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  1. What did you do on your layout today?

    Built my station I got from Nariichi-san the other day, overall I like the effect much better than the single commuter stop that used to be here. Also did clearance checks on the railroad crossing signs with an H5 shinkansen car, moved the signs back a litttle bit so everything should make clearance now. Also, Panzer Vor!
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    I think it looks great, you;re never going to see an even distribution with something like this and I think if you add more it will look overdone.
  3. Gavino200's Layout phase II - Modeling

    I generally follow the rule that 'if I do it there's probably a prototype out there somewhere for it'. My station only has access from one side and I don't think it looks strange.
  4. Kato - New Releases

    I was thinking the same. Out of everything that caught my attention the most. I just wonder how well it will behave with my Tomix DD51 in the same scheme for double-heading. Oh ho is that an auto rack set I spy...?
  5. Cleaning coaches - Soap or solvent?

    I just used a touch of dish soap on the 381 series I got that was covered in mud. Disassembled the entire train and soaked the whole lot in warm water for a bit and the started the cleaning. An old toothbrush can work but be careful since it can scratch paint.
  6. Applying Tomix high grade dry transfers

    The method I use (probably not the best) is after I apply the transfer I immediately brush over it with a Vallejo clear coat and then use a cotton cloth right after to soak up the extra. I've found you only need the tiniest bit on there and the transfer will soak in some the clear coat and it will fill in enough around the edges. You have to wipe it off right after brushing it on though otherwise it'll really stick out as a different colored spot on the model.
  7. What did you do on your layout today?

    The only thing I would change is the sidings on the right hand side closest to the cutout. You may be able squeeze in more length on them if you went with a ladder yard. It may work the same for the other side too but I can't visualize the track geometry in my head.
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Got my early Christmas present, a Hokkaido Shinkansen. Also added a small station and an EF-510 that Nariichi-san had on sale. I kind of like the plain-jane silver scheme.
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yep, it's the Tomix one. I haven't seen the Kato one but I really like this one. The uncoupling bar came pre-installed but I still had to add the grab irons on the cab fronts and some of the roof bits are fiddly. Really good runner, gets up to speed very fast. My only complaint is that the lighter blue number panels are slightly smaller than the recesses for them so you can see a bit of darker blue around them. One REALLY nice thing though is that the collector on top of the pantograph snaps into place in the raised position so sits flat. This is a pet peeve for me with single arm pantographs.
  10. He does make a Peacekeeper too along with a lot of the CUCVs that were used in the 80s, don't know how appropriate they would be in Japan though.
  11. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Got my KD55 and EH200 from Nariichi-san yesterday, both seen crossing paths here with the EH-200 hauling a gasoline train and the KD55 a much smaller trio of LPG tankers.
  12. You're welcome, I find that Osprey puts out very good quality material for military history of all ages and are absolutely reliable. Squadron/Signal also does a similar series of 'Walk Around' and 'In Action' books but they're more for strictly modelling reference, especially the walk around series. Osprey also has a book on MRAPs with the totally original title of 'US Army and Marine Corps MRAPs'. It covers up until about 2014-15 if I remember correctly. Also if you can't find a Casspir there's always the Dingo: https://www.shapeways.com/product/GH78PT2SZ/1-144-atf-dingo2-armored-car-finished?optionId=17761764&li=related-items
  13. E5 Hyabusa motor problem

    When it comes to dirty contacts the higher percentage (91 or 93) rubbing alcohol is your best bet. This stuff claws through gunk with no problem. Just keep it away from traction tires... I've found that for most of my cars I've have to adjust pickups. Tomix lighted kokis are the worst offenders, always have to bend the pickups inside the trucks a bit for consistent light. Unfortunately there is no real way to adjust the long copper pickups without taking the car apart on any model, kind of a pain but it does let you get them much straighter.
  14. As much as I think it's just voodoo-hoodoo...I posted this on January 15th. Lo and behold on the March Tomix flyer look what gets advertised for release. I know we count as a very, very small market for these companies it seems like someone there reads this forum sometimes...
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    If you don't want to spend that much you can wait until February when the Tomix JOT ISO containers come out, hopefully they'll be doing more runs of different companies or at least at koki-200 with them. The Popondetta ones do tend to get expensive fast and you may have to some cutting depending on where you want the container to be on the car. I've seen the asymmetrical loading before (20ft + x2/x3 12 ft, 31ft + 20ft/x2 12 ft) but I was wondering is this used for loaded containers? Empties I can see but fully loaded that's putting a big weight differential over the trucks. Same with clumping x3 12 in the middle versus 1 in the middle and one on each end.