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  1. What Code is Unitrack?

    Quote from http://www.katousa.com/faq/code.html:
  2. Shinaknsen 500 - KATO vs TOMIX ?!?!?!?

    compare Shinaknsen 500 - KATO vs TOMIX: http://www.speedsphere.jp/RailRoad/Shinkansen/Tec500SeriesModelReview02.aspx ... http://www.speedsphere.jp/RailRoad/Shinkansen/Tec500SeriesModelReview10.aspx
  3. Wolfgang Lemke GmbH acts as the exclusive importer KATO for most European countries. Webpage - http://www.lemkecollection.de/shop/index.php?page=categorie&cat=195
  4. I use NCE Power CAB and NCE USB-interface. The situation with KATO EM13 and Decoder PRO: Reading of CV registers is a problem if you use the Direct Byte method of programming, which is selected by default. If it is changed to Paged Mode method of programming, you do not have any problems with reading CV. In this mode, all read and write well... The situation with KATO FL12 and Decoder PRO: By default, nothing is read from the decoder in any mode programming. But if you connect to the output load of 100 mA - the reading of CV takes place without any problems in Paged Mode method of programming. The load - I using a light bulb 12V 1,2W. Decoder PRO automatically determines KATO FL12 as Digitrax TF4 - http://www.digitrax.com/prd_statdec_tf4.php They have the same identifiers. Default value in KATO FL12: CV8 (Manufacturer ID) = 129 - is Digitrax CV7 (Version ID) = 254 - as TF4
  5. Kato FL12 - not support any lighting effects. CV49 - not used. Decoder Pro - will not help in this. Kato FL12 support only: 1. 2 digit addressing or 4 digit addressing (CV01, 2-digit) addressing for addresses from 1 to 127, and extended (CV17 & 18, 4-digit) 2. Normal Direction of Travel (NDOT) Can be used, but instead, the decoder can be reverse in the car. You can choose - whatever you like... CV29 as: 6 = Forward direction, 2 digit address 7 = Reverse direction, 2 digit address 38 = Forward direction, 4 digit address 39 = Reverse direction, 4 digit address 3. Transponding CV61 as: 0 = Transponding OFF 2 = Transponding ON 4. Function controlling output CV64 as: 0 = control F0 1 = control F3 2 = control F5 3 = control F9 5. Decoder Lock CV15 & CV16, more details - http://www.digitrax.com/v1/LOCK.htm CV54, decoder lock feature, as: 96 = decoder lock disabled (default value in KATO FL12) 32 = decoder lock enabled
  6. Kato - New Releases

  7. I have a Kato set number 12. The four 22.5 degree curve - is the transition from flat to super elevated. And the four 22.5 degree curve has a super elevated at both ends.
  8. As part of KATO Double Track Variation Set 12 are: Concrete Tie Double Track Viaduct Superelevated Curve R414/381mm-22.5º (WR414/381-22.5VPC) - 4pcs Concrete Tie Double Track Viaduct Superelevated Easement Curve Left R414/381mm-22.5º (WR414/381VPCAL) -2pcs Concrete Tie Double Track Viaduct Superelevated Easement Curve Right R414/381mm-22.5º (WR414/381VPCAR) - 2pcs Therefore, viaduct angles available : 45º, 67.5º, 90º, 112.5º, etc...