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  1. What did you order or the post deliver?

    At customs, I was able to pick up my Shiki Shima, 2x DF200 from Kato and the new Kato catalog today.
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    Too bad that I did not find time to come to Berlin because of my work
  3. But that's the wrong set for BR 103! For this set you need an E10.12 of the DB. The BR103 needs more of this set https://www.ebay.de/itm/Arnold-HNS4221-4-teiliges-Set-Rheingold-1983-DB-Fluegelzug-Spur-N-NEU-/382042465426
  4. What Track Plan Software Do You Use?

    I mainly plan with Wintrack. But I have the old free SCARM still on a computer without an internet connection, because of the XP version, to plan.
  5. What did you do on your layout today?

    I tested the layout of the buildings, the future length of the platforms and the location of the tunnel portal. I may have to move the switch positions from the station to the other segment otherwise no 4-car train will fit into it. With low speeds, it looks very good :-) I will post a video in the next few days
  6. What did you do on your layout today?

    Today I used the afternoon to finish the first buildings, then it was time to prepare for a test.
  7. lighthouse first layout

    I want to let there drive trains of the JNR and JR Hokkaido. My collection is still a little too small, but I already own some of the vehicles I would like to use there. For example (JNR): ED76-500 + 4 cars series 50 (2 trains) EMU series 781 EMU series 711 DD51-500 + Freight Train ED76-500 + Freight Train For special purposes, video recordings, my blue trains and special trains should also be able to drive on it, only that these can not be parked in the fiddle yard.
  8. lighthouse first layout

    After my girl friend has criticized the space requirement for the planned railroad and their arguments were unbeatable, I got to my delight a new place in the living room. Unfortunately, I had to revise the plan again. This planning is now finalized with my girlfriend (I hope at least). Of course I can not park long trains at the Fiddle Yard anymore, but it is still enough for 6 to 9 wagon trains. Next month, I'll get the two missing modules for the front visible part.
  9. Questions about role models (wagons)

    Since I have succumbed to a translation error ... I was displayed in German Shimomatsu, the place is located in Osaka ... During my break at work I was able to collect a few more pictures :-) @kvp Yes, I also noticed that I had not seen correctly in the first pictures.
  10. Questions about role models (wagons)

    Thanks for the information. Interesting is the possibility to integrate different wheelsets (normal wheelsets and spoke wheelsets) ! http://highland.hakuba.ne.jp/~natsume/kamotsu/fctank3/tak3k2L.JPG http://highland.hakuba.ne.jp/~natsume/kamotsu/fctank3/n800380_a05Fc_tak3k1.jpg
  11. Hello, I have in my collection a wagon type Taki 3000 (black) Kato with white Nisseki Oil logo. ( http://www.katomodels.com/product/nmi/taki3000_e.shtml ) Unfortunately, I can find no information on the web in which period these cars were with this logo on duty !? As far as I know, the wagons were in service throughout Japan, including Hokkaido ?. Can somebody tell me something about that?
  12. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    @gavino200 The locomotive in your link (BR 110) was preferred for express trains. By the end of the 70s Intercity's and Eurocity's had been promoted with the BR 103 and BR 112, then only with the BR 103 and later in the 80s was added the BR 120.0 . I can recommend you this website http://www.baureihe110.de/ (please use it with google translator!) Small explanation of the colors of the German Federal Railways in the 70s to the mid-80s. Ivory / Maroon = High quality trains like Eurocity & Intercity Ivory / Ocean Blue = 2nd class Intercity, express trains, D trains, local trains At Eurocity and Intercity, the 2nd class cars were almost always in the color ivory / ocean blue. History of IC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercity_(Deutsche_Bahn)
  13. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    Hi, on this website you can build your train according to original composition http://www.vagonweb.cz/razeni/index.php?rok=2014 Unfortunately not all years are represented
  14. For Sale - *SOLD*

    Tomix 92578 JR East Limited Exp. Series 485-3000 "Hakucho" is sold!!!
  15. For Sale - *SOLD*

    TOMIX 2226 DF200 is sold now!