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  1. Japanese Music

    "Stargazer" by "End of the World" (Sekai no Owari) This is one of their songs in English and it is a Kove Remix version btw.
  2. So You Want a Model Railroad?

    I found the video below. I think it can be considered as a philosophical video... hahaha... Maybe the video was already posted but I checked (searched) it in the forum, nothing was found so I posted it. Cheers.
  3. What did you do on your layout today?

    It looks great and what also looks great is all the space you got there for your layout! Btw, I didnt mention that the bus turnout (of my previous post) is quite cheap and simple to make. So any person could make one or improve the design or design anything completely different also. Electronic parts are very affordable nowadays (generic Arduino, servos, resistors, LEDs , etc cost less than you think). About the code, I just put together 2 pieces of code I found online. The main idea was to quickly prototype the turnout to see if it could work. Hope it helps!
  4. What did you do on your layout today?

    I was trying to make some turnouts for the Tomytec buses. Here below a video where some tests are shown. Cheers!
  5. What did you do on your layout today?

    I just wanted to see a working signal in my module (to get some encouragement) so I installed one. I also started to work on some sensors for future tests.
  6. Hokkaido Mainline Junction (Onuma Station)

    It looks like it is gonna be a very impressive layout. Cheers!
  7. Yes, I hope it will be fun. I just need to find a place to install it. I think it will eventually have to be in the garage or my partner will kick me out... I know what you mean. I already have another "hobbies" that take some of my time so it could be tricky. This printer will (hopefully) assist to my other hobbies rather than being a hobby itself. For instance, I will need a fence (n scale accessory) for my layout and I was checking some online. Probably I could get any fence then I would have to modify it (cut, glue, etc). Maybe the printer will help to make that fence and other things for my layout and for my other "hobbies". But yes, I saw people making interesting stuff with these machines.
  8. After finding this 20% off 3D printer, I decided to learn a new skill! A friend has been doing kinda cool stuff with his since last year so I think it is going to be interesting. Now the biggest challenge is to find a place for it at home. Cheers!
  9. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    Planning is important, I must remember that. Lately I just have been using my rotary mini drill (to cut things for my layout) without planning much...
  10. What did you do on your layout today?

    Thank you Paul! This helps lots!
  11. What did you do on your layout today?

    Hi Paul, Could you share some pictures of the LEDs installed on the ceiling and maybe a little bit of the wiring? Thanks.
  12. What did you do on your layout today?

    With the arrival of the LEDs, I think I will be completing some tests in my station on the next days. Also, I edited a very short video about my bus turntable Ver 2.0 . Actually it is nothing special, I just made it smaller (or shorter).
  13. What did you do on your layout today?

    Thanks for the encouragement! I will eventually start practising it.
  14. Rokuhan C11 2-6-4T review

    Year after year Rokuhan has been making Z scale more and more appealing.