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  1. They look good! Glad you found a printer! word is the most worst (yes I had to use both) program to work on images! Sorry it’s been my bane for a couple of decades getting images from clients shoved into word and then sometime manipulated. Getting things cleanly out is always a crap shoot. Word is like it’s name, designed for words, not dots! 😜 A coat of clear coat will help seal it up and keep the edges from curling. brurnishers are nice to help press edges and bits in recesses down flat. Detail set cheap on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/5Pcs-set-2-Way-Wooden-Nail-Art-Dotting-Dot-Pen-Marbleizing-Manicure-Tool-DIY-Kit/112712598626?hash=item1a3e31c462:g:sPkAAOSwDkVaBSRd yep gimp will be a much better tool to do cropping and precise/fine image size manipulation. It’s really worth your time to get to know how to do the basic image cleanup stuff in gimp (or any other real graphics program, there are lots of them, gimp is just free and pretty powerful) as it will be useful in a lot of modeling stuff now and later. There are tutorials on the gimp site and also on YouTube that may help. Take notes as this sort of software stuff is easy to loose a few important steps if you don’t use it for a few months and aggrivate you not being able to do something you know you were able to easily do before! But with a little cheat sheet written up right after you master something it will really be a huge help when you come back on the next project. I won’t do any software support anymore in my business as I saw how powerful doing some note taking couldmbe for clients, but most refused to do it and just every time they did it was disaster down the road (all very smart and accomplished people they just seem to think they will retain everything but they almost never do...) sorry to sound so forceful, just been around this tree sooooo many times with many differnet folks! It was wonderful to see folks years later that took good notes and them say how good they felt to keep at the task and be able to do stuff they thought was too techie and get good at it and learn more on their own. cheers jeff
  2. cteno4

    Bill's Showa Era Interurban Layout

    In bulk cheap! https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Pcs-Disposable-Swab-Applicator-Micro-Brush-Eyelashes-Extension-Mascara-Tools/263694432657?hash=item3d6569b991:m:mT51U9Az87kA5ocgLbic0Dw cheers jeff
  3. cteno4

    Building interiors and furniture

    Very very easy to make furniture. Desk just a folded bit of construction paper or saw off a bit of styrene u channel. Couches and stuffed chairs can bust be small bits of fun foam glued up. chairs can be made with thin wire and construction paper seat/back easily. also there are good sankei chairs reasonably priced and I think gold metal makes nice and inexpensive scale etched brass chairs in a few forms, but I can’t see it on their website, I’ll look thru my details box. Faller has a couple of kits of chairs and tables in plastic but a bit chunky. Severn has a whole house of etched furniture http://severnmodels.com/epages/eshop1179816.sf/sec6c4a38acce/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop1179816/Products/N19 ngineering has fancy etched metal outdoor tables and chairs https://www.ngineering.com/decor.htm there are a few more obscure kits out there I can dig out as well if you want. play for a few minutes with some wire, construction paper and fun foam and you will be amazed what you can do! Again since you are looking thru windows you can get away with just the major hint of the furniture to make the mind’s eye fill in all the little details. jeff
  4. That is an issue! I’ve ruined like half a dozen inkjet printers in the last couple of decades by not using them regularly to keep the jets from clogging! color laser printers are now pretty cheap, it’s the toner cartridges that cost you! But they can sit and not have issues. My last Ricoh did great for like 7 years of intermittent use. Fused roller finally went and probably due to half the stuff I did was on cardstock or thick coated stocks which usually I turned up the fused roll temp and it just finally fried the surface. happy to print it for you and pop it back in the mail, it’s less than a buck to ship and few cardstock sheets! Jeff
  5. Not excuses, it just was not financially practical for a number of the above reasons. Building 50 would not have significantly reduced costs and the other issues would not go away. It was a cramped train to ride I’ve ridden it and tiny overhead space. Reduced seating will always make it more expensive to run. 700 tackled all these issues quickly and better nose noise reductions. jeff
  6. Sorry for the late notice, forgot about posting this here! JRM will hold its annual trains n scrapple meeting (our club annual meeting) Sunday May 20 starting at 11a. It’s out in the country in Bentonville va at one of our members lovely ranch with a couple of horses and a small vineyard (trains and winery are in the basement!). Here will be a Ttrak loop and a big double track loop to play trains on. It’s a potluck affair and anyone interested is welcome to join us for the afternoon of trains and scrapple (you don’t have to eat the scrapple, it’s not a newbie hazing thing, just peer pressure!). PM me if you are interested. cheers jeff
  7. Sorry it’s showing up as an invalid link here jeff
  8. cteno4

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Little ultrasonic cleaner works wonders on these parts. Also these little swabs are great for contact cleaning https://www.ebay.com/itm/50pcs-Disposable-MakeUp-Lip-Brush-Lipstick-Gloss-Wands-Applicator-Make-Up-Tool/162997802237?epid=4007339080&hash=item25f36d14fd:g:Z28AAOSwvflZSJ6C https://www.ebay.com/itm/50PC-Disposable-Eyeliner-Brush-Eyeshadow-Applicator-Eyes-Makeup-Cosmetic-Tool/253564856495?hash=item3b09a4a8af:g:RkIAAOSwSY9a1D2v jeff
  9. Goji 2020: Godzilla vs hello kitty is mrs squid that sick of a lifetime of hello kitty? jeff
  10. cteno4

    Scale scenes sale

    Scale scenes is running a 20% off sale thru Sunday may 20. A number of nice print cardstock building PDFs there. https://scalescenes.com/ cheers jeff
  11. Gives a new meaning to Don’t piss that cat off! jeff
  12. cteno4

    Godmother of sumo

    Sumo always seems so exotic, then to see this little British lady being a top sumo expert it’s even more strangle wonderful. Doreen Simmons, Unlikely Voice of Sumo Wrestling, Dies at 85 https://nyti.ms/2IbWMIN cheers jedd
  13. cteno4

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    Quinn, im a big fan of using little variable resistors (trim pots) to set brightness. Let’s you set the level in place easily. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20pcs-RM065-RM-065-Trimpot-Trimmer-Potentiometer-Variable-Resistor-CA/272854797920?hash=item3f8769ce60:m:mBdKN8_fI2ADXa7bVT-yfeA https://www.ebay.com/itm/100PCS-SMD-2K-ohm-3X3-Potentiometer-Trimmer-Resistor-EVM3ESX50B23/291608228569?epid=1948575599&hash=item43e53472d9:g:G6kAAOSw~bFWOjwp to be safe you can wire in a limiting resistor appropriate to your source voltage so that all the way off won’t fry Your led. cheers jeff
  14. Very cute, wonder if tomytec will do it? Not horrid to kitbash. maybe I should do our Prius v up like one? jeff
  15. nice source for a lot of interesting textures for roads and walls. also some potential backgrounds like refineries. many of the free sizes will work well for n scale, but larger version are pretty cheap if you find something for a larger use. https://www.textures.com/category/roads/350 https://www.textures.com/category/concrete/355 jeff