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  1. Not sure, if mentioned before.. but i have two more tips: - Day trip to Himeji, there is the great white castel (national treasure, also Unesco heritage i think), you can take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka and change there and catch for example the 500 series "Evangelion" or the 700 series "Railstar". You won't find these on the route to Tokyo. Or you go on a through service with the Hikaries or Kodamas. - Kyoto station has a nice roof terrace from which you can overlook the station and tracks around. It also provides a good view over the city up until the mountains. Plus it is free and (i think) always open.
  2. kami_illy

    Miniatur Wunderland

    I was there last weekend... aaaaaaand its amazing. And a huge input of information. You should plan a whole day there (at least 6-7 hours). So you can take longer breaks for resting your eyes and mind. There is such an overwhelming amount of details and small little scenes to discover. I needed that breaks to freshen up and "scale back" my brain. It is totally worth to go. And aside from the modeling skills, there automation is amazing and the depiction of social-cultural life in a condensed (maybe a bit abstract) but still understandable form. Thumbs up. Now we just need to drop the idea of them making a Japan part. Their skills combined with the possibilities of Japan (railways, landscape, cities, Godzilla, strange crazy Japanese things...)...!
  3. kami_illy

    2017 Japan "Retro" Trip

    Thank you guys. I was fun to play around and create these pics. The app is called "ShakeIt". After taking the photo you can shake the phone to speed up the developing process of the image. You have to take care not to throw the phone away while doing so (trust me, it happens... like with the real polaroid photos) I used the free lite version which is around 5 years old by now. Don't know if there is an android version, but i guess there is. True. I thought so too.
  4. kami_illy

    2017 Japan "Retro" Trip

    JR West 700 RailStar in Himeji JR 185 Odoriko in Yugawara and as a bonus two shots from my 2013 trip JR 700 Nozomi in Hiroshima Enoden 500 in Yuigahama, Kamakura
  5. kami_illy

    2017 Japan "Retro" Trip

    JR 221 in Tofukuji and JR 103 in Kyoto JR 103 and Keihan 2400 in Fushimi Inari
  6. kami_illy

    2017 Japan "Retro" Trip

    JR 651 Swallow Akagi in Ueno, Tokyo JR E4, E5 & E6 and JR N700 & 700 in Tokyo Station
  7. While being on my most recent trip to Japan this August I rediscovered an old photo app to take Polaroid-lookalike images... JR 231-500 and JR 235 Yamanote in Uguisudani, Tokyo JR 231 Chuo-Sobu Line in Akihabara, Tokyo JR Uguisudani Station in Tokyo
  8. kami_illy

    Bandai B-Train Shorty

    i found it very helpful to also put some weight on the motor and the trailing part as well! This counteracts the whole unit being jumpy / shaky due to its lightness.
  9. Last time to bump this up!! I'll be putting the trains on the bay in a couple of days, so take your chance and get them here and now, directly from the source ;)
  10. I'm back from Japan. In this thread i put a list of the hobby shops i found in Akihabara. Popondetta is the best for used n-scale and b-trains.
  11. kami_illy

    Tokyo Model Shops

    Forgot to mention that you can also find train stuff in Tokyu Hands (not in all though). The one in Shibuya has some train stuff. The one in Tokyo station doesn't. And I think the one next to Yokohama station also has a hobby section (last time I was there was 9years ago though)...
  12. kami_illy

    Tokyo Model Shops

    So here is the list of the places i have been to: 1 TamTam large selection of new trains, scenery and accessory (busses, etc..) from all common manufacturers, some b-train shorties and a lot of car models 2 F-Models large selection of new trains, scenery and accessory (busses, etc..) from all common manufacturers, some b-train shorties, rental layout. 3 Liberty (i guess?) lot of new trains, some little scenery, accessory, some b-trains, some 2nd hand trains, trams and b-trains (also other 2nd hand collectibles like cars, planes, tanks..) 4 Popondetta large selection of new trains, scenery and accessory, large selection of 2nd hand trains and b-trains, rental layout, foreign trains, books, ... 5 Rail Meister small shop, new trains, mainly the common stuff 6 small shop on 3rd floor, right under the Chou-line tracks small selection of new trains, some 2nd hand, rental layout 7 Yodobashi Camera model train section in department store, "mainstream" trains and some scenery, accessory, b-train 8 Radio Kaikan small train shop (i think in 6th floor, not sure), some new, some 2nd hand trains and some random 2nd hand trains throughout the whole building this list is not conclusive, is just the ones i have been to and know they still exist. also found this list https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1GYLSEVULxVwOGn4a69tbllkGsKo&hl=en&ll=35.6987973210789%2C139.7714407962951&z=18 but it is out of date (AsoBitCity-Laox doesn't exist anymore, changed from hobby shop to department store). You'll have to go around and check. I also found 2nd hand b-trains randomly in collection / robot / fanboy shops. I can't recall a specific one since they all look alike and there are soooo many... Akihabara still fries my brain after being there more than 3hours, haha.
  13. kami_illy

    Tokyo Model Shops

    Akihabara is the place to go in Tokyo. Have been there 1 week ago, i'll try to put a little list together later (lets see if i can recall the focus / manufacturers being sold in each one).
  14. Just edited the first post and updated with prices... for the shorties, i have no idea what i want for them. just offer something.