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  1. Looking good 500, I cant wait to see your progress. Module one is already looking quite impressive.
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    Wow, that looks amazing! What are you using to secure your track to the module?
  3. Heh, that's a much clearer drawing, thanks paul.
  4. 3D Printed LED light guides

    What a great idea! I've ordered some 2mm side emitting fiber optic cable, which hopefully will mimic the glow of a CFL. I'll post results when it arrives.
  5. Yeah, I'd even pull it out and test it alone. Maybe attach a section of track to each leg, then try running a train through it with the power supplied from the single end. /--------- Power here ------《---------- see if these work \--------
  6. Sounds to me like the 3 way switch isn't routing power, could you take it out and test it? Or switch it for a two way that you know works and see if that fixes it?
  7. What's in Your Roster?

    Common mistake, but I think the true winner is the one who had the most fun!
  8. Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    While I dont see any currently for sale, often just checking every day or so will have one show up sooner or later. http://buyee.jp/item/search/query/新幹線/category/2084259580?translationType=1&page=1
  9. Gavino200's Layout phase II - Modeling

    What grade did you use for the incline? Maybe using the add on set to halve the grade would help, although I agree the trains run best on level track. I'm excited to see what you come up with, its been fun watching the layout progress!
  10. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    Thanks for sharing the pictures Junior! The black locomotives really do blend in to the shadows.
  11. Interesting, I hadn't heard about this being made. Sorry to hear that the game play isn't as good as you hoped.
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Like Fenway said, passenger trains were usually ran with a single unit, as well as some small freight (although rarely). In the later years they sometimes ran in a pair with an EF81, so you could just run them together.
  13. Kato - New Releases

    We're talking about the train, which one set is marked showa era but the only difference mentioned is the trucks. Those locomotives are two different prototypes, one is the main engine and the other was the backup IIRC.
  14. Kato - New Releases

    I was wondering the same, as I'd prefer a show era versions. I cant find any difference other than the bogies, so I'll probably go ahead and get the new release.
  15. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    I'll be there as well, looking forward to running some trains with fellow JNS members!