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  1. Nice haul tt! I'm experiencing the same indecision with my own layout at the moment. That elevated station looks neat!
  2. Tomix Kiha181 re-release

    Kato is also rereleaseing their kiha 181, is the Tomix version better? I currently am leaning towards the Kato version because of dcc compatibility.
  3. Interesting, I wonder if the passing track was in use untill then? I wonder why the change.
  4. I was wondering about that myself. I know some old lighthouses have that have long staircases something similar with a cart at the top and a winch to raise and lower cargo, saving many trips on the stairs by hand.
  5. Interesting how the station entrance still has positions for human ticket takers to stand, I wonder what its current and historical patronage is per day. Seems the platform was meant to have another track, although if I recall correctly the line in the other direction is above ground. I supposed if you missed the train you could just wait back at the top, kinda weird all the windows on the hallways are boarded up and dark.
  6. Japanese ho akihabara layout

    Amazing work, the crowds really make the scenes come alive! Thanks for sharing!
  7. September 2017

    Thanks for sharing! I like the variety of rolling stock in Hokkaido, although empty platforms and deadline of 485s is a bit sad. Was that the last place they ran? Interesting how the Kiha 48 has an interior door as well, probably to keep out the cold of the Hokkaido winters. Great pictures, I enjoyed seeing the urban decay as well.
  8. The Introduction Thread...

    Hello Denis! Welcome to the forum, always glad to have more modelers here. Please feel free to share photos of the Kiha 40 kit as you build it! -Sam
  9. Soyuz train

    Wow, that price seems very reasonable, I may end up getting one. And the inclusion of a rapido coupler seems to indicate that it is indeed mobile, although adding metal wheels would probably help.
  10. Shinkansen Shop!!

    A lot of these things are already showing up on yahoo auctions, at even higher prices.
  11. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I'll admit to probably having more footage of trains then track, but with the great storage bookcases, at least its a little easier to hide how many you have. I just won a few suha43 coaches from buyee, and a few more baggage cars. Now I'm debating getting a kato C59 for some Kure line commuter and luggage trains.
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    After the end of the blue trains and the demise of the Nagasaki freight yard, I don't think there is much reason for them to venture down there. The whole line is now DMU for the Omura line portion, and EMU for everything else. Sasebo station was redeveloped around 2001, removing the large freight yard and severing the connection to the shipyards and navy base. The yard tracks at Nagasaki station were still there in 2015, but they are now all gone as JR Kyushu is building a new smaller elevated station where the fright yard was, and then redeveloping the whole land where the station once stood.
  13. Tomix - New Releases

    Yeah, outside contained sets like the Kiha 81/82 series from Kato, I've gone and switched over to only tomix for the rest. The new Kiha 40 series models are very nice, and the fact that they all run together is great. Plus they have been releasing some unlikely models, so your not just stuck with only kiha 40s and 58s.
  14. Tomix - New Releases

    Tomix is finally releasing JR Kyushu painted Kiha 40s and 47s. I've been hoping for these for a while. Seems that the current plan is to release them sometime in February.
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Nice find kato! I've been tempted by the red electrics Kyushu, but they were all gone from Nagasaki by the time I went there so I've managed to hold off for now. I really like how detailed the roof is on these ones.