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  1. Title says it all really.... I purchased a HO DE10 in Sapporo a few weeks back. However, it had no packaging which I didn't think was too much of an issue until I realised I had one of the Kato HO cases, and have ended up buying a pair of Koki, and would like the DE10 to fit in that case. Hit me up if you have one you are willing to let go of. Thanks, Jason.
  2. Holy old thread batman... Yep its one of those... Do you still have this model Mark? I recently went on one of these Kiha40's for the first time in Sapporo, and love them. I ended up with a Tomix 3 car set, and an additional powered car that I got new from tomix world.... However, I could see myself with a HO model...
  3. Hi All! First time post to the HO section! Yet another Forum member to end up with HO gear after a long string of 'N scale only' thoughts... This arrived in the post this week. The same Koki 104's that are fairly common. I was in Japan last month and found a little shop with some second hand goods and ended up purchasing this..... However, It didn't come with a box though, so I am on the hunt for packaging for a Kato DE10, to fit into this gap! If you have one you are willing to sell, I'm happy to buy! I am also looking for the ID plates to match, as most of them have fallen off are in poor condition. I purchased this kato HO case over a year ago and had been using it for a tool case, at least thats what I was telling myself..
  4. jasona2z

    Kiha 40 in Sapporo

    Well, Today is the day!
  5. jasona2z

    Kiha 40 in Sapporo

    Sorry for not replying sooner, Despite the early start, I did catch the Okhotsk, which was very cool. It was indeed a 183, the inside was quite different to what I was expecting. From Asahikawa I actually caught a Kiha40 along the lines back to Sapporo, swapped to another @ Takikawa, then caught a local train back from Iwamizawa which was great. I love the feel and pace of the KiHa40, everything slows down a bit, and there is time to take in everything going on. I have ave caught a few more from Hakodate the last few days, as well as getting some photos of the yards and a Yellow and a white model that are labeled as ‘South Hokkaido Railway’.... Pictures to come in a few weeks.
  6. Hey All! I’m currently in Sapporo and would love to take a day trip tomorrow on something a bit older, like the picture below ( Kiha40? or something like that). Any suggestions? I will also be in Hakodate Monday/Tuesday and could do similar from there. Thanks in advance, Jason.
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    Interesting threads

    It was actually pinned at the top of the page.
  8. jasona2z

    Interesting threads

    Apparently none of those exist anymore...
  9. jasona2z

    Shin-Osaka Webcam

    And then it goes back the way it came at 14:28. What locomotive is pulling the Koki? Is it a EF200?
  10. Hi All, Where would I find a timetable for this train? Thanks,
  11. jasona2z

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I had this lot on back order @ HobbySearch. Going to try out some lighting from Cosmic on one of my modules. The box car is quite small, I like it lots, but don't plan on making it move on a track.
  12. jasona2z

    T-Trak - 'Engine House' Module

    Hey all, Just finalised my order in an email with Peter, and asked what has happened to his website. He tells me that he had an issue with the web host. He is still making modules and is happy to receive orders via email, so feel free to email him @ - trainthings(at)yahoo.com I have been really happy with his work, and fast postage with items arriving well before they should. Hope this helps,
  13. jasona2z

    T-Trak - 'Engine House' Module

    Hey Allastair, Yeah it is, Peter from Modular Train Tables.
  14. jasona2z

    T-Trak - 'Engine House' Module

    This is going to be my first attempt at a single module - Up until now I have only worked with doubles. Obviously part of the concept of T-Trak is to work with small modules rather than whole layouts that take up quite a lot of space. I’m not actually sure that I want to have single modules, so before I buy some from the guy who makes them for me, I decided to cut out some cardboard and put down two single tracks for the straight through, and tried to work out the best solution for the engine shed. You can see that the cardboard isn't super accurate, and makes it hard to line up with with other modules, but its just a mockup. I spent some time trying to work out the track arrangement, but came to the conclusion that the 2 engine shed tracks will line up with my rural module on the extra 2 tracks, which you can see the progress on in this thread: I'm planning on using the the kato ash pit track, which lines up with the base of the shed really well - it also has flat edges that should be easier to glue together. This is also the first time that I have used bumpers on a module, as this will be the end of the line for tracks 3&4. I assembled the engine shed after a long day at work, and don't believe that I took any photos of the shed as I put it back together.... However, I ordered from Banzai hobby, and they sent me 2, so there will be more photos to come of that shed and its components... Thats it for now...
  15. jasona2z

    T-Trak - 'Rural Platform' Module

    Also, if any admin are reading this, Can it be moved to the T-trak sub forum? Thanks.