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  1. gerry where are you seeing the number? your current post count is 620 now so maybe you are seeing that? it shows under your avatar Members 620 Posts of course will be 621 with your next post! it appears if you add a image after some text it will revert the default after the image and you would need to reset it to what you want for your continued typing there is a simple work around, just write your text out formatted how you want it and leave blank lines where you want to insert your images. then once you finish the text insert the cursor at the line for the first image and then do the insert image and it will pop in there and your text above and below will remain formatted the way it was. you can also just select any text you want to format and then do the formatting like size, etc. but the system appears to revert to the default after an insert image for new text added then, this cant be changed. cheers jeff
  2. No its not, its an odd thing with the gallery. we can find no setting that effects it in the forum software. just bizarre. again if folk want anything deleted for now just contact densha or me and we can delete it for you. jeff
  3. Cleaning and maintaining your train

    Good old joy dish soap is nice and gentle, used to clean a lot of delicate things! Good grease releaser w.o being harsh. Ive always worried about traction tires with isopropanol, but so far I’ve not ever blown one using it, but I only try to use it sparingly on traction tires if I can by cleaning wheels individually with the car flipped over and applying powe to the wheels rather than letting it spin with the isopropanol soaked paper towel on the tracks as it seems like it can really wear on the traction tires as they really try to grip on the paper towel. I still do this method now and then when in a rush at a show or don’t have the pickup block to easily do it. But that being said I can’t recall ever loosing a traction tire in any of my trains, ive replaced a few for others, but I do t think my own... i have done whole trucks in iso ultra sonic for final quick wash and dry and never had an issue. jeff
  4. -Gerry's Mixed Layout - Building Stage

    A 1x2 frame under your top board wirh cross pieces like every foot or so (and maybe extras one either end to pick up the end pieces of your leg system) would be easy to build and make the top nice and sturdy. Then just a few blocks screwed into the top at the right place to pickup a few corners if you leg system would lock it into the leg support w.o having to physically attach it to it. This could let you tip the layout up (as long as you made a holder on the backside blocks to hold partially around the leg cross pieces) and have a coupe, of prop sticks and work on wiring under the layout w.o having to crawl under it. Cheers jeff
  5. Applying Decals to a Kato E231 - Any tips?

    I’ve found with the stickers it works best to cut with a brand new xacto tip. A new tip is the best to cut just the sticker and not the backing (much), it lets you feel this easily thru the knife. Doesn’t take much pressure, let the edge do the work and lighter touch is easier to pull along the straight edge. New xacto tips feel sharper than even a new 11 scalpel tip does to me, there is probably something in the edge geometry and points of the blades and what they are designed to cut. but they will dull quickly if used on anything else. Worth putting in a new blade when cutting the stickers, then then either save it for the next set or relegate it to the usual hobby hacking and whacking. tomytec stickers work the same, just thicker material. Again though, the light pressure with the new tip just cutting the sticker and not into the backing much gives the best results. i like the the really pointy tweezers as they are great at separating the sticker from the. Those cheap acne tweezers are great for this stuffing if you bung a tip up no biggie! I have nice micro dissection tweezers from grad school that cost a fortune but the tips can get bunged starring at them too hard and use for special things. But these cheap tweezers do the job well and can’t beat the price if they can get sent to you without duty... Short ones (some like smaller tweezers) https://www.ebay.com/itm/3pcs-Acne-Needle-Tweezers-Blackhead-Pimples-Removal-Pointed-Bend-Face-Care-Tools/362160478132?hash=item54527257b4:g:q4QAAOSwOA1aDQYb Longer https://www.ebay.com/itm/3Pcs-Comedone-Acne-Needle-Tweezers-Blackhead-Pimple-Removal-Face-Skin-Care-Tools/401412473288?hash=item5d760c41c8:g:3LoAAOSwHptY9s59 jeff
  6. Cleaning and maintaining your train

    Lots of gap times in the server migrations for cleaning trains! jeff
  7. Applying Decals to a Kato E231 - Any tips?

    Gavin, we should change your userid to hands... nice job and thanks to the mrs! jeff
  8. Fiberglass pencil?

