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  1. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    I have relaxed my need for space to move in and have revised the size of my plan. The first pic shows where I was worried about getting through, and the second shows the addition that I will use to solve the problem. The addition will have only the castle on it. It will be moveable, on casters, and will contain only the castle. When not in use as a railroad fixture, it can be moved somewhere else. These changes shorten the actual railroad somewhat and allows the width to be reverted back to 4 feet. This frees up a lot of extra space and allows my Portram line back in. Also the complete Car Wash can be included, along with other ideas later on. I guess I panicked yesterday about the space for me. Anyway, I think this is the final plan, and will not go on forever. Gerry
  2. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    This plan is in N scale. The sharp curves are on the bus route, which can operate on 66mm radius curves, and the freight line uses 249mm curves on the top left end curve. Relatively slow railroading and buses. Gerry
  3. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    My last few pics showed the 3 tables set with the 1meter dim. along the wall. And with this I may have outdone myself. If I now add 24 inches to this total it would add up to 12 feet. But the longer dimension of each table at 4 feet would be sticking out into the room. Now if I move the layout out 16 to 18 inches to be able to work on it the layout is now 6 feet into the whole room. This may be too much freedom of movement for me to lose. With the tables turned the other way, I gain back a whole foot of space and believe me that is a lot in a small apartment. OK, so what would I lose if I do this. By using a narrower layout I lose the Portram Line, I would have to move the Car Wash and turn it 90 degrees which would mean that the extension could not be used. There would be less space around the castle unless I went to a smaller one. The reason I have so much Unitram is because I already have it, in fact I just bought more and it was delivered 2 weeks ago. I guess I might have got ahead of myself. On the other hand, I don't have to build that other table and I still have a 12 foot long layout, just not taking up 6 feet of width. Ok. I think that now the planning stage might be complete. Gerry
  4. Jeff, if you go to my build for the Mixed layout they are all numbered 620 now and all my posts in the planning stage are all numbered 620. This one will probably change the number to 521 but its not in my blog. Gerry You did not even go to my blog to see what I was talking about. Gerry's Edit.
  5. I have 2 questions really. Why are all my posts numbered 619? They have been numbered 619 for quite some time. When I start a post I highlite the Bold button and change the type size to 14. I then start my post and down a few lines I add a pic or a plan, and then do more typing and the bold and the type size has reverted back to your original. Can this be corrected so that all through a post everything stays the same? Gerry
  6. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    This is the 3 large tables with styro glued on top of a 1x2 frame to add stability to the Noch attachment system. Very weak is my opinion, so needed extra. Jeff, your idea for a hinging layout to be handier to do wiring. Needs some extra thought. I can't imagine a block and tackle system in my apartment. No there is not room for Mystic Seaport. The 2ft. extension will be added to this end and will include my fishing village. I'm thinking of covering the whole thing with green cloth so that everything that is not Unitram, Unitrack, or Wide Track will be grass or trees. This needs more thinking too. Maybe do each table separately for easier tilting system. Gerry
  7. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    I have shortened the bus route across the front and added a tram line from the village across the middle. There has to be a crossing in there near the left and I don't know which crossing to use. Kato or Tomix. The tram line is Tomix Wide Tram and the rail line is Kato. Also note that there is a curve immediately after the crossing, so no room for adapter track pieces. Gerry
  8. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    I have decided to build the extension piece with 1x2 wood. That's because I already have one built and I am lazy. I have an extra 2 ft. wide by 4 ft. long module from my intentions for T-Track. All I need to do is install the styro and legs at the right height and - VOILA. This will bring the length of the layout to 142 inches - almost 12 ft. but now that gives me more room for the fishing village at the left end. Also a need for a tram line out there from the city. ANY IDEAS? Gerry
  9. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    I have just now been informed by my supplier in the U.S. that Noch does not offer their Aluminum Frame number 92230 any more. This order was placed by me on Nov. 10 of last year, and it has taken until now for them to tell me this. As you can see, this makes a difference in my plan by 40cm at the left end. I suppose I could build a frame of this size from 1x2 wood but it will be a funny looking mess. But I can't leave it like this. I seems to me that I have a couple of pieces of 31cm alum. frame from the Cortina layout that I didn't use. Now the problem is - to find them I1 of my many boxes of junk. Gerry
  10. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    These are the first 3 tables in line but not spaced out from the wall. Waiting on the last table to make up the 3400mm. These will now have a 1x2in wood frame built on top to give stability to the 1in thick Styrofoam.
  11. From here on I am doing construction of my last plan. The tables are set up, and the width cut to 48 inches. I am waiting on one more table which when added will bring the layout to 3400mm long by 48 inches wide. I suppose I will have to get better at taking pictures, loading them into my computer and then displaying them on here. Sounds like a lot of work. So, here goes. Gerry
  12. T-Track - "Z"

    I have decided to simplify things for my first T-Track-Z layout and not use the Star modules. They need a wider area to produce a layout and a small apartment is not where that can happen. Also, since the T-Track is to be a temp layout it gets relegated to the smallest allotment of space, so it goes on one side of my bedroom. 24 inches wide by about 130 inches long. This will use ten modules of various sizes, and will incorporate a small yard for the regular pair of tracks and even a 4 track yard for the single track viaduct. Sounds complicated, and it is. Since T-Track is mostly used for displaying our efficiency in RR modelling it will be used as such. There is no such thing as a T-Track-Z club in existence around here but maybe this will arouse some interest. Even T-Track-N is very rare and one would need to cross the border into U.S.A. to get club affiliation. So, this pic might help to see what I have in mind. I have most of these modules ready with good flat surfaces prepared for track. There is room for a double track viaduct but as you can see right now it will be mostly track so I'm limiting the viaduct, and will even leave it removable for now. The 2 yards are the end mods at the left. and since I already have 3 shinkansens I have made a 4 track yard at viaduct level. Yes. I will get a build on. Gerry
  13. -Gerry's Mixed Layout

    In all of my past plans I have tried to incorporate a lot of city scene as well as railroading. This one has less railroading which makes it seem more crowded as I put in a large segment of Unitram. I have also tried to use most of the things which I have collected in N scale. May be too much, but we shall see. The large castle will be a centerpiece which also uses other facilities. Being rather isolated, castles need bus or tram services to and from. I guess, most castles are on high hills,but we are stuck with starting from FLAT tabletops. Gerry
  14. -Gerry's Mixed Layout

    Thanx Jeff. gerry
  15. -Gerry's Mixed Layout

    I'm short, with short arms, and have been dealing with this problem now for 76 years. Yes, even though I have a large gut, and no hips, I have always needed to have space behind my layouts. That was a continuous problem with going to shows with even my Z scale layouts at 5 feet square. They always wanted to know why. Even though they could not reach across 5 feet they wanted me to be able. Yes, I have 18 inches of space to move the layout in and out when I need to. Thanx , again, Jeff. Gerry