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  1. Greetings (or Konnichiwa) from Michigan!

    That's a pretty neat layout! Just remember that the single track bridge curves might not fit every train (I've heard, I do not own it myself. This is sometimes mentioned also on the train packages) and that not every train takes kindly to the default gradient of the KATO bridges. I elongated my slopes by twice the standard length, making the gradient around 2%. If you want to mix and match european with japanese manufacturers, they may not go up the standard KATO slopes, or worse, overheat them/damage them in the process. See also the topic linked below. Also, they put the switches directly after the superelevated curve. This might also cause derailments in some trains, especially at high speeds.
  2. Greetings (or Konnichiwa) from Michigan!

    TNOS is not even released yet, but will be in a few weeks. It is an analogue block system with sensors, see here with Google Translate. http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/necst/5701tnos/ As for DC or DCC, I personally do not like DCC because of the tough investment in decoders (because I now have a quite sizable collection), DCC system, cables etc. and I like to be 'behind the wheel'. Also I am not trusting myself soldering decoders in my (sometimes rare) trains. Note though that there are also systems which can combine DC and DCC operations on one track, but those are also quite expensive. If KATO would produce a TNOS like system however, I would immediately buy it, once I verified that it works with European trains/other manufacturers. It will be interesting to see whether the TOMIX version can work with it, but that's for the early adopters to find out.
  3. Probably not because he also uploads train cruise and other shows. There is also a time difference about when he uploads, i think that sometimes he is faster than Lee-San posting it here. I also think there is another user on dailymotion sometimes uploading them. It’s something you can’t avoid.
  4. Greetings (or Konnichiwa) from Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum! Instead of DC or DCC, you could also consider the TNOS system by TOMIX, assuming you only have KATO unitram track and assuming you won't run shinkansens on unitram track ;-). Though I have no clue whether this works seamlessly with non-tomix / non-japanese manufacturers.
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    As the old JNS proverb goes: "One can never have enough Koki!"
  6. Hi from UK, Cornwall.

    Hi Geoff, Welcome to the forum! Regarding model trains shops around Kyoto, there is already a very useful link in this forum post. Though, I am not aware of any OO japanese trains, most of it is N scale and a bit of Z/HO scale. Regarding real life trains, there are several interesting points around Kyoto, such as the Sagano sightseeing train, or the Kyoto Railway museum. Cheers! Yavianice
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Really nice! I am on the fence of purchasing this one or the (too long for me) 16 car one, just to get the double decker cars...
  8. Finished booking: I will stay in Tokyo, Nagano (snow monkies, and hopefully, some joyful trains like Oykot and/or Genbi), Takayama (Shirakawa-go, that we did not manage to go to last time), and Kobe (visiting a variety of things in that area, also some train shops, and maybe, the EVA if it is running at that time). Unfortunately I did not have time/enough convincing skills to take my SO on the sunrise express... o well, maybe next time
  9. Some items go (Ugly Duckling, SBB IC2000), some items join the list (Orient Express, Railjet, H5, E885). The super rare CD Railjet is once again up for sale, and this time, with a Hobbytrain CD Railjet locomotive!
  10. So, you will build the layout under the glass?
  11. Depending on what it is, I can perhaps help out (shipping, payment options etc.).
  12. Japan travel tip V2

    You are off to see a lot of (nice) places! Enjoy!
  13. Tomix - New Releases

    There are many niche couplers out there. But here is a list of European coupler systems. http://www.1zu160.net/nspur/kupplungen.php though there are many more custom couplers out there. For my european models, I use a coupler which is not even listed on this page. At least the 'arnold' couplers is somewhat of a standard if you purchase loose wagons or locomotives. Not like HO gauge where each brand has a different coupler by default, so you always end up purchasing other couplers.
  14. Tomix - New Releases

    She's a beauty! I can't wait for it to arrive!
  15. How to open KATO E3 cabin car?

    Well, I suppose you have to take out the side with the gangway first, and then pull on the other side to slide it out. But, it is very tough to do and the model is not easily replaceable. I'm just trying to make sure there is no button or something you have to switch in order to take it off, like you would on the TOMIX version, which is much easier to dismantle. EDIT: I did manage to dismantle it. Apparently by moving the chassis down, and moving the body to the front with an uncomfortable amount of force, you can disassemble it.