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  1. Want to take your Train love to a new level? Stylish Glasses made from material used in the E235. Google Translate: Collaboration with railway vehicle manufacturer's comprehensive vehicle manufacturing plant Jinz will use the stainless material glasses "E235 series × JINS Made in SABAE" model used on the JR Yamanote line's new model E235 series train on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 on Thursday, November 9 (Thursday ) Announced that it will be released in limited quantities https://trafficnews.jp/post/78555
  2. Hi from UK, Cornwall.

    Welcome Geoff.
  3. Tomix - New Releases

    Why didn't they announced the E1 earlier? Or did I miss something?I would have rather gotten the E1 than the Shiki-Shima.
  4. Thanks a bunch Lee. I appreciate it!!!
  5. Ups. Sorry. Misunderstanding from my side!!!
  6. Strange.I was sure that I got all of Lees(many thanks) uploads.I haven't seen this one. Does anybody has this on google drive please?
  7. The Introduction Thread...

    Hello Dustin and Welcome to the forum.
  8. How many n scale models.

    Wow. That's a lot of trains. I wonder if someone has them all.
  9. How many n scale models.

    I was wondering about how many different models have been published by the Major Japanese companies. Any estimates ?
  10. I contacted him, and he understands. My concern is that he might has a problem selling this Train, since its not one of the most popular ones. So I thought I let people here know about it, since there are more people here that collect Trains from a certain area/city.
  11. N Scale Database

    I signed in. Do I have to send an request every time I want to add a train?
  12. Hey guys. Is anyone interested in getting this Train? I pre ordered it from Nariichi san (Modeltrainplus), but thanks to the Hurricane I wont be able to buy it from him, since Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency for New Orleans with the city's water-pumping system malfunctioning and needing repairs as more rain is in the forecast. Last month we had bad flooding and I only could get to my house trough knee deep water. This time it's supposed to be worse because of Hurricane Harvey, so I put all my valuables in a storage, and will spend a week or so in a Hotel. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10439869
  13. JAM 2017

    Is the suspension monorail self build? It looks great!!!