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  1. You're right, I just assumed that maybe this design was not just for an anime but also something that would be commercialized in Japan since there are animes that have real Shinkansen trains as "main characters", like this one for example: Maybe Kawasaki is using this as an opportunity to show off a design so they could get someone interested in buying it?
  2. This is a 'prototype' that Kawasaki Heavy Industries designed for an anime that stars Shinkansen. Frankly it looks really good and I hope they will really build something like that. I'm just surprised to see it as a bilevel, I thought JR would stop making bilevel shinkansens? https://www.sankei.com/west/photos/180720/wst1807200051-p2.html
  3. Niigata Transys ? First time I hear of them. For what else are they known for?
  4. trainsforever8

    Montréal's brand new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

    Wow, you really went all out in this one, I really like this! You should actually send all of this to the REM's official twitter or facebook page, I am sure they would appreciate it!. i agree the traditional headlights looking nice too! They are still taking general suggestions. I heard that a lot of people are requesting the second one (Mont-Royal), but with the first one's head lights and they are taking note, so who knows!
  5. Now this has to be the coolest LRT vehicle I've seen, any idea on which company will build it?
  6. trainsforever8

    Montréal's brand new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

    So now we know what the Alstom Metropolis will look like, the public is given 3 choices to vote for. My personal favourite is the first one (Saint-Laurent). Each design is supposed to represent a characteristic of Montreal: 1. Saint-Laurent A design with character, inspired by the architecture of the new Champlain Bridge and the crossing over the St. Lawrence River. https://rem.info/sites/default/files/2018-07/concept_St-Laurent.jpg Characteristics: The green line along the side symbolizes the new bridge. The R superimposed over it represents the REM that crosses it. The headlights are distinctive and their diagonal lines are a reference to the cables on the new Champlain Bridge. 2. Mont-Royal A clean design along horizontal lines. Its completely green roof symbolizes Mount Royal, which is the lungs of the city and an iconic landmark crossed by the REM. https://rem.info/sites/default/files/2018-07/concept_Mont-Royal.jpg Characteristics: The green roof, inspired by Mount Royal The lines on the side call to mind the architecture of future stations and the idea of movement The headlights are inspired by the wings of the George-Étienne Cartier Monument at the entrance to Mount Royal, also called “the angel statue” 3. Expo A colourful design and chaotic geometric shapes: this model is a nod to Expo 67 and to the cultural vitality of Greater Montréal. https://rem.info/sites/default/files/2018-07/concept_Expo.jpg Characteristics: The three shades of green and the geometric shapes are a throwback to the design styles of the era. The headlights are inspired by the wings of an airplane, a nod to the new link to the airport and Montréal’s openness to the world. https://rem.info/en/consultation
  7. trainsforever8

    Bombardier Fails Again

    It's really sad that such a big company is met with frequent issues regarding their products. Here in Montreal, they lost the contract for the REM to Alstom and while many people are disappointed because this will result in job loss at LaPocatière, I find this choice natural considering their recent history.
  8. The colours and head lights are fine, but the front's shape feels a bit "old", wish it had a more futuristic design personally.
  9. Do you guys think the Hanzomon line will also get new rolling stock?
  10. Wow thank you so much for showing us that! That's definitely something I'd be interested in!
  11. Not sure what to think about the front design, but I definitely like the white on the wheels.
  12. trainsforever8

    Montréal's brand new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

    By the way, sorry for the double post, but here's the new official website of the project where you can find some illustrations of the futur stations! https://rem.info/en/stations https://rem.info/en/albums/rem-architectural-renders We still don't know what the railcars will look like though (they use trams in some of their illustrations but that's really not what it's going to be).
  13. trainsforever8

    Montréal's brand new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

    It's an interesting solution to have only 1 type of train per direction in the tunnel. However, perhaps VIA Rail should get EMUs with the same type of crashworthiness standards as the Alstom Metropolis, which I don't think would be VERY difficult since they plan on using railway tracks where only passenger trains would have the right of way. The thing is, if I remember correctly, they would want to share their tracks with other passenger trains (such as commuter trains) and then these would also have to be built by those standards. The best solution I can think of is just using different types of trains with the same ATP and ATO systems.
  14. Revenue service begins in 2020? Is that a prototype or is it normal for Shinkansen trains to get tested for that long before being put into service?