    I got mine way back Similar to the set I have https://www.ebay.com/itm/3pc-Scratch-Brush-Set-Pen-Type-Steel-Brass-Nylon-Retractable-Bristles/162129889518?epid=2256062127&hash=item25bfb1c8ee:g:3WcAAOSwbYZXf0jo i have a fine one that looks similar to the pict above. Similar https://www.ebay.com/itm/Scratch-Brush-Fiberglass-Ultra-Thin/401157691104?epid=23011377634&hash=item5d66dc96e0:g:7akAAOSw0fhXkNFw jeff
  9. Cleaning and maintaining your train

    chad, isopropyl will start to attack paint. some paints take hours others can be very fast. decals are also very susceptible unless clear coated and even then they can come up. those look more like red plastic maybe in the wheels. have you tried scratching the inside there a little bit? if paint then try a test with some iso on a small swab rubbing on the red on the inside to see if it starts to come right off. you can try first using detergent to get most of the muck out and then a fast iso wash in the cleaner to dry things out. then hair dryer not too hot is great to evap the iso fast. cheers jeff btw these are handy micro swabs when trying to clean and lube stuff like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Pcs-Cosmetic-Tool-Disposable-Eyeliner-Liquid-Wand-Applicator-Brush-Pretty/311912124462?epid=1980006445&hash=item489f69502e:g:PNcAAOSwu2VZYFKu https://www.ebay.com/itm/50pcs-Disposable-MakeUp-Lip-Brush-Lipstick-Gloss-Wands-Applicator-Make-Up-Tool/152907423720?hash=item2399fe1fe8:m:mteyursdLFvSzKW_citL_gA https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Pcs-Micro-Brush-Disposable-Microbrush-Applicators-Eyelash-Extensions-Swab-US/182974940425?hash=item2a9a280509:m:m95xE1sskUzr5yrQKnOLwRA
  10. Don't you hate it when... (Train related)

    ive escaped by using sal mostly and just being surprised when opening the mail box. i think you are right tracking is like watching water boil. seems like it slows the physics by watching, probably the same for package movement. Watching the tracking slows the local space time continuum for the package as it does for the forming steam bubbles by watching them. one of those schrodinger things... sure he has an equation on it being something like the time it takes the tracked package to get to you is related by the cube of the number of times you have looked at the tracking with some amplituhedron stuff in there on the n dimensional space effects of your tracking it in transit. cheers jeff
  11. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Careful Gavin you may tred there someday! ;-p jeff
  12. Man does that bring back memories from grad school at Berkeley. Every year our Dept got the top biochem student in China admitted into our grad program so we usually had 4 or 5 mainland China students at any time. I had a tv on my lab bench (old b/w unit I picked up for $5 for late night tv waiting for gels to finish or doing long time courses, but the only tv in the building, but then again I had fish, treefrogs, lizards and toys on my desk) and there was a crowd around it for the last couple of days of this. I remeber the very grim look on the Chinese students as they had a lot of friends there in the protest and they were sure it was going to get very ugly. Just pre web, Email and cell phones so they could only watch and have no communications. The guy in my year was one of the main student leaders a few years before and president of his class. He was well aware of the whole situation. It was a bold stand, but also a sad day. jeff
  13. Fiberglass pencil?

    Great points I’d totally forgotten mark! I use the pens to rough up glue joints when it’s glues and materials that don’t solvate. Epoxy especially as it had issues of popping at the glue joint with stress some smooth surfaces. but a bit of roughing up really helps it grab. Acc as well. i would second the nitrile gloves. I’ve gotten more tolerant to fiberglass over the years (I would have expected the opposite) and am lazier about gloves than I should be with small exposures, but fiberglas particles ain’t good to have on your skin and even if it does not irritate you as the eyes are always targets eventually! Nitrile gloves are the best also to prevent any puncturing but still give you some good tactile response... jeff an aside a high school friend who became an optomologist once told me in school they had to collect and bring in their morning eye goobers and a prof spent 15 minutes with a microscope on the projector dissecting them and showing them all the crap that ends up in our eyes and how good they are at flushing it out. Was one of those great classroom presentations that drove the point home in all of the students.
  14. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Desk toy are the best! cheers jeff
  15. German Intercity (IC) trains models.

    yeah not much difference. just make sure to dry out parts with iso as things can start corroding. same issues probably in most hand gun mechanics just larger scale. most plastics in trucks are iso safe but i try not to leave them sit in iso for more than a few minutes just to be safe. the iso does liberate some of the light oils, but mainly its a good water displacer. I only ever do motors if there is significant problems that i cant fix otherwise. that said i have resurrected one old motor that i found in a very old box from my childhood that was pretty well frozen by some good ultrasonic cleaning! shook out what ever was corroded or binding up in it and got it working again. also helps when you are stripping paint as well as it tends to knock out the bits in little grooves and details that tend to be the last to come off in normal soaking and scrubbing. again i try to keep plastics in organics for as short of time as possible. jeff