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  1. I was in Kyushu for two months during the rainy season back in 2015, I loved riding the trains around in the rain. Not the most convenient if you have to walk far with bags, but I think Japan looks best in the rain, or in the sun right after a storm.
  2. Kato DCC Decoder List

    Do you mean DN163K4a? I have that one and the ED16, I can test it when I get home later today. If I remember correctly it fits, but I think the light pipes require trimming before the shell will sit fully back on the chassis. For some reason digitrax put the LED too far forward for most locomotives.
  3. Kato DCC Decoder List

    Sadly there is no master list, which models were you looking for?
  4. Enoden prototype

    Wow, great photos! The Enoden definitely looks worth visiting. I love how those night shots came out.
  5. I know I'm a little late, but I found episode 49 on youtube. Not sure how I feel about the new presenter, but hopefully the program will continue for many episodes yet.
  6. Bridge was installed the other day, looks like repairs are moving along swiftly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovejrkyusyu/permalink/2165994240297263/
  7. Welcome to the forum Gilshrat! Tomix models are not decoder ready, but they can be converted with a little effort. While I have not done so myself, from what I understand the model has two springs under the floor connecting the motor to track power. If you remove this you can wire a decoder in relatively easily, although you may have to add a small hole in the floor to route the wires. A forum member mentioned working on drop in board replacement decoders, but I don't believe there has been more progress mentioned recently.
  8. Thanks for the update chad, that was one of the bigger issues with ordering from them so its good to know they are now working on doing better.
  9. Sounds exciting, but the link leads to a 404 error for me?
  10. Almost exactly a year! While it took a while, I'm glad it was repaired and not used as an excuse for abandonment like so many lines. I wonder if the ridership will manage to recover from the lapse in service.
  11. Interesting. I can't see a huge reason to not mold everything in light grey, but the darker color does match the look of wet concrete fairly well.
  12. Layout ideas and attempts

    Nice work KVP! I really like how the the hill makes the scene more interesting. How will the trains crossover to the other line when reversing, or is each line its own point to point?
  13. What did you do on your layout today?

    More airbrush learning, this time painting the track on my module. Went a bit too heavy on the paint, next time I'll try to go a little lighter. Next step is scenery! I included a spare piece of track for comparison to the painted version.
  14. Either one! The diaphragms are standardized, so as long as one car has one it will connect to the other. The connection points are the same whether it's on a cab end or not. I am also used to the half diaphragm on each car as that is the American practice. That style was used on older coaches in Japan like the oha 35 series, where the cars were more likely to be rearranged at the end of each run.
  15. MicroAce - New Releases

    While I wanted an older Hakyu train, almost 25000 for a four car set is outrageous, while almost 20000 for a three car unpowered set is absurd. I can't wait to see the detail on those sets, cause at that prize they must be something amazing.... Hopefully Kato/tomix will do their usual and seemingly spite manufacture a model for half the cost that runs twice as well, while the micro ace version gets delayed into a quiet cancellation. Edit: I noticed hobby search is offering free shipping on this item on their ja language site, the markup must be something crazy for them to offer a 20% discount +free shipping.