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  1. VPNs blocked?

    i had to use VPN to bypass blocked imgur images.. stupid regulation.
  2. Italian Maglev project

    so.. if a magnet is constantly used, it will use their magnetism over time? btw don't magnets only gets demagnetized under high temperature?
  3. Anyone Assembled Greenmax EMU kits?

    sometimes, the shape isn't really accurate to the real one.
  4. 103 Series subclass without gutters?

    those are N40 cars.
  5. People’s Republic of China N Scale trains

    found these http://www.cmrline.com/english/index.html https://www.eztranscom.com/online/index.php?route=product/category&path=153 https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/6873443-minitown-n-10402-china-diesel-locomotive-df11 repainted Japanese stuffs http://marilyns-room.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/09/post-0a7b.html
  6. thanks! i use 0.05mm layer height for the cab face and bogies, and 0.1mm for anything else. i use regular PLA filament. i heard ABS is really painful to print.. so i avoid it.
  7. afaik it's only common in stations with low platforms.. the train could smash the platform itself when switching lane on a high platform station.
  8. these are some 1/150 trains that i have made with a FDM printer. not that smooth, but the quality is pretty acceptable imho.
  9. btw, why did you place a double crossover in the middle of platform?
  10. Help - train fell apart (Tomix) trying to repair

    it's a coupler spring. located on the upper side of loco cowhangers. btw, didn't the central bogie actually meant to be loose?
  11. Derailment in maiden run of new Amtrak line kills 3

    128 in a 45 zone? that's pretty brutal.
  12. Berlin & Munich GT6N trams

    sharpie? it's transparent afaik or leftover window tints from nearby custom car shops
  13. some pics on threads also can't be seen..
  14. 3D Modeling; The Future

    those are ex support joint for SLA prints. seriously they didn't clean that? oh cmon, professionals.
  15. Need help identifying some trains

    i don't think 211 exist there.. it could be a 719 instead *edit: my bad, didn't see the link