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  1. Yavianice

    What's in Your Roster?

    My wife said that if I’m gone she will play with it.
  2. Arnold announcements for Autumn 2018. Including ICE 3 and 3M 8 part with Dutch logo, DB logo (old color) and Velaro in Spanish Renfe colors https://www.n-spoorstore.nl/images/Catalogi/Arnold_Herfst_2018Arnold.pdf
  3. Hello Kitty shinkansen running debut (obviously not my video)
  4. Yavianice

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yes I got it for cheaper (used) than buying the separate sets new from Hobbysearch. It also has interior lighting built in to sweeten the deal. I've only seen the Twilight Express as a 10 part consist in youtube vids, the same as the Tomix individual set (92459/60/61) and the Sayonara set though? What is it missing? I just noticed that too. Strange. And don't you mean fourth loco, as the DD51 always ran in a pair when pulling night trains in Hokkaido?
  5. Yavianice

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I ordered the Tomix Twilight Express "Sayonara" pack 98947 a few days ago. Just have to wait until it comes in the mail.
  6. Another cancellation: Fleischmann 737212 & 737292 SBB Ae6/6 Städtelok (red color) is cancelled. Instead, Fleischmann will produce the Ae610 in red/blue SBB Cargo livery.
  7. Ah yes. Forgot that the wall fell after 1988. I should have known better 😄
  8. I really like the ribbons. But I’m not sufficiently colorblind to like so much pink.
  9. Here is a custom hello kitty wrapping on an N scale 500 series
  10. This post belongs in the Japanese thread, does it not? Unless you put an BR110 in front of it and lose the japanese cars, because that's the prototypical german locomotive that ran the train between Aachen and the polish border.
  11. Just received a mail from Rapidotrains, they have a few left over and are now doing the “can I have one too plz” list. So if anyone still wants one, there is hope, just mail them.
  12. Yavianice

    Console City: The Floor at Waisneed's

    Why don't you make the inclines less steep? It seems you use the ordinary V12 slopes, which are way to steep in my opinion, as I discuss in this thread.
  13. I am aware the 400 shinkansen existed in 2 liveries, namely the gray / green livery with "400" on the side (the original livery) and the newer Tsubasa livery with green band and new logo, similar to the "old" livery of the E3 series. However, TOMIX also sells a third livery, identical to the "newer" Tsubasa livery but the green replaced with Blue. Did this livery actually exist? It isn't mentioned on the japanese entry for the 400 shinkansen on Hobbysearch or on the japanese Wikipedia entry for the 400 series. Furthermore, I read that one 400 shinkansen car is preserved. Anyone know if & where it is exhibited? Here is the third livery in question: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10015528 and a bit more high resolution picture here: https://www.amazon.co.jp/Nゲージ車両-400系-山形新幹線-つばさ・新塗装-92733/dp/B0004DMI4Y
  14. Yavianice

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I got the Micro Ace A6661 Kintetsu 23000 Ise Shima Liner the other day to keep my Tomix 92500 Kintetsu 50000 Shimakaze (which I got last christmas) some company. Looks great with interior lighting. Here is a quick video. Note that the light looks a lot brighter than it actually is. Probably because the rest of the room is kept a bit darker. Still playing around with the video and i'm hardly a professional.
  15. Even if you wanted to, you couldn't get one unless you get it aftermarket for even more inflated prices. I tried to get it but failed. It looks so beautiful though