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  1. Kabutoni, I'm sure that you're right. I was kind of surprised to see the freight train follow the same direction as the Yokohama Line trains and not the Chuo Line trains. Perhaps they turned back onto the Chuo Line out of sight. This was maybe two years ago and I don't usually stop here. Grant
  2. Khaul, The Takashima Line is out of my normal travels, otherwise I'd shoot over there. Right now, if I can't easily cycle there in less than two hours, it would be a special trip. Basically retired. I did go to a Chidoribashi Crossing near Higashi Kanagawa Station with bikkuri bahn, but that's the only time. I have the Seishun 18 ticket and will go one more time to Takasaki to see if I can see a 113 and also to Annaka to shoot the Tobu Zinc switchers and cars. Monday this week was a bust as nothing was moving. But I did see a EH500 Kintaro loco pulling the zinc hoppers and tank cars going the opposite way towards Takasaki on the way back. They do the switch in the late afternoon. Will post more tonight if I can. Thanks again, Grant
  3. This is the HD300 that moves the tank cars over and back to the fuel facility. It is parked next to the Hachiko Line platform. Most of the photos are taken on 25 Aug 2017 but the HD300 parked was taken on 8 Jan 2016. Moving back to its parking spot. The freight trains passing through will use the regular tracks for the Chuo Line. One way that you might know that something interesting will stop or pass by are these two signs. This was for the EH200 that stopped here. The above is hard to see but this one taken at Mizonoikuchi Station (Nambu Line) is clearer. Note. This station is different as the JR logo signifies that this platform will not have trains for the rest of the evening. I waited for two hours in vain a many months ago. The JR logo indicates a non-scheduled train will be stopping at the platform. Sometimes it signifies a charter and other times a freight train or more rarely an inspection train or test run. Usually freight trains will not stop so they will use the 'tsukan shimasu, or passing through' announcement. This was taken at Akebono Station. Some of the trains that you can shoot at Hachioji Station. E257 Azusa for Matsumoto Station, 205 Hachiko Line. If you are shooting on the weekend, there is a 183 and a 215 that departs from Shinjuku at 8:00 and 9:00. The 183 will probably be retired in the near future, i believe. Grant
  4. ia909, if you want to shoot a switcher in action, you can visit Oimiya Station or Hachioji Station. There is an HD300 stationed here and it is used more frequently than at Omiya. Here are some pics to give an idea of what you might find. The nearer tanker consist is parked waiting to be moved to the fuel facility next to the station. The far consist is waiting to depart on the Yokohama Line. This is from the Yokohama Line platform. Besides the usual EF65s and EF210, you will often see EH200 on the Chuo Line passing Hachioji Station. On the opposite side of the Yokohama Line platform there are sidings. Today there happened to be hoppers and flats with ties. Usually I've only noticed tank cars. There is a window that you shoot the sidings below. Please be careful. More to come, Grant
  5. As you already know, I've posted a thread for taking pictures around the Shin-Tsurumi locomotive Depot next to Shin-Kawasaki Station. If you would like to shoot a HD300 Hybrid in action, I would suggest visiting Hachioji Station. It is on the Chuo main line so you will get the Limited Express sometimes stopping or usually passing thru as well as some freight traffic. There are usually tank cars waiting at the siding next to the platforms and a HD300 Hybrid switcher is also parked there. It's used to move the tank cars and also take them to a facility nearby. I'll post pictures for you on another thread. Grant
  6. Shinkawasakifureai Park 新川崎ふれあい公園 Mothers will also bring their children to play or watch trains. There is a toilet facility next door. Very important for small kids. Alas no nearby store for drinks or snacks. None on the way here either so you have to buy stuff at the station or earlier. Shot this on the 18th of march 2018. It was parked at the depot, perhaps waiting for inspection or maintenance the next day. Had to shoot before I could climb on something to shoot over the fence. There are benches that you can stand on to shoot over the fence to get a shot like this. If you walk up towards the overpass, you can get some slightly better shots. That's all for now. Grant
  7. Out of service 215, 185 and 251 trains will use the Musashino South Line (freight) in the morning either to Omiya or switch to the Hinkaku Line before Musashi-Kosugi station and head to Shinjuku or Ikebukuro. Some of the Ohayo Liners will use this line too. 215 OOS Across the tracks is another spot that you can take pictures. But in the morning from 8 to 9 there is a tidal wave of black suited workers heading to the Fujitsu building and beyond. Best to keep out of their way. Hinkaku Line. The Musashino South Line (freight) is on the other side. All taken 3 Apr 2017. EF210-144. The next is for Railsquid. A sort of nearby park (10 to 15 mins on foot) for his son to play at while both of you are looking at trains. Grant
  8. This is the stairs leading to the Fujitsu building. It's across the Ogura Overpass (小倉陸橋). You stand at the lower middle section and take your pictures. Looking towards Shin-Kawasaki Station. You can see several photographers with long extended tripods and short ladders. 3 Apr 2017 14:42 3 Apr 2017 EF210-151 hauling rails. Sometimes locos will stop here waiting for a clear signal to proceed. Sometimes they will turn into the Shitte Crossover ahead, but sometime they will proceed straight ahead to Tsurumi and beyond. 1 Apr 2017 15:44 EF210-152 waiting for another consist (EF210-152) to pass 29 Apr 2017 EF210-162 departing from the south end of the Shin-Tsurumi Locomotive Depot 15:43 Usually they will head north from the other side of the depot, double back, wait for a clear signal and then proceed south, even if they are without a consist. 3 Apr 2017 E230-6030 S-02 8889M Out of Service 14:25 More to come, Grant
  9. Pigeons are pretty blase on the platforms. 10 apr 2017 I've seem some scurry among a moving crowd and not take to wing. 10 apr 2017 East iE This came on the track that often have priority. Some consists don't stop when passing through. Next is another spot about 15 minutes south on foot. Grant
  10. E66-27 shot 1 Apr 2017 Also 1 Apr 2017 This one was bad luck for me. 10 Apr 2017 The headmark was only at one end. More to come, Grant
  11. 26 May 17 14:39 EF66-30 with EF64-1033 deadheading. 1 Oct 16 14:38 In 2016 a DE10 would often head south at about 16:30. I haven't seen one at this time for a while but then I've stopped sitting at the platform all day and have come here by bicycle. More to come, Grant
  12. While looking for pics for this thread, i found some others that I've taken the past two years. People are usually considerate of those shooting behind them. Not meant as a criticism here. 25 Feb 17 5 Mar 16. 14:39 Note the time. This is the short consist that sometimes has interesting cars. 28 Jan 17 Also at 14:39. More to come. Grant
  13. If you want a ground level view, you can stand on the railing and shoot over the fence. This is before the signal lights and overpass. There are small yellow flashing signals on the right side. (Not visible in this picture) This is next to the parking area but you can't see any flashing signals here. Coming in to stop and reverse and park up ahead. If you walk south along the perimeter fence to the rear of the buildings, there is another parking area. The line curves here so it is popular for photographers. Locos coming down from the north and switching will run and stop here before going backup to park. They will be running south later. Sometimes single locos will come here and depart south. Usually, they will run to the north then double back to the holding area before connecting to a consist or run south without a consist. You can't see it in this photo, but there is a new pole installed on the left side which narrows the area that you can take a nice shot of the track from. Grant