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  1. Picked up a nice class 47 for a good price from the Severn Valley Railway, my first N BR locomotive
  2. Wonderbolt

    Japanese ho akihabara layout

    That's amazing, really like how so much intrestis squeezed into one place
  3. Are you going to paint the Leopards?
  4. Wonderbolt

    Scalescenes buildings.

    Am going to get a few of their downloads for the UK part of my layout, don't think I'll have room to add the original building I posted to the Japanese part.
  5. Wonderbolt

    Berlin & Munich GT6N trams

    Gaugemaster the UK importer or KATO and (and of Faller products coincidentally) has the some sort of set up, ( they sell to other UK stockests to but at overinflated prices) meaning Kato items are far more expensive in the UK compared to Japan.
  6. Wonderbolt

    Berlin & Munich GT6N trams

    They are making them 1:150 rather than 1:160 which seems a bit daft as they will be out of Scale for German modellers.
  7. Was that the TTS sound one? Yeah Railroad is overpriced tat.
  8. Wonderbolt

    Scalescenes buildings.

    Thanks Jeff, that would be really useful.
  9. Wonderbolt

    Scalescenes buildings.

    So I found Scalescenes online today, basically they are company who produce pdf's of card kits that you buy and download then print and add card to build card kits much like the Metcalfe and Superquick pre printed card kits. They just do British stuff but the office block looks like it could be converted to a convincing Japanese city building especially when two or more are combined. Anyone think that would work or not (UK n is 1:148 so not to far out from Japanese N) There the link to the http://scalescenes.com/product/t007-office-block/
  10. Wonderbolt

    Still Trying!

    Do I spy a Scammel mechanical horse?
  11. Wonderbolt

    A slice of Akihabara with a serving of London.

    New track setup, got some points to give more play value.
  12. Wonderbolt

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I finally decided it would be worth it to add points and sidings to the layout.
  13. Wonderbolt

    Tomix - New Releases

    I thought they only really used non rapidos on multiple units which would self contained anyway? US stuff seems to only exception were you can get Buckeyes or rapedos on stock but they mostly have moved to buckeyes now.
  14. Wonderbolt

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Thanks guys xD.
  15. Wonderbolt

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Picked these up today for the princely sum of £2 the trucks are Bandai and the bus Tomytec. The bus is perfect for my Tokyo layout plans. Not sure if the trucks liveries are fictional or real though.