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  1. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    Man, why does the Pinkansen have to come out the same month as the Seven Stars...
  2. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Be careful taking the cars in and out of the foam, there's a few bits that tend to stick, luckily most the plastic has some give but I did snap a brake wheel off. Luckily I have oodles of those lying around. I found the best way to get them out was to lift the foam up and kind of poke them out of it. Also you get a bunch of extra end of train reflectors that look way better than the all-red Tomix ones.
  3. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    To be honest you'll probably be able to get a much better deal on it too, maybe even find the earlier release second-hand provided it's in good shape. I may order the EF-81, the older Tomix one I have pulling mine just looks kind of sad.
  4. Can't wait to buy this and name it 'The Pink Nightmare'.
  5. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    I already have to Tomix set of the JOT green and gray cars so I think I'm good for those, the E-127 Niigata color (even though I like the 115-1000s better) and ET-127 will probably be purchases for me, I have the MA ET-127 but another pair so I can run a 4 unit car train would be nice.
  6. nah00

    Kato 113 motor car derailing

    Do you have any of the #6 turnouts on your layout? Does it derail on them? Another thing to check would be the bogies themselves, make sure that there isn't anything on top of them preventing free movement. Also check all four wheels for burrs/deformation and make sure that they are in gauge all around.
  7. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    Funny thing, they used the same 500-series that previously had the Evangelion scheme. Why do I have a feeling this is going to end up in my collection.
  8. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Kinda of a bunch all at once, but here's what I got in May: The houses are normal Tomytec quality, the trucks are really nice printed. the Wiking excavator is a miniature marvel, i wish they'd do more construction equipment. The Kashima Rinkai GuP Kiha continues their trend of improving the printing on each, the Pz.IV 'smashing' the car effect is really nicely done. The Soyuz though molded in 7 colors unfortunately has some parts that could have been done in chrome/silver but were not which will make painting/assembly a bit more a of a challenge than I thought. I'll probably do an in-progress of this build as it's not as simple as it seems. June was pretty basic, Sekisui House containers and a Kiha40 from the HS sale and the motor unit for the KR Kiha. Crap picture doesn't do the Sekisui containers justice, they're really well done. And finally a pair of Yokosuka Line 113-1500s and a Yokohama Line 205 series. Given that they're older models the lights are a bit fiddly, you have to throttle the 205 up quite bit to get them suitably bright. On another note my skill at putting on car numbers and destination boards has got better, only managed to mangle one on the 205 (luckily had an extra) and none on the 4-car 113.
  9. nah00

    Tomix Twilight Express and DD51s

    My Twilight Express is the Kato version but I've never had any problems with MU-ing my DD51s on it or on my Hokutosei. They can be a little cranky at first to run together but they sort out after a minute or two. Nice thing about the Tomix DD51 is that you can turn off the headlight on the trailing loco, I just used duct tape on mine to black out the lights. Plan to put decoders in these eventually since Digitrax does make one that supposedly fits without modification.
  10. nah00

    Kato 113 motor car derailing

    This. I couldn't figure out why my Shikisai would derail going into a switch and on some curves. Thought it might something trapped in the bogie, took it apart and one had a tooth missing. Runs fine on 3 wheels.
  11. nah00

    MicroAce - New Releases

    50% pointier nose. I think. May have to brush up on my Japanese. But yeah, that thing is UGLY.
  12. The price is 349,800 yen. Limited to 400 pieces. Wallet = destroyed
  13. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    Ouch, my Kato 253 and add-on car set cost less than the basic six car set, granted it was second hand but never ran. Also nice to see Tomix doing Runtec containers, now only if they'd make some Zentsu ones or the older Yamato Transport ones. Like the Gonoh Line KiHa but I can see that one being on sale not too long from now.
  14. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    Ok so dumb question: Kato DCC friendly mean I just drop a decoder in the DF200 and one in each of the passenger cars for the lighting, right? This is seriously tempting me from my narrow path of JR East/Hokkaido...
  15. nah00

    What did you do on your layout today?

    This is similar to what I do. I color in the number sticker you get with the Kato switch with a sharpie marker color-coded to the yard it controls, green is for my front container yard, yellow is for the second container yard/industrial sidings, red controls the refinery yards. Station passing sidings, the shortcut in front of my station and the air base line are all just unmarked.