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  1. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    Hey Ewan, I was looking at the Tokyo Station map and couldn't figure where it was - I do know it was in the bottom floor and it wasn't just one store front but a rather large opening on 2 sides which had several stores in there. This one in particular was selling travel related gadgets and bags while the others were more souveniers. Sorry, I was a little bit disoriented when I was in the station.
  2. September 2017

    Wonderful pictures, westfalen. Thank you for sharing them. What would say was the ratio of riding trains and rail fanning? The extent of my rail fanning was spending extra time at the platforms. Next time I would love to leave the stations and wander off somewhere and watch trains in a natural environment. I will most definitely hit you up when I do go back to Japan and learn about those areas you went to. :)
  3. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    Hey Ewan, I saw the Shinkansen Cab Car power bank in one of the stores at the Tokyo Station when I was there in July and I believe it was an E7. It's the one store that had JR Merchandise such as Suica card holders, mouse pads and such. I almost got one but didn't. -Junior
  4. The Shonan and Old Nagano Color are slated to be release in December by Tomix. More Tokai type trains for me, even though I already have 115's in these liveries but they aren't Shinano Railway. :) I already have the older Coca Cola 115 by Tomix so probably won't get it if a new model comes out.
  5. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    A temporary diorama to showcase my new Kato Snow Rabbit Express.
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Just received the Kato 10-381 681-2000 Series Snow Rabbit Express and it is like new.
  7. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    Thanks, miyakoji. Ah, thanks for the feedback - I will definitely have more spacing between the houses to simulate rice fields. As for the placement of the Temple and sentos, I will need to do a little more research.
  8. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    I don't know what came over me ordering these buildings especially the Temple Kit - that's the price of a train. :)
  9. Indoctrinating children

    Thanks for the info Mark, I just might have to look into some Australian locomotives. This also looks similar to the diesel your son is riding on.
  10. My Temporary Setups - Nothing but Trains!

    I've decided to invest in some real estate. Putting the buildings together was pretty fun. Darn it, I have make the trees for the Temple base. The landscaping stuff will be done on a different day. My little town is coming together.
  11. I thought they just did? http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10367164
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I've stayed away from the 103's knowing it comes is so many color variants that knowing myself, it would be difficult to have just one. Well, how great is it that Tomix came out with a model that has 5 different colors in one set. Hopefully this will satisfy my need and I don't go buying complete trains in the different colors.
  13. Hello from Detroit Michigan

    Welcome to the forum, Roland. I'm sure your collection will grow the more you hang out in this forum. :) There's a section where you can also share about your non-Japanese trains - worldwide models.
  14. September 2017

    I stumbled upon this scene on my walk to Tamtam from Ochanomizu Station. I really had no idea of where I was at, I was just following my google directions. Here are my shots but it looks like I had higher vantage point than yours. Where were you standing?
  15. September 2017

    Beautiful shot as are the others. Did you wait long to have a train on each level?