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  1. Some recent 66-0 pics. Before today, this was apparently the last one I shot. Oi-Chuo bridge, Tokyo Freight Terminal/Oi(Shinkansen) Rail Yard. July 2, 2017. Taken at the west fence, Shin Tsurumi Locomotive Depot this morning, 11, Dec. 2017. Taken at Crossing name sign, JRE style. Nikaryou Crossing. Smaller kanji says Shitte Bypass line. Nikaryou with hiragana okurigana . Nikaryou Crossing. This way goes toward Shin-Kawasaki Station. This way goes toward Shitte Station. Grant
  2. The 14:40 short hopper and tank car consist from the Tsurumaki Yard was the 66-30. Just shot it at the Nikaryo #2 crossing on the Shitte bypass line. There was another younger guy there. Grant
  3. 66-30 sighted at the Tsurumi yard next to Shin-Kawasaki Station just a few minutes ago. Probably arrived early this morning. Parked in the East sidings so will be heading South towards Yokohama later, probably tonight. Will post a pic when I get home tonight. Grant
  4. Hypnotic moving map of Tokyo’s crazy rush hour trains almost makes them relaxing【Video】 It really is interesting to watch. It gets really crowded. I started watching the NEX Narita Express movements. https://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/12/08/hypnotic-moving-map-of-tokyos-crazy-rush-hour-trains-almost-makes-them-relaxing【video】/ Grant
  5. From the middle of July, I've been cycling down to the Kawasaki Freight Station. I had followed the freight line past Hama-Kawasaki on Google Maps and decided to cycle there after I had parted with my student in Omori. I followed the main highway and then then the Keikyu-Daishi Line to Kojimashinden Station. If you are coming by train, then the pedestrian overpass (itsukushimabashi) that crosses the rail yards is one of the best spots to take pictures. Another good spot is the east fence near the overpass. The Ukushima Line goes north away from the station and the first road crossing, Yako-Tonomachi #1 crossing is a good spot to shoot the DD60 with the tank cars. You can follow the line and two more nice spots are before the Ukushima bridge and after the Suehiro-cho Cargo Handling dock, where the Kawasaki City trash train stops. The DD60 and tank cars turn off at the next spur to the General Petroleum Co. Ltd Kawasaki Refinery. The 14:00 or 14:15 delivery is pretty regular and it returns around 30 minutes later. There is another at 16:00 and once I've seen one at 13:00. Deliveries on the Chidori Line seem to be less regular. If I stood all day on the overpass, I'd have a better idea of the schedule. The first two days that I visited, I was caught off guard and missed the departures. I ended up spending a lot of time waiting at one spot. I think that because the movement is so infrequent, there aren't many people taking pictures. I don't think that I've met any other photographers. Taken from the overpass. Kojimashinden Station is behind me. You can often find the name of the overpass or bridge like this. Usually at each end of the bridge. Less often somewhere in between. In Hiragana. In Kanji. Departing the Kawasaki Refinery. Same consist going around the Suehirocho Cargo Handling Dock. Taken from the east fence. Yako-Tonomachi #2 crossing, Chidori Line. Many lines have this sign which will tell you the crossing name and number. JR names the crossing after the local area. Often there will be a hiragana reading under the kanji. But not here. Other railway companies will number the crossing sequentially from a terminus. Interestingly when the line is improved and a crossing is eliminated, the numbering seems not to be changed. Yako-Tonomachi #1 crossing, but about half a kilometer away on the same road but a different line. Ukushima Line. Going. Returning. Grant
  6. I stumbled on to these preserved vehicles at Garakuta Park. It is part of Haginaka Park about 1 kilometer East of Kamata Station in Ota Ward. It is one of those preserved vehicles in a playground that children can play in. There is also a truck, a motor boat and a fire engine. Map of Haginaka Park. Map of Garakuta Park. Arakawa Line Tram. Switcher. SL Someone that can read Japanese can provide more info. Grant
  7. Tokyo Model Shops

    Pony Hobby Shop Out of the way near Nerima Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. Less than 5 minutes from the station. A mom and pop store with a fairly large selection of older N gauge trains. Yesterday, I bought a Modemo NT96 Cherry Red 305F, 10, 057 yen, so it probably won't be a bargain place. But the older couple that runs the place are very nice. Go down Chuo Street. It's after the Family Mart on the left. Get out of the station and cross the street and head right. (Away from Ikebukuro) You would be going left on this photo. Grant
  8. A recent article from Sora24 on Train pushers; One passenger pusher isn’t enough for Tokyo area train that needs three-man team【Video】 https://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/12/04/one-passenger-pusher-isnt-enough-for-tokyo-area-train-that-needs-three-man-team【video】/ Grant
  9. From Sora24. Akihabara fans shed a tear as iconic sign comes down, changing the cityscape of Electric Town https://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/12/05/akihabara-fans-shed-a-tear-as-iconic-sign-comes-down-changing-the-cityscape-of-electric-town/ Grant
  10. From Japan Times: JR East to run special train to/from Chiba Prefecture for cyclists from January https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/12/04/national/jr-east-run-special-train-chiba-prefecture-cyclists-january/#.WicsNxPvNds And a shorter article from Japan Today: JR East to run special train for cycling enthusiasts https://japantoday.com/category/national/JR-East-to-run-special-train-for-cycling-enthusiasts One comment is that that JR employee did the same demo at CycleMode earlier this year. Grant
  11. From Japan Today; How do railways figure out congestion on their trains? https://japantoday.com/category/features/kuchikomi/How-do-railways-figure-out-congestion-on-their-trains- Grant
  12. Might I suggest taking a trip to Shimo-Takaido Station and tell him that you are waiting for the Cat train. You can stand by the crossing and watch the Keio Line trains. Another good reason to visit the Shin-Kawasaki Station is that container consists will park east of the station waiting for the signal to proceed so Squidlet can see them while waiting for the trains to pass by. Saturday has more traffic than on a Sunday.
  13. Railsquid, if you do go there, at about 14:30 an EF66 usually pulls a short consist with a few hopper cars, one or two tank cars and some flat cars going towards the Nambu Branch Line. Two weeks ago it had a DE10 dead heading. Sometimes very early in the morning, you can shoot an EF-200. I've shot the freight loco trifecta a few times, EF200, EH200, EF64, EF65, EF210 and EH500. If you can shoot an EF200, and the EF66 at 14:30, you can probably get all of the others in one day. I don't know how long you might plan to stay there, but in the morning, at about 7:19, 8:06, 8:55, and 10:04, you should probably see some 185s heading east on the far side. Best to watch them from the Kashimada Pedestrian Walkway that connects Shin-Kawasaki Station with the far side over the Shin-Tsurumi Depot. Sometimes 215s will replace the 185s. At about 9:50 the Super Odoriko from Shinjuku will pass the station heading towards Atami and beyond. There might be another an hour earlier. You hardly see the DE-10s or Hybrids moving on a Saturday, but sometimes, one would head West at about 14:30. You might also get an EH-200 and an EF210 riding together heading West between 12:00 and 14:00. Sometimes you get lucky and get a lot of interesting things passing by and sometimes not. Good luck for tomorrow. grant
  14. That area across the tracks has a supermarket and a coffee shop. On your side across the street the mall has more stores and restaurants. Even more if you take the 5 minute walk towards Kashimada Station. grant