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  1. ModelTrainPlus

    The effort is nice! Mr kato was surprised when he learned of jrm years ago and interested that there was a fair Japanese model train following around the world past modelers just picking up a cool Japanese train or two. So much of his efforts here are on the kato USA stuff usually. jeff
  2. Hi from UK, Cornwall.

    Geoff, careful, Japanese model trains can be like pop corn! And Japanese hobby shops canhave quite a mind blowing variety of trains to offer up! Jeff
  3. Greetings (or Konnichiwa) from Michigan!

    Tim, dc vs DCC is a constant question for many. Like others have mentioned the biggest hurdle in Japanese trains with DCC is if your collection gets big it can get costly in decoders and install time (or money if you have it done) as few have drop in slots other than some of the newer kato mainstream models. For small layouts if you are using kato unitrak or tomix fine track, the power routing of the points can take care of most wiring issues to block off sidings to store tracks on. Many smaller layouts with 1-4 loops work well like this with a dc throttle for each loop and just strategic placement of your power feeds and insulating rails only where you have potential crossover between throttles (i.e. Points to switch between two loops on different throttles), but this is even solved w.o doing any rail insulation if you use the double crossovers. the thing to remember is you can always start with dc then slowly move to DCC by having one loop dc and the other DCC. the level of wiring even for a more sophisticated dc system is not bad at all with your software background, it's mainly just thinking pathways, no nasty ee stuff! The big benefit with DCC you might like as a software developer is that there are several software packages to make sophisticated pc control of your DCC system which can be cool with it throwing points and controlling trains. Of course this means getting into some more equipment and wiring (sensors, block controllers, etc) but again it's not horrid ee kind of stuff, more just logic diagrams more akin to software akin thinking. the tomix automated systems are also a way to take a simple dc layout and add some fun automation and while there are wires to run it's all pretty much use plug and play and again more thinking thru the logic of how the system runs. poke around in the forums as there has been lots of discussion of all of the above over the years and may help you narrow in on a decision and other questions to ask for your situation. cheers jeff
  4. The forum does not have anything to do with Access to Lee's files other than being the place he posted the links to the files on his server account (that server account has nothing to do with the forum or membership to the forum) for others to get if they wished. Since all our posts in the forum are public to both registered and non registered users it makes no difference if you are registered on the forum to see Lee's links to his files. the only way to limit access to the links to forum members would be to have him only pm the links to other forum members and not put them directly in posts (which are public and don't need forum membership to see). It's totally Lee's decision on what he would want to do about this, he now seems comfortable to leave it the way it was as it appears as if the chap is not using his files to upload to YouTube, but we will leave it up to him as he's the one doing the work to make these available. they do seem like promotional videos and nhk does not seem to derive much if any advertising from their international stuff so I do doubt they care all that much if they are shared, but it's their content and they can enforce or not enforce limits on distribution of these, it's up to them. jeff
  5. The forum is open to the public to read, but you have to be registered to post or pm. It's an open forum and we don't want to close it off to the public to read or they will never find us and see what is here to come and participate. the alternative would be for folks with files like this to share require others to pm them to get the link to a file they are staring so as to not make the links public. But this would not prevent anyone the link is shared with from passing it on or doing something else with the files. jeff
  6. Berlin GT6N trams

    About the same here with walthers markup bringing over Tomix/tomytec, sad as they have a deal directly with tomytec as a distributor, so should be a good deal and thus pass it along to their retailers. But then again the American wholesale to retail chain tends to have fewer and larger steps than the Japanese. Mokei imports seemed to do a decent business with a much smaller market than walthers bringing over tomix and green max and it being about the same street price for higher volume items in us hobby shops as japan. He was also smart in bringing over catalogs and selling them to dealers near cost and the dealers usually did not mark up much so you could get kato and tomix catalogs than less than Japanese street price and cheap book rate shipping in the us. Smart to get the drool book to folks here cheap to drive up interest! jeff
  7. Yes if there is a window throwing sunlight on this it's best to put uv film on those windows. Film may not look so great on the display cabinet glass and can easily get nicked up. Other option is to use museum (uv coated) glass for the cabinet doors. It's not cheap but it will filter out a lot of the uv and is super clear and optically coated so less distortion and glare on it. It's the glass they use for museum displays and photo protection. Even then if you have a window facing the case it's best to put uv film on it as the museum glass won't filter it all out and it will yellow things with long exposures. jeff
  8. ModelTrainPlus

    Nariichi San, has kato been puting out English sheets like this on Japanese trains? I don't remember seeing this extensive of English on Japanese trains. Thanks! jeff
  9. Beautiful Sammy! Is the hole for the genbi e3?! jeff
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The very big and the very small in one package! Flea switcher looks nice, very small etched metal parts and the smallest motor unit I've ever seen! Weighting it enough to pull cars will be interesting. The tower looks quite nice. Going to be something to see if we can work into the club 3.0 layout at some point. cheers jeff
  11. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Btw, this is a great book, Package Design in Japan https://smile.amazon.com/Package-Design-Japan-D-Fricke/dp/3822803936?_encoding=UTF8&keywords=package design japan&qid=1505785324&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2 jeff
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    A good friend indeed! A very nice touch with the bows, very Japanese presentation. Happy birthday Suica! cheers jeff
  13. Zombies on a Train

    For those zombie fans! http://www.micromark.com/Random-HO-Scale-Zombies-Pack-of-5#?promocode=17WS073&leadsource=email&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=17WS073 fun project that could be done with some snipping and painting on the Chinese architectural figures! For your next Halloween layout scene, zombie trick or treaters! jeff
  14. Scalescenes buildings.

    Here are some Road texture Parking garage, sadly the photobucket account is not working, macdon did a lot with scalescenes. Few others just search "scalescenes" in all the forums Btw they usuallynhave a free one or two at the site. cheers jeff
  15. MA Rapi:t variations A0750, 51 and 53

    Older ones ran pretty well, albeit with rapido couplers. As usual, I lube my microase if make any noise and that gets them running well. My 2004 has gotten a lot of run time over the years at shows (it's very popular)and now is a little cranky, so it's reached the point of needing an overhaul as most trains do at this point of age and use. Luckily more members of the club have them now so it's not needed as much. I think there are 4 peach units now in the club! New ones run very well as well! jeff