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  1. Soyuz train

    It says it comes cast in eight different colors so I don't know how much actual painting would need to be done. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need this put Good Smile Company always put out quality products and this looks way too awesome to pass on. Just wish they'd included a locomotive with it that just happened to be sized to fit a motor unit.
  2. The story of a box

    This is the story of a box. While poking around the back shelves of my local hobby shop I found this tucked away. Never one to ignore a Tomix case be it labelled or unlabeled or dirty or clean, I had to know what was inside. To my surprise it was a very muddy 381 Series. I was able to see the car number printed on the trailing KuHa so I took out the motor car on a whim to see if I could get it to turn over on the test track at the store. Once I got the chassis apart and spun the motor a few times it came to life! $5 later it went in a bag and came home with me. This is what was left after scrubbing (most) of the mud off. I should explain what happened to the train to get it in this condition at this point. A few years back we had the remnants of a hurricane slide up along the interior of the Appalachians and pretty much stall over western Pennsylvania. The shop ended up flooding with 4 feet of water on the first floor and over $90k in stock lost. It would appear this one got lost in the mix somewhere and was set aside for some unknown reason. Disassembled and scrubbed, not using that toothbrush anymore. The motor came apart pretty easily. Cleaned all the mud out and used a wire brush to get as much of the rust off of the motor as I could. Disassembled the worm gear housings and got all the gunk out of them, same with the gearing on the trucks and the chassis itself. Cleaned off the metal chassis itself with a fine cotton swab and rubbing alcohol and polished the copper strips with the same. Put it on my layout and let it run at half speed while I more thoroughly cleaned the other parts, only lubrication I did was two drops of lite oil on the worm gears and two drops on the transmission gears under the trucks. The motor still make a scratching noise from time to time and I can hear wheel slippage, I'm thinking i may have to add a SMALL amount of grease to the worm gears. All back together and for the most part clean. I have feeling I'll be finding mud spots on it forever. Doesn't have the front emblems or the Shinano signs on it yet in this picture. So now on to the parts I can't figure out. I don't want to do it as a JNR train so I'm not worried about those decals but where do the red ones on the right go? Also haven't been able to get the lights to work yet. The one lightboard does work, came on right away when I put it in my Super Yakumo. However the printed circuit board for the other one was cracked. I tried to solder it together the best I could but it still only gives out weak intermittent light when on the clean Yakumo. I don't suppose anyone has a spare old Tomix 0707 light board they're not using? Also I can't figure out why the lights won't work on it, used a multimeter and even though they're still a bit dirty the springs on the trucks are putting out 6 volts at half throttle but I'm getting nothing through the weights in the car. There is corrosion on the plastic between them though, could that be causing a short? As you can see, this isn't the end of this story. I still have a bit of work to do but I'd like to get this train running like new, lights and all. I was thinking for the light board of just taking off the broken end (it's the side with the contacts) and just using wire to solder it right on to the weights/pickups. Good idea or bad idea?
  3. Title says it all, I've been looking for this for a while but haven't been able to find a reasonable price. I'm open to taking Kato 10-1241 but that means I have to swap couplers on my current Odoriko which still has the Arnolds attached.
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I wonder if they sell well if Tomix will release the older style container either as a stand-alone two pack or on a koki. Also one of the links in the video has the model of the Super Rail Cargo made up in Yamato Transport colors along with a bunch of other JRF diesels, seems there is quite the fan club for them.
  5. There's also the most practical consideration of all - cost. Why run wiring and have lightbulbs that will need replaced when you can simply add some more windows to allow natural light or light from an overhead shop in? It doesn't seem like much of an extra cost but multiply it by let's say 50 locomotives and it's noticeable.
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I'm hoping since now they have the license we see more of them released (they could do an entire trailer and truck collection of them honestly). Also the ISO containers from the trailer collection sadly do not snap onto kokis very well, a bit of white glue may keep them on there but I've been spoiled by the Popendetta ones that are pretty secure. Also the flat white color that Tomix used on them seems off for some reason. Also another full box bought without getting the secret truck.
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    September from HS, got ED-62 and the Iida Line freight set plus the extra hokis, Yamato transport kokis, the Odasakae Station Series 205 set, the new trailer collection, the contemporary work site and trailer truck sets, the fire truck set, and a new mug for work. Gotta say though I'm really not impressed with the Odasakae Station train, the paint apps on the on the sides are fine but the on the front from underneath you can tell it didn't sprayed fully silver. Also the pantograph isn't an exact match and getting the TM-14 motor to fit right and the body of the car to sit properly wasn't as easy as normal.
  8. Kato - New Releases

    You have a stronger will than me, I have a 800-series, Kamome, and Sonic 883 after swearing I was only going to focus on JR East... At first I though it was typo but it would appear that is the price. Strange given this is a really nice looking model and this one has a somewhat elaborate paint scheme.
  9. What did you do today on your layout?

    Tony- For double heading do you just take the motor out of the second locomotive? I have a couple ED75s that I found that was the best way to get them to double head.
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    My Genbi and a lighting set arrived for MTP, it looks very atmospheric with the lighting installed, I was worried it wouldn't do much for the train. Also a 257-500 Series from Serrota and the Sonic 883 that's been hanging around my LHS. Finally also a book on railroad signalling, it's mainly based on the US model so I don't know how many parallels there are to Japan (though it seems there is some similarity in dwarf/shunt \ signals). Honestly this was my thought too. Despite being in my area of interest and having a stunning paint job it was just too much. The Genbi while even more lavish has a certain refinement too it, maybe it's the gloss black color.
  11. MicroAce - New Releases

    I hope the Schnabel car at the top of their twitter is a subtle hint of a re-release...
  12. Layout

  13. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Hobbsysearch order came in, first chance I've got to post. First up are the new Popendetta ISO containers which felt a bit more fragile than their previous ones like the brown Nippon Soda one with the to Loginet Japan ones. The orange JOT is really sharp and stands out. Next is a herd of Japan Oil Terminal Takis, can't resist when a whole freight train is released. Finally my Fresh Green 100 Series passing by the new Kato 12 series coaches being temporarily pulled by a DD-51 until their proper locomotive arrives at the end of the month. Also I've got to say that these coaches are really nice, the are definitely have heavier than normal Kato coaches, have blackened wheels, and use a new (I think) type of close coupler that seems to shorten the distance between cars as well as be easier lift apart. Overall a nice haul. Also got the fire truck set from F-Toys, once I get some of them put together I'll put up pictures.
  14. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yeah it seems that they've gotten bubble wrap sleeves made specifically for the bookcase sets, it fits nicely.