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  1. Apparently all was not lost at Tokyo and Hachinohe Station. Drinking party breaks out on Tokyo Station platform as Shinkansen delay strands travelers. https://soranews24.com/2018/06/18/drinking-party-breaks-out-on-tokyo-station-platform-as-shinkansen-delay-strands-travelers/ Grant
  2. From Mainichi Daily News; Major shinkansen bullet train service disruption in northern Japan due to bird strike https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20180618/p2g/00m/0dm/034000c Another Shinkansen accident. Best wishes, Grant
  3. I thought I posted this earlier. If there was a problem, please let me know. This is from the Asahi Evening News. 3 streetcars in Kochi put on show as they pass in unison http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201806150011.html Too bad it's too far away for me to see. Best wishes, Grant
  4. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    2 Jun 2018. I cycled to near Shin-Kawasaki Station. I passed the west fence of the Shin-Tsurumi Locomotive Depot/Musashino South Line and saw two different colored E500s. So I snapped a few pictures. I didn't realize it at that time but the lighter red on was E500-901, a pretty rare one. Later I was at the Shitte Crossover # 1 Crossing (Egasaki Crossing) and snapped this series. I'm a little surprised that no one else was here. Grant
  5. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    These shots were taken about two weeks ago . 27 May 2018 Nishi-taishido # 5 Crossing/Wakabayashi Crossing, Kannana Dori/ Route 318. Wakabayashi Station is across the highway to the West. Highway crossing sign. You can see how the trams have 'mowed' the grass between the tracks. It's a good place to get some nice photos. Grant
  6. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    With Spring and now Rainy Season approaching, the tracks have taken a much more green appearance. 10 May Setagaya Station. It had started as a rainy day but had started to clear up. Looking West towards Kamimachi Station. A work crew arrives. 18 May, about a week later, I took this shot. 30 May 2018. About a week and a half later, the grass is sprouting again. 10 Jun 2018. And a week and a half after that, the grass has covered the tracks again. 10 Jun 2018. But looking East towards Shoin-jinja Station, the tracks are bare. Grant
  7. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    Some pictures from Sangen-jaya Station, 12 May 2018. Here is a cute photo with the next one. The photos encapsulates Japan's love of trains, I think. Grant
  8. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    Some photos of the Setagaya Line. 305F has been repainted back to its Cherry Red. This was taken on the 27th of May, 2018. Take the next day. This was the last time that I saw it in this scheme. I had met another fan a couple of weeks earlier and he said that it was going to be repainted. Wiki says that this one and the white Maneki Neko scheme was to last until March 2018. Taken today, 7 June, 2018 in its repainted glory. Grant
  9. Modemo makes a number of Tokyu 300 trams, but they are the older solid color scheme, before the ads were applied to the sides. If Modemo made this one, there might be licensing problems with the Goto-kuji Temple. But it would be sold out in the blink of an eye. I wonder why the Setagaya Line doesn't commission Modemo to make a set for them to sell at three stations that are manned. Grant
  10. How about a park for watching trains? Yep, that's its name. Stone marker for the park. You can shoot the trains from the fence. Looking towards Shin-jinja-mae Station. It's on the other side of the crossing. Grant
  11. Yesterday I took a detour to visit the Nakahara Vehicle Depot next to Musashi-Nakahara Station on the Nambu Line. Afterwards, I headed in what I thought was the direction to Shin-Kawasaki Station and the Shitte Crossover. It took longer than I expected, with a couple glances at Google Maps to figure where I was. On the way I stumbled on these two buses made out to look like locomotives. They belong to Hiyoshi Yochien (kindergarten). They apparently have two buses. The nearer one is Bus #2 with bus #1 at the rear. A small sign on the dashboard says 'watashi no ouchi iku' Go to my home. Bus #2. Bus #1. That's all for now. Grant
  12. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    Some more photos of the Hirayama #3 Crossing. The large sign says this crossing is only for pedestrians and bicycles. This says "This is the Chuo Line #22 Hirayama #3 Crossing. Looking east towards Toyoda Station. The opposite direction. No ground level crossing sensors. Although Hirayama #3 Crossing is a pedestrian crossing, they have a camera aimed towards the crossing. Fuji-san from the crossing. You can get a nice curving shot at this crossing. Going away, you are blocked by some poles. Toyoda-16 catenary pole. The numbers sequence away from Toyoda Station. Towards Toyoda Station. Towards Hachioji Station. Across the street was the neighborhood block sign. 22 Ashigaoka -1 chome,, Hino City. That's all for now. Grant
  13. gmat

    GMAT's Photos

    This was taken across the Chuo Main Line tracks and the Toyoda Vehicle Center. This photo was posted on the Coming JR Train Retirements thread. A view of the street that runs on the north side of the tracks. Looking towards Toyoda Station. Space was spared between the street guardrails for a small jizo statue. It was between Toyoda-13 and -14 catenary poles. The following was taken next to Toyoda-11 catenary pole. Street level shot. railfans would stand on the street railguards and shoot over the fence. You can see the displaced barbed wire to provide a better shooting space. Some of the traffic shot while I was waiting for M51. 211 series. 527M local for Kofu Station. Starts from Tachikawa Station at 7:47 AM. I shot these next to Toyoda-11 catenary pole. It is just after a hump so you get an interesting shot of trains coming from Toyoda Station. E353 Super Azusa for Matsumoto Station E233 Rapid Service for Tokyo. Shooting the other way, the field of view wasn't so good due to the blocking pole. Vehicles entering and leaving the Vehicle Center pass on the other side of the tracks. 211 series 526M OOS returning to the vehicle center. You are also near the wash rack so you can get some interesting photos. I saw several trains getting washed in the hour and a half waiting at this spot. E257 Azusa for Matsumoto. What would a photo shoot of the Chuo Line be without an E233? E233 809T Rapid Service for Takao Station. 205-5000 series 'Musashino' Musashino Line, starts from Omiya Station and heading for Hachioji Station. 9:49 AM. That's all for now. Grant
  14. 11:11 AM M51 comes over the hump next to Toyoda Station. That's all for now. Grant
  15. There weren't as many fans along the fence as I had expected. At 10:56 AM M51 emerged from behind the parked cars. Catenary poles, the bane of getting an uncluttered shot. A few fans were perched on the pedestrian overpass to shoot an uncluttered overhead shot. More to come, Grant