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  1. Hello everyone, We have released the new FREEWARE content, Tokyu 9000 series. With detailed interior & exterior as real as realistic, animated door. You don't need to pay for this content! Download Now
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  6. Thank you! yes, we will make another freeware content, like Tokyo Metro 6000 or 7000 series.
  7. Hi all, the JR 203 series is now available on the http://jtrainz.com/ and Trainz Download Station: <KUID:300193:100454> <KUID:300193:100748> <KUID:300193:100749>
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  10. All of our contents are includes with custom and drivable cab and yes, we are working on creating more freeware content.
  11. Dear all, We are now on progress on build the new route, Chiyoda Branch Line. Here is the progress screenshoots for the route (Taken on Trainz Simulator 12): ​Our previous route, Yamanote Line will be in our site. not only that, we launched the special promo on our site, jtrainz.com. so check it out now!
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  13. Hi Todd, Our contents doesn't work with iPad​ or Macintosh. Cheers,
  14. Hi Demetrius, I've completed the E5 series, I'll inform you when it's ready to release :)