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  1. This is Amazing!! https://japantoday.com/category/features/food/the-first-ever-pizza-dispensing-vending-machine-in-japan-now-operating-in-hiroshima
  2. Sascha

    The Introduction Thread...

    Welcome Paolo!!
  3. For sale is the Micro Ace A0314 Doraemon .It has been run only 15 min, and is in Perfect condition.All stickers are unused. $190 plus shipping.
  4. http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201806080003.html
  5. Oh.It just stopped. Seems like its back to normal.
  6. It just started. Never happened before.
  7. Is this normal?When I send a PM message, says 'Saving' for about 5-6 seconds, before the message is send. Same when I post in the Forum.
  8. Tomix 98959 J.R. Series 500-7000 Sanyo SHINKANSEN (500 Type Eva) Only 15 min run time. $240 inclusive shipping in the US. Outside add $10. Train is in like new condition. Has all stickers. PM me if you want pictures.
  9. Naw. I just use my browser. I didn't really looked into it that much, but a lot of people complaining about Tapatalk.
  10. I have the same problem.I don't use Tapatalk anymore.
  11. Looks great.Very unique look. I just saw a video on Youtube yesterday where Brian May (Queen) showed off his Electric Guitar that he and his dad made when he was little. Do you got any videos playing it?
  12. Sascha


    Oh wow. That is sad. Sorry to hear that!!
  13. Sascha

    Band Maid T-Shirt!!!

    Thanks a bunch Jeff!!!
  14. Sascha

    Band Maid T-Shirt!!!

    I'm looking for this T-Shirt. Can't find it online anywhere!! https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB19Myhm7CWBuNjy0Faq6xUlXXas/Newest-2018-Fashion-Stranger-Things-T-Shirt-Men-Band-Maid-Band-Ver-7-T-shirt-Black.jpg_640x640.jpg