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  1. I know! In did not dare to do Ljubljana to Budapest last year so we drove to Szekesfehervar and took a train from there Deli. What I meant is Railjet to Vienna, then go from Vienna to Zurich in another Railjet, then say Zurich to Geneva and from there to Paris in the tgv. You could come back through Germany. One should stick to high speed and IC trains to make it work. I would say that the main difference would be in the punctually of local services which may be lacking in Europe.
  2. You could definitely do that in Germany or Switzerland or Austria or even Hungary or Poland if you stick to main lines. You could even travel like that from say, Budapest to Paris.
  3. Dirty Old Girls.

    This is happening with the magnetic couplers I got from Kato USA. The magnet in the track attracts the metallic wheels thus producing accordion slack. The long story is in the "Fitting Kato magnetic couplers" thread. MT couplers may work better but they are a bit of a pain both to fit and to find the correct ones. I have found evidence of frustration with them among American modellers and advice about how to generate enough slack by using springs. Some people like kvp advocate for keeping the Rapidos and use uncoupling ramps, or add magnets to raise the coupler when passing through an uncoupling magnet.
  4. Dirty Old Girls.

    Uncoupling happens when running a train over the uncoupler, without stopping.
  5. Dirty Old Girls.

    Do you plan to use magnetic uncoupling? I am getting hit and miss results with that.
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    They don't fit in my station, but those are really cool trains!
  7. High speed rail in Australia

    Sydney to Melbourne is one of the most traveled air routes in the world. There is probably enough demand to cover operational and maintenance costs as it happens in similar busy corridors both in Japan and in Europe. The bid deal is the huge upfront cost of building the infrastructure. Even if a decent return on the investment is expected the risk of putting it all together may just be too high. So yes, anything will need help from the federal and state governments... PPPs are messy and don't always work as intended but there is some scope to make things happen, methinks.
  8. High speed rail in Australia

    Rail links to airports in Europe have most of the time been afterthoughts, or they have gone through endless deliberation and changes, ie rail access to Barcelona El Prat T1. Australia is not unique in that. Given population increase and high income high speed rail will just become economically viable to a private firm to build not so long in the future. It will happen then.
  9. High speed rail in Australia

    Never say never. Both Sydney and Melbourne are nearing 5M and growing faster than pretty much any city in the West. They also have decent and improving public transport which would help to get people to the HST stations.
  10. KATO Unitrack Soundbox

    You are quite right, but I guess DE10s are very popular among Japan modellers. I read something about diesel loco sound cards being in development when they came up with the first one for a DMU.
  11. KATO Unitrack Soundbox

    I revive this thread just to say how much I would like a DE10 and getaden sound cards. I would buy a sound box straight away. It may well be that someone from Kato reads this forum.
  12. Fitting Kato Magnetic Couplings

    I finally got the Kato Unitrack uncoupler 20-032 to properly test automatic uncoupling. Well, ok, the magnet has just the right strength to uncouple most of the time. Unintended uncoupling is too common, though. When your trains just goes over the magnet uncoupling is not supposed to happen as far as there is no slack in your train. The problem is the magnet will attract the magnetic wheels and create an accordion effect producing slack and thus unwanted uncoupling. That's probably why plastic wheels are still popular among American modelers. If you want automatic uncoupling just for changing locomotives you can make it work quite well with the simple unitrack uncoupler. Going further than that would require a permanent magnet under the track that can be moved out of the way or an electromagnet. 923500 look and work better than 11-702 so not unhappy overall.
  13. Tomytec Building Collection

    I have just found out the Tomytec building collection station and platforms. I did a bit of youtube research to find that which led me to that (!) and finally that (!!)
  14. Well, of course, inverse throttle is necessary to run a double track loop. Silly me. Edit: I found the relevant video. It is the Suzukawa Ayako video linked by railsquid in page 2 of this thread. Two trains are running in opposite directions in the same loop. Good stuff!