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  1. JR-Chiisai: Storage yard modules

    It’s a bit of a dated picture. The yard is mostly finished by now, and the collection has grown a bit again as well :)
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    That's just the thing.. Many modellers use Revell leather brown, many use Revell reddish brown, many use Vallejo burnt umber, many use Tamiya hull red, etc, etc, etc ;) It also sort of depends on which area, era, region etc. you model, and whether it's main line track, urban track, little used sidings etc.
  3. What did you do on your layout today?

    Was already pretty dark when I got home, so didn't get a chance to see the paints in decent light, however, it looks like the flat brown is too red, the burnt umber is close, but not quite there, but the mix of the 2 looks pretty good. Also, a single coat of paint doesn't really cut it ;) I could rub the paint off pretty easily, so it's definitely not sticking well by default. However, I didn't clean the track before painting, just slightly roughened it up. I also didn't use primer at all. Metal is pretty hard to paint on with most acrylic paints though. Going to look into it a bit more, Vallejo's own primer is supposed to be pretty good, sticks well to metal, and can either be brushed or airbrushed well. Definitely also going to try and clean the track, there's likely to be residue left from the manufacturing process. With regular building kits you should always wash the parts in some warm soapy water, going to try the same with a piece of track. Roughen it up a bit first, then a bath in the soapy water, and then some primer before painting the final colour. Lots of work of course, so hopefully it'll be worth it ;) I do actually have some rusty track paint that sticks really well to metal. I've used it for my 0-scale test track. The problem with that stuff is that it's expensive, and it's a "secret" mix of various Gunze colours. It's also pre-thinned for airbrush, and brushing it without airbrush takes 4 or 5 coats. I bought it at the same place where I bought all the stuff to hand lay the 0-scale track.
  4. Only thing scary about that station is the amount of stairs :)
  5. Reporting bugs and feature requests

    Yeah, the way things get embedded/linked has changed quite a lot, and we've been messing around with the settings a bit there after the upgrade, so that might have caused an issue or 2. The whole admin area is actually quite a major update compared to the previous version :)
  6. What did you do on your layout today?

    Helped my brother with getting started building some scenery for a Christmas village he's building, which made me want to get going on some train stuff as well. Still slowly cleaning and organising the train room, so not much done, but I've started experimenting with Vallejo burnt umber and flat brown paints to paint the track. The flat brown is actually fairly red, so that by itself is probably a good colour for track that doesn't get a lot of use. The burnt umber looks very close to what real track would look like. I haven't seen it in daylight yet though, so don't know the exact results yet. I've painted a test bit of track with 1/3rd flat brown, 1/3rd burnt umber and 1/3rd a mix of 2 parts burnt umber and 1 part flat brown. I'll have to check tonight to see what it looks like (and hope there's some daylight left), and I think it needs a 2nd coat as well. Also have to check how well the paint sticks, since I didn't use a primer, only roughened up the surface a little bit.
  7. Reporting bugs and feature requests

    Haven't been able to figure anything out yet, it's really strange, since as far as I know, no one else has/had this issue.
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yeah, until you only have painted trains running on the layout, and the 'normal' train stands out more than the painted ones :D
  9. Reporting bugs and feature requests

    I'll look into it once I have a bit of time (at the office at the moment, so can't really do any bug fixing :)) If I don't reply in here within a few days, I'll likely have forgotten, so feel free to send me a private message reminding me.
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Doesn't really matter what era, division or area you decide to collect, it's all mighty tempting and you're going to end up with more trains than fit on a layout :D
  11. acetone to clean rails?

    A lot of cleaning liquids such as the SR24 stuff are oils, and actually attract dust. They also tend to leave residue on the wheels. So, while it definitely cleans the track, the track also collects new dirt faster I noticed. I tend to use a track cleaning rubber for the first pass, and then some alcohol on a cloth wrapped around a block of MDF to wipe off the residue that the track cleaning rubber leaves.
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Ordered 2 bags of Sculpt-a-Mold, which is apparently great stuff for landscaping, and rather hard to get a hold of outside the US. Interestingly enough, I managed to find some on Amazon Germany. Also probably going to buy some foam and glue and other small bits and pieces this weekend to start build some base landscapes. I've also pre-ordered the newly announced Perfect Grade Gundam Exia kit, with the lighting options, because I just can't resist those things. Hopefully I'll get it before Christmas, so I have something fun to do during the inevitably warm, rainy and depressing holidays ;)
  13. JR-Chiisai: Enoden T-Trak

    Well, been quiet again from my end the past weeks. Work got busy once again, so haven't been able to get anything done after work really. Current project is almost done however, and the new one that I have to start afterwards doesn't have a crazy deadline, so should hopefully have time again soon to work on things. I have been cleaning up my workspace a bit, and added some modules to my modular workbench system. Once everything's cleaned up I'll post a picture of that. Also gave my airbrush a good cleaning, and will likely start painting the first of my Gundam models sometime soon.I have 1 kit that's been partially prepared and ready for a base coat, just never got around to it :) Other than that I've been slowly ordering/buying some needed materials for building scenery. Still a lot of stuff missing, but I'll get that when I need it. The idea is to sit down next weekend and trace the Enoden line and then determine which bits should be in which season, and then which one(s) I want to start modelling. I'm also planning another trip to Japan for February, and riding the Enoden is 1 of the things we're likely going to be doing.
  14. Reporting bugs and feature requests

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, been busy again the past few weeks. Are the images still missing? Ir might be it had something to do with the upgrade and parts of the database still being rebuilt. There have also been a couple of minor updates the past weeks, so I'm not entirely sure that might have caused and/or fixed things.
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I noticed hull red being mentioned to get a little more of an unused track rust effect, while the red brown is more to get the look of a main line. I do have some hull red, so I can experiment with that one as well. I'll definitely paint the track before ballasting, much easier to paint the track when it's not stuck on the baseboard yet :)