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  1. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    Runtech trucks? Shut up and take my money.
  2. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    At least the new takis can break up some of the monotony of all green or blue. And also make my trains a bit longer.
  3. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Don't forget to get the TT-04R set too, it's the one that replaces the wheels on the trailer car so it actually runs (you get 2 sets of wheels and weights for the inevitable second one). Also there's the PG16 pantographs, the look a lot better but are kind of finicky but are inexpensive and take up the space of a matchbox in shipping. Also just realized I won't be seeing the HS order I just placed today but at least I got this for my air base: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10293592 Hopefully it isn't sold out, I've been looking for the helicopters for a while, dunno what I'll do with the Phantoms though since they're a little dated.
  4. nah00

    Greenmax Containers

    I cut a piece of masking tape and was able to get both doors to catch on it to stay closed.
  5. nah00

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Did you have any trouble with the Super Azusa running on the inner track? Even after modification mine is...finicky.
  6. nah00

    MicroAce - New Releases

    I though when I paid $100 for my ET-127 two-car set last June it was a lot, now that seems like a downright bargain.
  7. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Though to be honest the new Tomix ISO tank containers are really nice, I'd say even better than Popondetta because they have a much more secure base the clips on the koki and on the bottom support struts there's a small cut out so you don't have to trim a set of clips off of the koki if you you wanted to load it with three of them.
  8. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    After a week of debating decided to get the Thank You 115 Series, I'm sucker for the livery and the style of the train itself. Wonder what the case will look like for it, Tomix always makes nice ones for last run trains.
  9. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Just stay away from ISO tank containers...they get expensive fast. Nothing like an $8 koki with close to $40 of containers on it...
  10. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    It's not the kokis that'll get you, it's the containers that'll drag you down the rabbit hole.
  11. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    The sign kit is a bit of a pain, the stickers are kind of weird too, you may want to paint the signpost white or silver and then paint under where your putting the sticker the color of the sign otherwise the color looks off (the sticker isn't opaque enough).
  12. nah00

    Tomix - New Releases

    I think this is the new 'starter set' throttle that tops out at a lower voltage so beginners (or youngsters) don't redline a train and then have the fun of watching it fly off the tracks (fun being relative here). The new Koki is nice, would be nicer if it came with a transfer sheet so you can add a few of them.
  13. nah00

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    It has to do with the way DHL ships packages. They go off of volume (to a degree), not weight like EMS. It makes sense from their standpoint since packages have to fit in a standard size container to get loaded on their lane and that container is definitely going to run out of volume before it gets too heavy. Fedex is similar, standard size boxes get fit into standard size containers. EMS is just kind of 'well jam it in until it's full' plus there's a lot more handling involved by the post offices on both ends whereas with DHL and Fedex it doesn't change hands.
  14. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    Oh I didn't mean the sound box, I meant the Smart Controller. After reading the description for it it's clear now that it is the power pack, I was just thrown by the small size. Really tempted by this since it would make operating a lot easier (and less ducking under) but I want to see video of it working first before I make a decision. Also if I'm reading the HS description right it can throw switch for powered/non-powered sections?
  15. nah00

    Kato - New Releases

    So if I understand it right you don't even need a stand-alone power pack with this? You just plug your feeder right into it?