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  1. Locos owned by the passenger companies also have these (the Shimonoseki EF66 must be JR West), and MU passenger trains have them too in the form of 所属略号 (shozoku ryakugou), although they're painted/screened on in most cases: Chi-Keyo (Chiba-Keiyo) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ファイル:JRE-chi-keyo.JPG A beastly JRW 419 series with Kana-Tsuru (Kanazawa-Tsuruga). The article says it was changed from Kana-Fui (Kanazawa-Fukui). http://rail.hobidas.com/rmn/archives/2010/08/jr419.html
  2. Yeah as kvp says it's ume for Umekoji. Looks like an orange background and white stripe, here's a video of Umekoji's DE10 1118 going on to the turntable, you can see the tag clearly, although in your picture I think it has a blue background, this one looks black:
  3. Soba/ Ramen Rally!

    Excellent find JR500. I've watched a few of these, this topic is near and dear to my heart
  4. There will be no Heisei 32

    I wonder if they'll announce the new era name in advance, since this is planned out. For that matter I wonder what it will be.
  5. Soba/ Ramen Rally!

    What's some good ramen in the DC area? A few years ago when I came up to that thing at Grand Central, I remember those cold noodles being very good.
  6. GreenMax - New Releases

    Yeah I agree that the sunset version is nicer. Maybe with the large amount of stainless steel carbodies out there, an actual painted livery, and better yet a painted livery with some kind of design or style, is really appealing.
  7. GreenMax - New Releases

    I never saw the prototype of that blue E653. That thing is BLUE.
  8. Applying Tomix high grade dry transfers

    I have only two 2-car sets, both Tomix, one high-grade and one regular. None of the transfers have been applied, I just don't have the nerve to do it :)
  9. Hello from Southern California

    Hi Jason, welcome to the forum!
  10. Interesting Lash-up

    Yeah you're right, but either way they're not using conventional loco classification, and what I am wondering is whether or not that allows employees with or without particular qualifications to operate them, as kvp asked about. Maybe Bikkuri knows :)
  11. Interesting Lash-up

    I think that's true of that small self-propelled snow removal equipment, yes. Also JR West numbered their latest locos as a KIYA type rather than a typical locomotive designation, I'm not sure why they did that but it seems to group them with EMUs rather than DE10s and DD51s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KiYa_143
  12. Dental brushes

    This just reminded me that I should replace my toothbrush. :)
  13. Nagoya Subway 5000 series in Buenos Aires

    I guess Subte adapted the original livery to be their own, I think the yellow band is original Used the Higashiyama Line a few times a month back in 2004/5, the east quarter or third of it goes through one of the nicest parts of Nagoya.
  14. Interesting Lash-up

    Kiha I'm inclined to think you're right about the graffiti being related to union activity. As far as I know the locomotive engineer union was distinct from the others, maybe that's why it says (more or less) locomotive.
  15. I'm not sure that the post reporting function is working. I tried to report this post as spam, but it never provides a 'message sent' notice.