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  1. Thank you so much Chadbag for your detailed picture. It's on now, the current dummy board will be too big... I will create a DH05C component as I did for the DH10C and prepare a new design with the DH05C surface mounted. Indeed, what scares me too is the small space between the drive shaft and the decoder. I unfortunately don't have time today, I would work on this project tomorrow
  2. Here's the first try. Preview on OshPark (3D rendering on KiCad does not display tracks correctly) Position of DH05 with original EM13. To have enough FR4 to ensure rigidity, it is necessary to offset as indicated by Inobu. Rather than lengthen the PCB, I preferred to cut it entirely at the location of the DH05C. Concerning the thickness, I don't have an EM13 but the other Digitrax decoders in my possession are all 0.6 mm thick. A standard 1.6 mm circuit seems to me much too thick compared to the proportions of the EM13 that I can see in photo on the net. I remain ready to make any necessary modifications and/or transmit the source files (KiCad) EM13-Dummy.zip
  3. According to the last dissusion (DH05C, connection with wire or copper tape), I prepare a gerber file tonight that I will submit to you in this thread.
  4. Great job ! IMO PD05A is it is less suitable for this type of exercise due to its double-sided components assembly and therefore greater thickness, the connections to the dummy board are then less easy as well PD05A is on left and DH05C on right on the two pictures
  5. There are many references, for example avaible by DigiKey : SMDLTLFP in syringe or SMDSWLTLFP32 in wire. At work we use EcorelFree LT140-18. I totally agree !
  6. I will first weld the other components (syringe solder paste deposit and steam phase oven welding) and then apply low temperature solder paste to weld the DH05C without risk of damage; I work in an EMS, it makes things easier for assembly ; -) I keep you informed about the progress of my project
  7. Intresting topic. Chadbag, I don't have EM13 decoder, but if you provide me exact dimensions, maximum footprint and requested NEM651 socket position I can easyly design a PCB. In the same vein, I wait from OSH Park two PCB recently designed, first is a remplacement light board for the Kato 2022 (used on C11 and C12) for more easly convert my loc's, second is a new 0508 TOMIX board prototype to convert my fleet of KiHa40s. The PCB integrates stay alive components and the internal light control by DCC. It is intended to be used with a DH05C decoder "surface mounted", I should receive it and test it in a few days or a few weeks depending on the reception of the parcel. If you're interested, I'll give you the news..
  8. Edos2300

    Laser cutter

    This week I went to the Fablab near my home to try a new thing: make my own cardboard kit... The fablab is equipped with a Speedy300 Laser Cutter and after a few tests on the cardboard, I have I was able to try cutting a first building. Some details are too small and many joints are not good (calculation error, I did not take enough into account the loss of material from the laser and the thickness of the material). I am still very happy for a first test.
  9. Edos2300

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Two deliveries in two day, I received yesterday (one month after shipping...) my three set of HoKi 800 and a big delivery today with Takkyubin KoKi 106, beautiful South Hokkaido Railway KiHa40 and a full set of KiHa 261 HET. A lot of amusement in perspective this weekend :-)
  10. Edos2300

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I have just received this Okhotsk set from Junior to complete my Hokkaido trains collection
  11. Edos2300

    Running on a Shinkansen Line?

    This is the Seikan Tunnel Line between Honshu and Hokkaido isles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seikan_Tunnel The train is Train Suite Shiki-Shima (E001 series) the new luxury train.
  12. Edos2300

    Railway bookshop in the Tokyo area ?

    Thank you so much for your replies, Ok, so I would go to Shosen Grande and I will also try to go to the Junkudo Bookshop. I'll give you a small review when I get back.
  13. I would be in Japan the next two weeks and I am looking for some magazines and books that I can not order from Europe (and I would also like browsing through first !). Is there a bookshop specialized in railway and models in the Tokyo area? An old post from 2012 talks about Shosen Grande bookstore in Kanda Jinbocho. it is still relevant ?
  14. Edos2300

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum as a reader from the end of last year and I thought it is time for me to introduce myself and participate. I'm a railwayman grandson, I have been a train enthusiast during my childhood and adolescence (here in Switzerland we have some :)), I had even completed my initial training as an electronics technician in order to become a locomotive driver. As the years passed, I moved away from the railway world. Also passionate about modern Japanese culture (and manga) I discovered, in real, Japan last year on a trip with my girlfriend. The various journeys by train during these three weeks revived my passion for the railways and reduced models and especially Japanese trains, unbelievable in all points of view. After visiting Kyoto Railway Museum, I was unable to resist and I bought some locos,a few cars and enough rails to make it roll. On the eve of a new trip to Japan, I have some projects that I hope to talk to you soon. I apologize for my basic English.