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  1. Help ordering from the UK - SOLVED

    But they advertise themselves as a major Kato dealer and also advertise Tomix etc as well! But no way am I going back to them!
  2. Help ordering from the UK - SOLVED

    Thanks Paul for this comment. In my case I've lost some money because items shown on the website weren't available but it was only after I'd paid for it that the non availability was made known I've raised it with them. I personally use traintrax who have a fair selection of stock and are now taking pre-ordered at prices way below Gaugemaster e g Kato U S City of LA £200( £184 if ordered before a date in May)Gaugemaster £250!! Need I say more I get the impression Osborn's reputation is patchy to say the least.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I've been looking at one on eBay at a very reasonable price but I've spent my allocation for the time being it seems! Decided your only here once so have placed buy on it!
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I spotted a Kato 10-158 165 Panorama Express Alps last week at a very reasonable price,so it was bought and arrived a couple of days later I've ventured into E bay and I'm waiting for a10-547 N700 which was on offer from a local vendor which surprised me to say the least.Also a Kato 10-249 Goodbye Express Train Asaka which appears to have been released in 2005 on withdrawal of the train.(9 coach series 24 blue train sleeper complete with EF66 locomotive!) Again very reasonable price I must slow down or lock the Tablet away!
  5. NHK World running a show called Train Cruise

    Got up this morning,made breakfast and then watched newly posted YouTube of Train Cruise.Pacific Coast of Shikoku.Really enjoyed it!
  6. NHK World running a show called Train Cruise

    I found it on YouTube under Exotic Japans listing
  7. Requesting Information on an ED61

    My reading of the translation is that it was used in the Kofu area on steep grades but we're gradually ousted by the EF64-1000.18 were built and they were all later rebuilt as ED 62. My understanding of the electric systems is that the Tokyo area and the central and middle parts of Honshu are DC which extends as far north as Kurosio and west to Shimenoseki. AC was used in Northern Honshu and in Hokkaido and Kyushu which were later electrifications (1960 or so later)I believe the changeover point on the Sea of Japan line was about Toyama.
  8. Help ordering from the UK - SOLVED

    Osborne models website is notoriously unreliable based on personal experiences.Nowadays I just don't go near them
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I picked up a Tomix Furano Express pack secondhand a couple of years ago.Its noisy and the lights don't work at one end but I paid a very low price for it!
  10. new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    I've been using the playlist feature on YouTube and have all episodes so far on it.Title is Alex's Japan Railway Journal.All episodes are on Inuyasha Knights site and can be accessed by typing Japan Railway Journal.
  11. new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    The episode I'm referring to is the latest one! This website has a whole lot of NHK programmes on it so you've got to know where to look for it. The entire Japan Railway Journal series is on Inuyasha Knights site up to number 47 as I pointed out some time ago. See Kiha66s post.
  12. new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    A relatively new web Japan Tokyo is posting programmes as NHK video on demand.JRJ no 48 on the Enoden Line shown yesterday is already posted on YouTube this morning! I have added it to Alex's Japan Railway Journal at this time on YouTube.
  13. NEX brake hoses

    Thank you for explaining the fittings of the hoses.I put off replacing mine for long enough but I've lost one and I also lost a pantograph ! So that'll be one of the next things.
  14. new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    I have just seen Inuyasha Knights posting of programme 45 on the Oigawa Railway on YouTube this morning.In addition another site has programmes 46 (Kanazawa) and 47(Oita) already uploaded along with a whole load of other NHK programmes
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I started off with an idea for 4 trains and some track ---that was 5 years ago.Beginning of last year it had reached 12.Current number is 26! In mitigation I had cataracts up till September 2016 and last year's lot included several of the big ones. This year I hope to spend a lot less- famous last words! Anyway I'm running out of space - to store them!