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  1. Awww... was very happy to watch -26 bring in the Minoakasaka consist back in 2010. https://modelrail.otenko.com/photo-album?itemid=7483
  2. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    The camera is no more... it was great while it lasted. Whilst checking out the new higashi-loop construction, I tried to re-create the location of the camera. Google maps is nothing short of ridiculous.
  3. For those interested, check out google maps. The north-most bridge required for the track to get to the WYE near Suita has been half-built and looks amazing in the 3D view. https://www.google.com.au/maps/@34.746934,135.5136941,247a,35y,39.47t/data=!3m1!1e3
  4. Eizan Elipse

    I really do hope that the glass panels make it better... well ... ok ... I'm really worried. But I'll surely be up there to check it out once running!
  5. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    A DD51 took a KIHA120 in the other direction today...
  6. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    EF64? taking a passenger car away? Probably from the Shin Osaka Yards? Not easy to get onto that road though... unless they ran all the way around through Osaka station. Update: Thanks to the JR West Facebook Group, I've been informed this was a trial run of the OHA12 Passenger car between Miyahara (this is the name of the yards that run along the southern edge of the shinkansen platforms at ShinOsaka) to Umekoji.
  7. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    TOMIX Track-cleaning EMU! I mean... Kumoya 442/443!
  8. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Double DD51s into Shin Osaka this morning... I'd really love to know where these end up. Would be awesome to get photos of these in Osaka Station itself!
  9. Don't worry Densha, you'll just have to visit Kansai and check out the Thunderbirds or Shirasagis. Meanwhile, I was really hoping to see this run last July, but was 6mths too early.
  10. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    The end-of-year School Excursion train was roaming around today. Firstly it came eastbound on the freight lines... Then it ran westbound into ShinOsaka on the Ltd.Express lines... Then it returned eastbound on the Ltd.Express lines.
  11. Live Video - Shizuoka City

    There is so much happening in that video... The car that gets stuck in the middle, does a 100-point to come back, stuck again, gets help, does 100-points to continue 'up'. The workers are the best... it actually looks like they're repairing metres of track directly after a wave attacks it! Meanwhile, for more information on the camera location: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/12796-mt-fuji-live-cam-now-with-added-timetables https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/mt-fuji-live-view
  12. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Two random sightings from this morning... M250 Super Rail Cargo running an hour late. 500 Series Shinkansen arriving into Shin Osaka from Kyoto!? (Or Senrioka Yards) And now the Hikari Railstar? And some workers who bowed to the EF210 light-engine as it bolted past.
  13. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    Not much action this morning on the rails at all thanks to Typhoon Lan. http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/kinki All services suspended or cancelled. Around 1120am though we've now seen a light DD51 and a very short railset train.
  14. JR Railway Status for the Kinki Area is here: http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/kinki Pretty much everything suspended or at reduced capacity.
  15. Shin-Osaka Webcam

    The following site has estimations as to when the train might run: http://www.tabi-o-ji.com/go/topics/20171001_doctor-yellow-october-2017/ I've just updated my timetable here: https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/shin-osaka-webcam-timetable But here's the basic options for the Nozomi (のぞみ) appearing on the webcam. I'd recommend you tune in 2-3minutes beforehand. のぞみ 166 - 1354 のぞみ 337 - 1420 のぞみ 386 - 1623 のぞみ 179 - 1613