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  1. Found this while looking at train stuff. Can you get it on Ami Ami or so? http://etrain.jp/newitem/?p=6908
  2. Sascha

    Forum software update

    Thank you Martjin!!
  3. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Just found this band. I find it amazing, that pretty much every band in Japan knows how to play instruments.
  4. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Also a great Band. I like this one a bunch, since its so Tokyo. The Underground scene is insane.Saw them perform 2 years ago.Sadly they split up.
  5. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Another Metal Band I really like!! The Bass Player is awesome!!
  6. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    I like this one. Haven't been listening to old Japanese music!!
  7. Sascha

    The Introduction Thread...

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. Sascha

    Where can you buy this laptop bag?

    Thanks guys!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Found this online, but don't know how to find a shopping site. https://tetsudo-ch.com/38623.html
  10. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Here is one from Band Maid. They used the named Band Maiko as a April fools joke. I think this is their best song so far!! And Saiki Atsumis Guitar play is just awesome!!
  11. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    This is my favorite from her. Feat Taka from One Ok Rock.
  12. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Her voice is awesome!!
  13. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Not a big fan of AKB 48 group stuff, but I really like this song!!
  14. Sascha

    Japanese Music

  15. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Crowd Of Rebellion!!