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  1. miyakoji

    The Introduction Thread...

    Hi Patrick, welcome to the forum 🙂
  2. お久しぶりです m(__)m Yes it's unfortunate to see this type retiring. M51 looks especially good with the JNR logo . Well, there's still the 185 series operating in the greater Tokyo area... for now :(
  3. miyakoji

    Baltic railways

    Three of those beasts! The English Wikipedia page about the TEP70 is short on information, but if I look at the Russian page, it appears that the power and final drive ratio differs between the TEP70 and TEP70BS/U versus the TEP70BS. Is that correct? I don't really read Russian
  4. Thanks Squid. I don't really many novels but I have read the first two in the Tokyo Trilogy, and I'm looking forward to this especially if the plot is based around the Shimoyama Incident. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shimoyama_incident
  5. I like that Sagano Scenic Railway DE10 1104. The red looks more like pink but still it's cool. Also there's that 637,200 yen live steam D51. That's got Mark written all over it So this show won't continue at another venue?
  6. miyakoji

    Japanese Music

    enka 4life! Hmm, I wonder if there's dubstep enka. Mudkip would know
  7. miyakoji

    The Introduction Thread...

    Hi Kiran, welcome to the forum!
  8. miyakoji

    The Introduction Thread...

    Hi Graham, welcome back!
  9. It's the Sanko Line. Cool video, I haven't had a chance yet to binge on all the coverage that this closure got. I bet JRW wished the line got that many passengers under normal conditions
  10. miyakoji

    Tateyama Heavy Industries 0-6-2T

    Mark, I think it's Otani Steel, or at least a predecessor to it. It says 大谷製鋼所 Otani Seikousho. I searched on that and came up with https://www.e-osc.co.jp/en/corporate/gaiyou/index.html
  11. miyakoji

    Hello from Maryland!

    Hi Garrett, welcome to the forum!
  12. I wonder if this wouldn't be better as an exchange with employees from other railroads or transportation agencies. The employers of the visiting employees could bear some of the cost, and the employees would come back with some JR East practices and procedures. A big question in my mind is whether or not smaller operators, with much smaller budgets, could really do things the JRE way.
  13. In the past, some people have posted their itineraries for suggestions on how to achieve maximum rail mania I used to visit Ehime periodically, and pass through Kagawa on the way there. I really like Shikoku.
  14. miyakoji

    Hankyu Never Changes

    Is there another thread about this? Prototypes has seemed relatively quiet for a long time now, maybe I missed it. Anyway, I too have thought of Kintetsu and Tobu as the Kansai/Kanto versions of each other, but I never really thought about the others.
  15. By youtuber Kiyu, whose earlier video JR500 posted a few months ago, here's a new video on the Tohoku Shinkansen of the videographer eating an ekiben at each station that has a vendor within the fare gates. Great stuff