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  1. Finally scored the Delaware & Hudson PA-1 set - great addition to my PA-1 collection. I love these Alco's, so elegant.
  2. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    Another nice train running meetup and this time with donuts. Sam brought his Steam Locos and did a photo shoot on the roundhouse. I hope he got some nice pictures because you can't see them in my pictures. My M250 Super Rail Cargo felt right at home.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The Kato 10-214 is perfect for the KuMoNi/YuNi/Ya's and it has the indentation on the foam liner to protect the pantographs. It's what I'm using for my collection. KuMoNi/YuNi/Ya collection, I think that's a good collective term for these assorted units. :)
  4. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    Hello Bay Area Japanese Modelers, We are having a meet up on Saturday. The Crockett N-Trak club is graciously hosting us again and allow us to run trains on their layout. Come and join us! -Junior
  5. Yeah, I have a couple of the other Kato Smoothside Passenger Car sets and why not the Daylight since I have the motive power now. :)
  6. I've been on a North American train bender lately - just got a Kato PA-1 and PB-1 Southern Pacific Daylight. I also got a 4 car set but missed out on the 6 car set, so now on the hunt for the 6 Car Southern Pacific Daylight set. Thankfully, there are quite a few on eBay right now.
  7. Nice livery and loco. Haven't pulled the trigger on of these for HO yet.
  8. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Ah, thanks Kiha66 for that great information - I wasn't aware of the full width diaphragms and looking more closely at the Daylight cars, it does have that. I was wondering why the car ends looked different. I was just looking at a video of the Kato Daylight with Kinematic couplers and looks awesome on a straightaway. I will gladly take those extra Kinematics off your hands.
  9. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Thanks gavino200 for the info. I looked at my new Hiawatha set and it doesn’t have the adjustable coupler shaft. Interesting how the Daylight has both the Kinematic and adjustable coupler shaft as options for close coupling. All the cars have Kato knuckle couplers.
  10. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    I knew about those and thought maybe this was a new solution to reduce the gap. Was just looking at some photos of the kinematics and there's barely a gap. Thanks for the heads up and would like to check them out.
  11. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Sorry not Japanese but is a Kato. :) I was playing with my Daylight train and the gap between the cars is huge and as I was looking at the trucks to see what can be done to reduce the gap, I notice that the coupler holders were adjustable. I have the newly released set, is this a new feature? If it is, it's awesome as I didn't have to buy or change anything to reduce the gap and also not permanent. The only issue now is that it won't run on tighter curve radius which I'm perfectly ok with as it doesn't look all that nice anyway on anything less that a 345 or 381. Remove the wheel and then the coupler holder and move it towards the center of the truck.
  12. First Japan Rail Layout

    Wow, that looks very cool! And you put that together really fast.
  13. Fabi in Japan

    Wow, TheNicofabi is finally in Japan! Congratulations man, it was all talk over a year ago. Glad to see that you made it happen Fabian! Have fun and hope you find whatever it is you're looking for. :)
  14. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I see in the future a large container containing Koki's along with a bunch of containers. :)
  15. My Temporary Setups - Mostly Trains!

    Passenger service revenues are down so I thought I would diversify revenue streams and get into freight service.