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  1. Hi from Michigan!

    Hi Jimbohara, welcome to the forum!
  2. Thanks Sacto. I don't have time to watch the whole thing right now but based on a few minutes, it looks great. I'm not really familiar with this line, but I've been on the Inbi Line a few times. It'll be cool to see that in such good quality.
  3. The Introduction Thread...

    Hi Kurt, welcome to the forum. Yeah the fare for the real Shikishima is nuts. I'm sure you can get lots of info on this forum.
  4. nice SD40-3 in HO

    This is from the "Rivet Counter" series by Scaletrains, I thought some of you may be interested. Looks like a fantastic model. In the video it's mentioned that the SD40-2 began production in 1972, and that the SD40-3 is expected to be in service for another 30 years. It's not clear if that's 30 years from the 2010 refurb to -3 specs, or from the year of the video (this year). Either way that's a long time and a lot of miles :)
  5. The Introduction Thread...

    Hi tavora, welcome to the forum!
  6. Baltic railways

    Two locos and 17(?) cars. Nice!
  7. Prototypical Busses for Central Tokyo

    I kept scrolling down, and there was no post from JR500. Ah, there it is
  8. Thanks @Martijn Meerts!
  9. England’s loneliest train station

    Looks like Geoff and Vicki have been there...
  10. In what kinds of train mania do you partake in Nagoya? I lived near Otobashi in 2004, seems like a lifetime ago. I never really got into Meitetsu, I definitely regret that now.
  11. here's a real old thread of mine with some YT videos of the same journey you did:
  12. Interesting threads

    Those links were valid on previous forum software, but not on the current one. I did a search only for @westfalen's posts, with "vacation" in the title, it looks like the threads are still there: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/search/?&q=vacation&author=westfalen&search_in=titles Images seem to load properly. Great posts.
  13. Nice pics, Squid. I was looking around for youtube videos of the Musashino Line just a few days ago. A majority of them seemed to focus on the east end of Nishi-Urawa as you said. Seems like most freights come down that connector with the Tohoku(?) Line. Is that what you observed?
  14. I guess any significant infrastructure work is far down the list of options, it must cost a fortune.
  15. Hello from Utah!

    Hi Chad, welcome to the forum!