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  1. Brand new to T-Trak, having a blast!

    Very fine module. Really looks REAL. I hope some of mine look like that one. Gerry
  2. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    These are 3 of the scenes I will be using for my fishing village. Along with another Tomytec piece and boats by Tomytec and Greenmax. These three add up to 520mm in length and 130mm deep. A good start I think, and I have had these in mind since I bought them July 15, 2015. Gerry
  3. Gerry's Train Room

    So with the corrections I have had to make some changes. Some good, some not so good. The good one is that I can do away with the yard at the left end of the layout. The change to dimensions means that I have to add in the front expansion piece which is 31cm wide and will allow a yard to be inserted across the front. The old yard design was going to be stored in the closet when not in use. Now I get my closet back. The not so good is that the whole layout is now 100cm deep so will need to be set up abt. 18 inches from the wall which means that there will not be as much free space in that bedroom. You win some, you lose some.
  4. T-Track - "Z"

    Thanx for the try Todd. There just doesn't seem to be one. I think I have just completed the plans for the Cortina layout so will be working on that for now. Gerry
  5. Gerry's Train Room

    I have been wondering why the track and the module and the table don't fit together, and I finally measured them. The module from Noch, which has all the track spaces set out, is 1000mm long by 690mm wide as advertised. The table from Noch, which is supposedly made to fit the module, is 1000mm long by 720mm wide. I made assumptions again. Gerry
  6. T-Track - "Z"

    Does anyone know if there is a scale model of the Toyama (Azumi) Castle, either N or Z scale, or somewhere close to scale? Gerry
  7. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    OK. This is great and real if you have one or two boats for repair. But where do you put them if you have 20 to 30 to repair. Then you need to move them to higher ground and away from the waterfront. In the winter, here in Canada, where we have lots of snow, like north eastern Japan, all the boats are taken out of the water. They have to be stored somewhere. Not at small boat repair shops. Gerry
  8. T-Track - "Z"

    These are the 3 Star modules. The distance across, point to point is 48 inches. Flat to flat is 34.5 inches. Makes for a good hub to build on. Each flat where the mods come together is where more mods will go to make 3 arms to the star. Gerry
  9. T-Track - "Z"

    I now have the shipping costs for the 3 modules. It cost 40.56 US dollars. That's 13.52 each and a total weight of 11.3 pounds Gerry.
  10. T-Track - "Z"

    Shipping to Canada is much more expensive than internal US. These could go postal for you but international courier for me, so becomes much more. I'm sure that from Austin to California would not be much. Depends on your priorities. Right now I don't know the shipping cost. It will be billed from the courier. Gerry
  11. T-Track - "Z"

    I received the last 3 modules for my Small Star layout so must get at assembling them. This is the layout I mean, and had the mods. built by Masterpiece in Texas. The 3 mods. are the ones in pink that form a 3 pointed star. With them turned the other way out and with 6 of them it forms a 6 pointed star. The viaduct around the outside is the new one by Rokuhan. Will be my first try with this. Gerry
  12. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    Thanx Jeff. My table will be in 3 pieces 1000mm by 1250mm, and will be ready by end Nov. so have time to think on this. My main push right now will be T-Track-Z so must get at it. Gerry
  13. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    All of your suggestions have been noted and acted. There is not much left of the original. Gerry
  14. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    I have eliminated the reverse loop. I have eliminated the extraneous track at the boat yard. The left end is NOT a container yard. It is made up of 5 Tomytec Fishing Port items and will include Tomytec boats. The Tomytec boat yard is for repairs to boats.in the short term. Longer term overhauls are moved to the boat yard by heavy cranes and dollies being pulled by small diesel locomotives, therefor the need for rail track.. I have no long Shinkansens, my longest is 8 cars and none have rapido couplers. In between the s curves I have a 124, a 310 and a 186. You can't put a strait in between 22.5 degree curves. What I am lacking are single track running loops except for the down town loop. Maybe that's enough. Can anything go in under that huge viaduct station? Seems like waste space. Can businesses go in there, as well as the station buildings? Remember that the loop ends of the bus runs are shown extra large.. Gerry
  15. Gerryo's Largest N Layout

    I made some changes and am now quite satisfied with the results. First, I turned it upside down to orient it better to the room, where east is east and west is west. Second is, I limited it to 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. It is actually 3 meters long which is close to 9.5 feet by 1.25 meters wide which is 4 ft. 1 in. Within this I think I will have a lot of different expressions. With the viaduct being square to the layout makes it much easier to set in other linear ideas, such as the streetscape space for Diotown, a large viaduct station necessary for the Shinkansens parking and the possibility for other small stations. My fishing village will fit nicely on the East end as will a small boat yard with tracks for the dollies. I would appreciate any comments or blaring mistake pointed out. Gerry