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  1. Nick_Burman

    Meitetsu 510/520

    OK, that explains how Meitetsu managed to lash up the 510s and 520s in spite of the different switching circuitry... Cheers NB
  2. Nick_Burman

    Out and about in Slovenia

    Alas the authorities discovered on the eve of reopening that the whole infrastructure (and not just the two trams which ploughed onto each other...) needed overhauling. So the tramway remains shut. There is however a substitute bus service which follows the line, so at least one can still make those two trains at Opicina... Alternatively, catch an Arriva bus at Sezana, at least the choice of local trains is better from there. Edit: the Trieste - Ljubjana long-distance service is scheduled to return in June 2018. Cheers NB
  3. Nick_Burman

    Indian train runs away.

    Air-braked - the train is made up of the so-called "LHB" (from Linke - Hoffmann - Busch, the designer - the coaches are made AFAIK by ICF Kapurthala) coaches. These were delivered with air brakes right from the beginning. Vacuum braking in India is being phased out quite rapidly in India. Cheers NB
  4. Nick_Burman

    Out and about in Slovenia

    No train, however there is the Trieste - Villa Opicina tramway which will get you down to Trieste faster than the roundabout train ride down to Trieste Centrale via Bivio Aurisina. With the reopening of the Murska Sobota - Hodos line a decade ago Koper has become the main port for Hungary. Traffic has increased accordingly, so much so that SZ is doubling the (spectacular) line from Divaca to Koper (the new track will however be mostly in tunnel). One line well worth travelling on is the Transalpina from Sezana to Jesenice - especially the section north of Nova Gorica. Containers - https://www.innofreight.com/en/ Cheers NB
  5. Nick_Burman

    Tateyama Heavy Industries 0-6-2T

    Mark, could you spell it out in Romaji? Maybe it was built for one of the railways in north China or Korea? Cheers NB
  6. Cobwebs between the ears? Cheers NB
  7. Nick_Burman

    Eizan Elipse

    After looking at the pictures my mother said it looked like a slot machine... Cheers NB
  8. Nick_Burman

    Tomytec 12M 'Mule'

    Alas yes, but... http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/11840-route-of-the-tomiiden-line-and-a-not-so-potted-history/?tab=comments#comment-141108 One day I must bring the story up to date... Cheers NB
  9. Nick_Burman

    EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    Er... photo taken at Shin-Kanaya? Cheers NB
  10. And me thinking that they were standard OBB (Austria) masts... your masts have given me an idea - marrying the Viessmann registers to wooden posts would go a long way towards representing the early cantilever systems employed by some early AC electrifications (and some DC ones too). Cheers NB
  11. Nick_Burman

    Making sense of TaKis

    Now here is an image you don't see that often... Cheers NB
  12. Nick_Burman

    Which engineering program for developing trains?

    And Productioon Engineering if you want to get into the operating part of railroading... Cheers NB
  13. Nick_Burman

    Kawasaki Freight Station

    Have you tried checking the national freight train timetable? Cheers NB
  14. I rather like the new Trenitalia long-distance colours. The XMPR scheme used on the present-day stock is ugly, over-complicated for ordinary railway use and does not weather well (especially when the vinyl starts to peel, fade or fall off). It gave Trenitalia IC trains a very dishevelled look. I hope the new scheme weathers better in use. As for the scheme being identical to the DB one, it could be worse... when the EUROFIMA coaches were first delivered in the 1970's the idea was that all of them should have worn the same (hideous!) orange and white scheme independently of which administration they were delivered to (the idea was to create a pan-European passenger rolling stock pool that could be moved around according to necessity). Even FS jumped in the bandwagon...until sanity prevailed and coaches were delivered in the colours of the various individual administrations. Cheers NB
  15. Nick_Burman

    What could have been...

    Russian and Soviet also. One of the largest TT suppliers is Peresvet from Russia and they have a fair amount of URSS and former URSS equipment... Cheers NB