on it for the day. And today... we have the Salon Car Naniwa EF81? Or is that the other ED that often pulls it? Running into Osaka. With snow on it! And then an EF210 with a nice covering of snow also :)
  12. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Snow on the containers and flats! But not in the area.
  13. The first DF200 is been sighted in the Yokkaichi (Nagoya/Mie) area. DF200-216. Seen on the FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovejrFreight/?fref=nf
  14. stevenh

    Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    Mt Hiei! Must see... and if you want, you can make it all the way over the mountain: https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/getting-from-kyoto-to-otsu-the-long-way
  15. stevenh

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    DE10 hauling DF200 to Kawasaki?