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  1. Martijn Meerts

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    The good thing is, you really learn what to be careful of with Sankei kits after you built and messed up 1 or 2 of them 😄
  2. Martijn Meerts

    Forum software update

    Btw, I'm also still looking into the whole SSL certificate, so that we can host the forum on https rather than just http. With our current Linux version on the server, it's a bit difficult to get it to work with automatic updates, however, Amazon has a release candidate for a new version of Linux which will make this a lot easier. I'm not sure when they'll do a final release, but once they do I'll start work on migrating to the new version of Amazon Linux. Disclaimer: I'm aware that there are many Linux distros which make this easy, and Amazon doesn't force the use of Amazon Linux, however, Amazon Linux does offer a few niceties when you're running on Amazon's servers, which is really why we're running on Amazon Linux.
  3. Martijn Meerts

    Forum software update

    The forum software has been updated to the latest version, so it should again be possible for people to register 😉 There's also a renewed gallery, more emoticons, some additional performance enhancements, and various other things you probably won't ever notice.
  4. Martijn Meerts

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    I have Sankei's Spirited Away bath house kit.. Hobby Search said in a blog post that it took 2 of their people about 100 hours to build that thing.. I haven't dared starting on it yet :D
  5. Martijn Meerts

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    No clue what that brand is, but this Tamiya version is the same stuff. Probably more expensive, but should be easier to find :) http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87078bond/index.htm
  6. Martijn Meerts

    Reporting bugs and feature requests

    This should be solved once we update the forum software. I'll try to get the update done tonight.
  7. Martijn Meerts

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    Tamiya has some glue specifically for paper kits which is supposed to work really well. I do have a tube of it myself, but haven't used it yet. It's a sort of white glue, but dries a little bit slower, so you have a little more time to move bits and pieces in place. Especially for the larger pieces like walls and such it's nice. Regular white glue works as well, but dries fast unless you thin it a bit with water, but if you think it too much, it'll affect the cardstock. Other than that, the clips that Jeff linked earlier are worth having to keep pieces in place while drying.
  8. Martijn Meerts

    Converting Tomix MU Trains to DCC

    The list needs some reformatting, and is probably not very up to date anymore, but I'll see what I can do. Edit: Installed a plugin for the text editor so that we can use tables now, and reformatted the decoder list table. Some info went lost because I wasn't sure which column it belonged to, but should be relatively easy to find again. The thread is actually already a stick in the DCC forum: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/673-dcc-decoders-for-cab-carsend-cars/ Things like that might actually be a good candidate to turn into an actual page on the forum rather than just a topic though, I'll have to look into that a bit more.
  9. Martijn Meerts

    Converting Tomix MU Trains to DCC

    Yeah, the only issue is that motor decoders are usually more expensive than function only decoders. On the other hand, since you don't have to modify the light boards at all, it saves time and the light board is of course still usable if you decide to remove the decoder. You do have to make sure you get the correct version of the Silver+ Mini though, it's a feature they added to it at some point (well over a year ago), without giving the decoder a new name of version number. Some stores might still have older decoders in stock. It is possible to update the firmware to unlock the feature, but you'll need the Lenz Decoder Programmer hardware for that. Also, just noticed the Lenz Standard+ V2 also has the function decoder toggle. It's a (much) bigger decoder, but probably also a bit cheaper.
  10. Martijn Meerts

    Converting Tomix MU Trains to DCC

    Capt Oblivious made a list some time ago, unfortunately the formatting went bad when we moved to the new forum software, but from his list the following are bipolar: TCS M1 TCS Z2 Lenz LF101XF NGDCC DF12r3 NGDCC DF11r3 Now, I don't know if these are still available, or if they're N-scale or not. But I do know that the latest version of the Lenz Silver+ Mini can be toggled between motor decoder and bipolar function decoder. In function decoder mode, the motor outputs (orange and grey) act as bipolar light outputs instead.
  11. Martijn Meerts

    Train Stations

    New York Grand Central Terminal is worth a visit :)
  12. Martijn Meerts

    Japanese Music

    Dir en Grey, Wagakki Band, Maaya Sakamoto, RADWIMPS, Angela, Yae, various soundtracks by mostly Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi, Yuki Kajiura, Kenji Kawai, bunch of game soundtracks as well (Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, Nioh)... All sorts of stuf really :)
  13. Martijn Meerts

    Converting Tomix MU Trains to DCC

    Motor cars are pretty straightforward, and there's plenty space for decoders in them. Which brand you go for doesn't matter that much, really depends on what features you want. For example, Digitrax obviously has transponding, whereas Lenz and ESU for example use Railcom. Cheap decoders also tend to have very few control over the motor output, which in N-scale could be an issue. I have some trains that require fine tuning the motor control before they run smooth, many decoders don't have that. I've found the ESU LokPilot to have great motor control finetuning. Cab cars is always a bit of a surprise to see what kind of LEDs they used. Tomix usually uses 1 white and 1 red LED, so in those cases the cab cars aren't an issue either. MicroAce on the other hand sometimes uses dual color LEDs, where they have white and red combined in 1 LED. Those can be a bit tricky, although several brands have decoders specifically for those kind of setups.
  14. Martijn Meerts

    Enoden prototype

    The Enoden was a lot of fun.. I rode it last February, but it was pretty crowded so didn't take much pictures. I did go see the temples at Kamakura and Hase, and of course the great buddha at Hase as well. I still need to work on a plan for a T-Trak version of the Enoden :)
  15. Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that there's another update for the forum software coming up. Not long ago, Invision released version 4.3 of the forum software, which brings a couple of changes. While this isn't a major update, it's definitely not a small one either. I'm still researching if the update can be done fairly easily, and so far it looks like it'll be a fairly straightforward update. That said, I still want to run a backup of both the web server and the database before going ahead with the update, so I'm expecting to do it something in this upcoming weekend. The forum will be down for a little while, but it shouldn't be much more than maybe an hour at most. Of most interest to this forum is probably the updated gallery as well as the general performance improvements. If you want to read up on the update, there's more info here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/