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  1. Looking for the 10-877/10-878 Tokyo Metro Chiyoda 16000 series, in case anyone wants to sell. Either 10-877 and 10-878 as a set, or only 10-878. Not only 10-877 (yes, I do realize that this is the base set). Thanks for looking, Cheers!
  2. Very long stretch, as usual, might as well try my luck here, I am looking for the A0495 or A0496 Dr. Yellow 922 series T formation (7 car set). http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10075999 or http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10076001 So if anyone wants to sell theirs or knows where to get one, feel free to let me know. Cheers!
  3. unitrak viaduct power feeders

    As far as I know the viaduct power feeders only fit on straight sections because reasons, and even then, only on the 248 mm. I believe the reason for having holes everywhere is for people to make their own feeders (e.g. DCC people).
  4. SOLD 19 April: - ÖBB City Airport Train Double Decker, Jägerndorfer 60302 full 3 part set + Hobbytrain H2766 Taurus locomotive, which is appropriate for this set like in real life. Don't settle for the incorrect cash crab Minitrix version: these are the accurate cars, locomotive, and colorscheme. (not sold separately). This item is Brand New and Unused, and VERY RARE as a full set because the Hobbytrain Locomotive is sold out everywhere! - KATO 3085-2 EF63 (JR version). Condition: New and unused/unplayed.
  5. Kato - New Releases

    Thank you Mr. Takayama for sharing these posters. What is a noise canceler which is mentioned for the Bluetooth controller? EDIT: Apparently a noise canceler is necessary to run european trains on layouts with soundbox
  6. Kato - New Releases

    It won’t be anything like what I will do when they release SL Ginga
  7. Do share pictures when you get them. I get the impression from rapidotrains that they want to make a second run sooner rather than later. But translate that to realistic times and I guess you may be right.
  8. My new track coming to life

    I love your control panel!
  9. FOUND! Kiha-220 *thread closed*

    Can you then change the title to "Found" instead of "wanted"?
  10. Only just found out about the UK Pendolino from Rapido Trains. Currently they are delivering, and no longer taking orders. However I got in touch with them and Rapido trains said they have a lot of requests for additional orders (hundreds of requests), so they will make a second run. Good news for fans like me that didn't get the first batch.
  11. Turbo trains coming from rapido

    Rapido Trains themselves still accepts orders on their Worldwide/US page (not their Canada page) https://rapidotrains.com/n-turbo-us/
  12. Kato - New Releases

    I own the SX. The wallplug is a separate purchase. It is different from the S wallplug and the manual says the two are not interchangeable. The separate wall plug is universal.
  13. SOLD 8 APRIL: - Fleischmann DB Interregio cars (8671 1st Class, 8672 2nd Class, 8673 2nd Class). Only sold as set, not separately. Condition: Used, but in undamaged and excellent condition. No abnormal damages, scratches, etc.). Come in Jewel cases, which are not in the picture. Jewel cases have storage marks/sticker residue etc..) ITEM SOLD! - TOMIX N700-8000 Kumamon Kurochan 98925 (full 8 set). Condition: Excellent condition, works without issue, decals are attached, ITEM SOLD! AVAILABLE AGAIN: - A2993/A2994 Shikoku Micro Ace 5+3 set
  14. Kato - New Releases

    The KATO power pack SX (22-018) comes with a universal AC adapter for N Gauge, 100V-240V. It has a different power adapter for HO gauge, I do not know whether that one is universal also. Unlike the older KATO power pack S (22-014, 22-012) the AC adapter is a separate purchase.
  15. Kato - New Releases

    Yes, it’s a re-release.