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  1. Das Steinkopf

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I have all 3 versions, KoKi 50000, KoKi 106 and KoKi 107's, the best thing about these wagons are that they come with a decal sheet with 10 different car numbers, that way you can purchase multiples of one type and then renumber them. With KoKi's it is quite common for them to run with less containers than a full load, I remember someone put a diagram showing the distribution of the loads with between 1 to 5 12" containers onboard, it's basically a principle of balancing the load for example if there is only 1 container it's bang in the middle, 3 containers 1 in the middle 2 on each end, 4 containers middle container missing, with 2 containers they are normally in the #2 and #4 positions.
  2. Das Steinkopf

    My Japanese N Scale Diorama - NEW Dinning Table Layout

    I think the main reason would be due to the mouldings, if you have a look everything is contained within the sprue, having the pedestrian lights set at the correct angle would add to the complexity of the mould. I think the logic is that it is better to provide them on the model than not at all and that most modellers would cut them off and then glue them back on in the correct position.
  3. Why would you bother renting some trains when you have at least a dozen hobby shops within walking distance from the hotel, you could go and buy some new trains and test them out on the layout instead. My trick from my last trip was to have a slightly smaller suitcase with your clothes etc packed inside another suitcase, that way when you go shopping you still have your suitcase for your clothes and sundry items and a whole bag reserved for your model rail purchases.
  4. Das Steinkopf


    I have seen some nice examples of the more basic single pipe railings used between the tracks using something as simple as staples painted yellow, when you're on a tight budget some simple yet effective use of everyday items can do the trick.
  5. Das Steinkopf

    Advice on accurate KoKis?

    From memory it has 3 different sets of number plates, I will add that the locomotive is a very good runner and it does have a fairly decent level of detail when it comes to the main features, my only gripe was that it lacked some of the finer details such as the grab rails for the shunters other than that it is a good model for the price you pay for it. The UM12A's and the UT1's are a good choice for what you want to model and could be used on any of the 100 Series KoKi's and the KoKi 50000, the UT1's are based on the JNR Type T10 and were used on the KoKi 5500 and KoKi 50000's back in the days of JNR, with the KoKi 200 I would reserve that for transporting the 20' Tank Containers such as 22T6's.
  6. As suggested by Yavianice I would aim at trying to spend more time there, a trip as short as you have planned you would barely get your toes in the water so to speak, I would recommend you try and stretch it out to 10 days at least as you would not be able to accomplish much of what you want to do in such a short time. There are too many distractions when you go there and you will burn time without even realising it, we have been there twice the first time 19 days and the second time 25 days and we still didn't get to do all the things we wanted to do. With tavelling I would suggest flying into Haneda and leaving via Kansai so you don't waste time travelling back to Tokyo from Osaka, also with going down to the Kansai region I would suggest you stay in either Kyoto or Osaka, it is only 40 odd minutes or so between these two cities using Rapid or Limited Express services on JR, Keihan or Hankyu lines, that way you avoid wasting time switching hotels. Personally my choice would be to stay in Kyoto as it is a beautiful city and there is a lot to see there, you can also catch a limited express to Kansai airport from Kyoto station. When you go to Nara you could also visit Fushimi Inari on the way there as it is on the same line, given you want to catch a 103 Series you would have a pretty good chance of catching one along the Nara Line as it is one of the last refuges for them in the area, we caught one in 2015 on a local service to Fushimi Inari, we then caught a Keihan 2600 Series to Kiyomizu Gojo so that we could visit Kiyomizu Dera. With the JR Pass it is worth it if you are travelling a lot by JR services and using Shinkansen frequently, if not you are better of just paying for the trains as you use them especially if using the private lines, we tended to use Suica or Pasmo cards more when we were in Tokyo than we would the JR Pass.
  7. Das Steinkopf

    Advice on accurate KoKis?

    Just thought I would mention to you that the EF210-100 in the Tomix 92491set is a basic model and does not have any handrails or any of the other add on parts that you would normally find with a locomotive, I got rid of the one that I had and ended up purchasing a Tomix 9142 EF210-100 as a replacement for the locomotive, I wasn't too worried about the 2 KoKi 107's as I have more than enough of the Tomix and Kato versions.
  8. Das Steinkopf

    Advice on accurate KoKis?

