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  1. Gavino200's Layout phase II - Modeling

    First successful casting. It took me a few attempts to find a technique that worked.
  2. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I like the German 80's nostalgia train!!! All you need is a restaurant car and a few 2nd class coaches.
  3. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    It's Fleischmann. It was a little tough to track down. I got it from a Dutch shop called Pijp-Lines Modelbouw.
  4. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    Finally received my Epoch IV 2nd class car with working tail lights. Maybe one more 2nd class coach and I think it'll be complete :)
  5. Wanted: Crash Trains

    That's an outstanding idea! I'll try it.
  6. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    I also like the Epoch V colors. I may add one of those in the future. I've seen these with a mix of blue and red painted coaches. I like how the color mix looks. Is the picture you posted here actually taken on board a train?
  7. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    Epoch VI IC train almost complete. Just waiting for a Class 101. Currently it's being pulled by an EF-210. I just love the Steuerwagen. Thanks everyone for helping me understand these trains.
  8. Some random German train pics for y'all :)
  9. What did you do on your layout today?

    Nice. Do the lights on the near curved platform piece light up as well?
  10. Tomix - New Releases

    That KoKi carry truck is nice. I want it. But it looks like you have to buy the whole set. Damn!