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  1. Suica

    Tomytec Adtranz GT6N trams

    The doors in Tomytec's drawing are the same type as used on the Berlin and Munich trams, and thus their windows are too large. Your picture clearly shows that the windows actually do not reach all the way down.
  2. Suica

    Tomytec Adtranz GT6N trams

    The doors on the Nuremberg version are wrong. I hope they change that until the actual release.
  3. Suica

    New Berlin S-Bahn - I like it!

    Little modifications are still needed though. The contact shoes and train stop trip cocks are different.
  4. Suica

    New Berlin S-Bahn - I like it!

    Personally, I think that these and the ex BVG BR 480 are the best ones running right now. The biggest advantage of the BR 480 are that it has four instead of just three doors. Unfortunately they'll continue the three door mistake with the BR 484. I also think it's time to finally change to longitudal bench seats (at least for the ring lines).
  5. Store list is here: http://denshadego.net/AC/location.html Also, I'm pretty sure they've all been updated to v2.0 (Sobu) now. Sobu doesn't have its dedicated arcade cabinet.
  6. Suica

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Haven't gotten that much recently. There's a MicroAce UBE Taki 1100 calcium carbonate train Should go well with the JRF DD51 I purchased a while ago. And a Japanese friend sent me some Hobbyland Pochi finds. Tomix 485-3000 add-on set, so I can extend my Hakucho to 8 cars and a Tomix KuHaNe 581. Now I can finally run my Kitaguni in my desired formation. My friend also threw in a (not so little?) gift which is super great. ( ˇωˇ )
  7. Suica

    New Berlin S-Bahn - I like it!

    I love the look. Quite a daringly modern design which isn't seen that often among German rolling stock. I feel like Stadler took some design elements from their Berlin U-Bahn class IK, namely the black glass front, LED light strips and black-framed doors with large window surfaces. The thing I'm most interested in though is the ride comfort, as the BR 481 with its jerky acceleration and braking is simply horrible.
  8. https://www.ebay.de/itm/10-N-Decals-DB-AG-Logo-2-7-mm-breit-Weiss-und-Rot-Zeichen-Keks-160-7525/163129450201?hash=item25fb45ded9:g:4QsAAOSwZW5aSLAO https://www.ebay.de/itm/Fleischmann-N-12x-DB-AG-Logo-1x-9553-NEU-OVP/392069827788?epid=19012048647&hash=item5b492ecccc:g:hvsAAOSw~AVYnQfx
  9. Suica

    MicroAce - New Releases

    Not sure. I can't get over how terribly blocked the driver's cab is. Might be okay for a ten year old model but a 2018 one?
  10. Suica

    Kato - New Releases

    Probably because they're not allowed to sell them outside of Japan, as Noch is the international distributor for those Swiss sets.
  11. Nohabs are pretty much immortal locos. Last summer I saw one in western Germany, pulling freight trains along the river rhine.
  12. Suica

    MicroAce - New Releases

    What's new about that ugly 50000 series? Also I was always amazed that this crazy looking thing doesn't seem that desirable among Japanese modelers, as you can regularly find them used for 11,000 to 14,000 yen, which I think, isn't that bad.
  13. German ICE, French TGV Atlantique (the speed record set), Italian ETR X500, Swedish X2000 and Spanish Talgo Pendular all in one place during the first EuRailSpeed at Berlin Lichtenberg Station in 1991. The trains had to be pulled by DR BR 106 and 132, due to the different electrical systems and since large parts in and around Berlin were not electrified yet. http://www.gerdboehmer-berlinereisenbahnarchiv.de/Bildergalerien/19910706-eurailspeed/19910706.html http://www.gerdboehmer-berlinereisenbahnarchiv.de/Bildergalerien/19910706-eurailspeed/19910707.html
  14. Send help, after seeing the real thing I think I'm actually going to like this after all.
  15. It was just two friends, me and two ladies. Depending on how far you ride, the premium car ticket costs between 440 and 500 yen on top of the standard fare.