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  1. What did you do on your layout today?

    The sera1/sefu1 is a full set yes, 15 cars in total. It's a MicroAce set, but I don't have the number of it here at the office. If you can't find the set, let me know and I can check for the number when I get home. MicroAce released the cars together with the 9600-49654, and it's a recommended combination of loco+cars. The old C11s are definitely quite a bit bigger, but the C57-180 actually surprised me. I didn't think that one was out of scale at all, but having it side by side some other C57s makes it really obvious. Only gave the Tramway models a quick test run, 1 of them ran really smooth, the other had a few minor issues and was somewhat noisy. Might be solved after some running in though.
  2. I'll have a look at some point. It seems they've improved/automated the process quite a bit by now.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I really like the green one.. Now I need one at some point :D As for me, had to buy a new pair of headphones with decent sound and noise cancelling, so no new train stuff this month ;)
  4. What did you do on your layout today?

    More cataloging and picture taking .. I think I'm done with the steam trains and coaches/cars now ... Left to right / top to bottom: - Tramway C11 (220/352) + Kato Oha 31-28, Oro 30-74, Ohani 30-55 - Tramway C11 (180/176) - Kato C11 (155/227/259/312) + Kato Oha 31-26 museum car - Kato C11-227 Oigawa Railroad SL 'Kawaneji' - Kato C50 (21/35/50/54) 50th anniversary + Kato OHA3200 series passenger coaches - MicroAce C53/54 + Modemo NS110 20m passenger coaches - MicroAce C57-1 + MicroAce 12-700 series 'SL Yamaguchi' - MicroAce C57-135 + MicroAce OHA62 Hokkaido spec coaches - Tomix C57-135 - Kato C57-180 + Kato 12 series 'SL Banetsu Monogatari' - Kato Roundhouse Chichibu Railway Paleo Express (C58-363) - MicroAce C59-108 Imperial locomotive - Tomix C61-20 - MicroAce C62-2, C62-3, C62-15 + 45 series SuHa 'Express Niseko' - MicroAce C62-17 + series 10 'Express Aki' - MicroAce C62-50 Galaxy Express 999 TV version (minus gun car, because it's too wide :D ) - MicroAce D51-498 + Kawai express freight cars - Kato Roundhouse D51-498 Orient Express - Kato D51-498 Orient Express + Nostalgia Istanbul Orient Express '88 coaches - MicroAce E10-3 - MicroAce E10-5 - MicroAce 9600 series 9633 - MicroAce 9600 series 49654 + Sera1/Sefu1 coal transport train Don't mind the dust, some of these have been out of the box sitting on a layout doing a lot of nothing. Also fun, the most obvious out of scale locomotives are all Kato (the C11s and the C57-180)
  5. Hi! I think the 2nd error is fixed now, so logging in through Facebook should work again. The first error will take a bit more time, as I'd need to get an SSL certificate to be able to use https. The problem is that those are either expensive and easy to install, or cheap (free even) and a pain in the ass to install and maintain ;)
  6. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    I like all the experimenting you do before actually fixing anything and place and really start building. I should learn from that :)
  7. My South Hokkaido Railway/Esashi line modules

    That’s a really fancy looking little bridge :)
  8. What did you do on your layout today?

    With airbrushing it's much better to do multiple fine coats then 1 thick coat, and it ends up taking less time in the end if you're painting multiple items. Thin coats dry real fast, so you can spray a 2nd coat fairly soon after the first one. Due due to it being workdays right now, I'm not really doing much. Started removing the shinkansen from the yard again, and measuring the length of the various sets I had forgotten. Also gathered my steam trains and steam era coaches, so once I've cleared the shinkansen I'll be filling the yard with steamers. Lots of steamers :)
  9. JNS Forum World Tour 2018

    It's definitely an option to use the JNS donations PayPal for the shipping costs as well. I believe you can add a comment when donating, so adding forum username and that it's for shipping would be enough. The account should be fine unless we receive hundreds of dollars worth of shipping donations :) I should have time for it at least. Will still be very busy for the coming 1-2 months, but after that things should slow down a little work wise.
  10. JNS Forum World Tour 2018

    I'm in as well. Shipping to the Netherlands should not be an issue at all. Our customs allowance seems a bit random at times, but lower value contents are usually not a problem. I've ordered locomotives and cars from the US before, and never had to pay import taxes on those, even if they weren't marked as a gift. Also, I live very close to Germany. I also wouldn't mind paying some shipping, and, depending on time frame, I might be able to go pick it up in the UK. I'm looking into going there for a long weekend sometime in the near-ish future (still at least a few months off, too busy at work for now ;))
  11. Hmm, might have been some changes to the Facebook login API, but the forum software should handle that. Might also be they're trying to force https. I'll have a look at it when I get some spare time, haven't really done anything Facebook related for a LONG time :)
  12. What did you do on your layout today?

    Yes, must have more yards ... And then build a simple double track loop for the actual layout ;)
  13. What did you do on your layout today?

    It’s not that I don’t like the E3, there were just no models of it released/easily available around the time when I was buying lots of trains. I’ll get some eventually :) And I already don’t have enough space, the 2 Dr. Yellows are missing, plus only half the tracks were meant for shinkansen ...
  14. What did you do on your layout today?

    More cataloguing ... And taking pictures of course ;)
  15. Insanity :) But really, REALLY cool stuff too.