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  1. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    In my short experience noise has always been caused by loose motor mounts. Oiling has never helped so far.
  2. Hi from Michigan!

    I would test and re-test your Japanese rolling stock on code 55 track: straight, curves and especially turnouts.
  3. No rush. I will wait for the gallery software to be updated to give it a good clean up. Thanks Jeff, Pablo
  4. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    They are from the Tomytec Human Collection Vol 102 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10362798. I had to cut the figures from the belly down.
  5. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    A bit more work done in the 103. I wrapped the LED as recommended in the instructions so the light is now more evenly spread. Also added destination boards. The train has now a driver... ...and a conductor.
  6. Silly question: how do I delete photos from my gallery?
  7. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    I finally got to test the canary yellow 103 I bought in Japan. This is my very first Tomix train and it is a high grade one. I replaced the wonky photographer by a better looking one I also got in Japan so I feel better now. Also, I installed the Tomix 0733 interior lights. After watching a Shigemon video now I know what to do with the white sticker. Lights will look better soon. The trains runs very well, detail is excellent and it is relatively easy to open when compared to Kato. A not so good picture:
  8. Ebay: This guy is out off control ??

    Ouch, ouch... I got used to 10% in Australia. You don't have to pay GST for imported items worth less than $1000. I remember when VAT was introduced in Spain it was 12%. Then they raked it up to 16%... it must be in the 20s now. VAT is paying for deficits in the EU in a rather regressive way. Sorry for the off topic.
  9. Ebay: This guy is out off control ??

    24% VAT, ouch!
  10. What did you do on your layout today?

    I worked on my road today. I think the width of the road is just ok. I need to integrate the shrine in the layout, stairs, walls...
  11. What did you do on your layout today?

    I have decided to build a small residential area near the station. I got a few houses for that. Ideally I'd like to replicate the messy Japanese urban environment combining houses, shops, little factories, shrines... all in a torum revolutum. That's an idea for the urban plan. There will be a road in the North. Some footpaths and maybe a playground and/or carpark in the back of the houses I also got the Tomix battery powered lights for the houses. That's going to be quite some work.
  12. What did you do on your layout today?

    The lavender looks absolutely gorgeous. I think the module would look even better if the ballast looked dirty. Some clutter and stuff in the green between the lavender fields and the track would also help.
  13. Kawasaki Freight Station

    I am sort of modelling this area. That's fabulous, thanks a lot.
  14. What is a fortune spent in infrastructure varies a lot from place to place. In particular, the differences are stark between the US and the rest of the developed world. When I was a post-doc in Boston an American colleague was very impressed by the existence of pedestrian overpasses to cross motorways in Germany. They must cost a fortune, he said. I thought, well without an overpass you can cross to the other side, that's clearly unacceptable. Then, trying to walk around in Boston I noticed that most of the time you cannot simply cross to the other side.
  15. That's very interesting. Most trains in the Hankyu Senri line continue south into the Sakaisuji line. Actually, most of the rolling stock I have seen in the line is Hankyu but there are also some Osaka subway trains. I am taking the Midosuji line to commute to the university every morning. The last few stations do not belong formally to the Osaka subway but to the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway which is a company controlled by Hankyu. A couple of trains in the line belong to Kitakyu and the rest to the subway. The Kitakyu trains are much nicer.