    Just an additional note regarding the KoKi 106’s, out of the 1162 produced the first 404 were painted in the Blue livery, from KoKi 106-405 onwards they were painted Grey, as stated before as the earlier wagons go in for overhaul they are repainted in the Grey livery.
  9. Das Steinkopf

    Kato - New Releases

    Hobbysearch have it up but only on their Japanese Language pages. https://www.1999.co.jp/10552918
  10. Das Steinkopf

    Advice on accurate KoKis?

    You can have a fairly general mix within a train, I have photos of a freight train that services a pulp mill on the northen end of the Takayama Honsen made up of KoKi 106's, KoKi 107's, KoKi 200's and at least one KoKi 50000. A few points regarding containers, Koki 50000's can carry 20' and 12' containers but cannot carry 30' containers, there are however some 12' and 20' containers that are marked as not for use on KoKi 50000's, with the tank containers they can be carried by the KoKi 106's, KoKi 107's, KoKi 110's and KoKi 200's, the KoKi 200's were built specifically for tank container traffic. With JRF containers anything from 19D onwards are fine to use for contemporary stock, Kato offer two packs currently 23-571 and 23-573 that have 5 containers a piece which is good and they are a nice model to use, with the private owner containers they tend to have longer lives than the JRF containers, the UC7 containers used by Seino are a classic example. The new Tomix tank containers are the modern 22T6 type and are apparently a very good model, I haven't got any of them yet as I have the Kato ones that came with 8042-2 KoKi 200 as well as a number of the Popondetta made models which have a number of variants of the 22T6, all of these are good models have a decent amount of detail. The Tomix containers without the framing are an older design dating from the JNR days, Tomix 3132 is the Type T10 in the JNR Lime Green livery, they are still used this days by private owners and come under the UT1 designation, the version depicted by the Tomix 3114 is still in use AFAIK. With regards to livery KoKi 100 to Koki 105's are still in the Blue livery whilst the all of the KoKi 106 are being repainted Grey when they are going in for refurbishment, the only difference these days for the KoKi 100 to KoKi 105's is that when they go in to be refurbished they are no longer have the JRF logo painted on them, this also applies to the KoKi 106 and KoKi 107's.
  11. Das Steinkopf

    Tomix - New Releases

    Well it looks like I got my answer quicker than I expected, I won't be committing to anything just yet as I am happy sticking to my much shorter JR Central stock, if my wife does decide to get the Rilakkuma E231-500 I might be tempted to go down the rabbit hole but at over ¥20,000 on average for the 8 to 11 car trains that run along the line it does scare me somewhat. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10553773 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10553774
  12. Das Steinkopf

    Tomix - New Releases

    The TWR 70-000 Series doesn't worry me, the fact that the former Yamanote freight line runs through there as well as the Yamanote Line and the Seibu Shinjuku Line means there are 3 JR East suburban lines as well as 2 Private operators which amounts to a fairly vast array of suburban stock that goes through there.
  13. Das Steinkopf

    Tomix - New Releases

    Does anyone have an idea as to when the TWR 70-000 Series will be released, given my wifes foray into the hobby with a Seibu 30000 in Gudetama wrapping and the highly possible purchace of the Rilakuma E231-500 I have the feeling that I am going to be sucked into the Tokyo commuter vortex. The TWR 70-000 Series run along the same section of track the Saikyo and Shonan Shinjuku Line trains run on between Takadonobaba and Shinjuku, it looks like Shin Okubo here I come.
  14. Das Steinkopf

    Kato - New Releases

    Just checked my stock list and realised that I already have the 10-1433 Koki 107 2 car set, looks like it will be just the missus that is getting a train in January 😂😂😂 .
  15. Das Steinkopf

    Kato - New Releases

    Decembers poster is now up with a mixed bag of offerings, I may go for the Koki 107 2 car set despite the fact that I already having 10 of the Kato versions and 12 Tomix versions. http://www.katomodels.com/product/poster/files/2018_12a.jpg Also January is looking very dangerous with the release of a Yamanote 231-500 Series in Rilakkuma wrapping, my wife loves Rilakkuma and give I just ordered a Seibu 30000 Series in Gudetama wrapping for her I could see her falling for this one. The way it looks I might have to build a layout based on Shin Okubo given the Seibu Shinjuku Line runs parallel with the Yamanote line. http://www.katomodels.com/product/poster/files/2018_12b.jpg