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  1. Nice! Building your own photoplank isn't hard, and it's a great way to develop your scenery making skills. All the best, Mark.
  2. I spent the afternoon fitting decoders to my Kato D51s. Unfortunately, I discovered how easy it is to accidentally fry the damn things and destroy them. 😞 The moral of the story is to insulate all bare wires, and turn the power off before doing ANYTHING! All the best, Mark.
  3. After a few hours intensive running my two C59s on the club DCC layout for a comparison test between the TCS and DCC Concepts decoders, I've decided to use the DCC Concepts Zen as my standard or "fleet" decoder. In terms of performance there's effectively no difference between the two brands - both are equally good in my opinion - so the criteria for choice came down to price. The Zen decoders are cheaper here than the TCS products, and come with a "stay alive" capacitor pack included. My "signature" locos will have sound decoders, so I still have to trial some and decide on a standard for those. All the best, Mark.
  4. They're beautiful instruments you've built. I love the look of the natural timber. I have a Yamaha bass that's similar in style, though nowhere near as an individual looking as your two. Thanks for posting those photos! All the best, Mark.
  5. marknewton

    Kato - New Releases

    Yeah, no. Too modern for starters. And in HO it would be even more unattractive, as the ugly would be to a larger scale, thus more visible...😂 All the best, Mark.
  6. Just got notification from HobbySearch of Tramway's latest railcar models, the Kiha40 family. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/list/3039/0/1?Make=Tramway If they're as good as Tramway's previous railcar models, they'll be worth having. All the best, Mark.
  7. Today I installed some decoders in my C59s. The first was a TCS DP2X, and the second was a DCC Concepts Zen 360. Both decoders are direct 8 pin "plug and play" types, and both feature back EMF and silent drive. The Zen 360 also includes a stay alive capacitor pack. The TCS decoder has two functions, and the Zen has four. I've test run them both on the Kitchenbenchbahn, and I'm impressed with the level of performance both decoders provide. I'll be taking both locos to the club on Friday to run them on the DCC layout. I'll be able to properly compare their performance and report back after that. All the best, Mark
  8. marknewton

    Kato - New Releases

    It only looks good when you're too far away to see the ugly. 🙂 All the best, Mark.
  9. marknewton

    Kato - New Releases

  10. As a side project I've been kitbashing some HOn30 locos and cars for a "protolance" interpretation of the Chemin de Fer du Kivu, or CEFAKI, along with a few of the other Belgian Congo lines. CEFAKI was 1067mm gauge, the CF Mayumbe was 610mm, and the CF Matadi - Leopoldville was originally 765mm gauge, so I settled on 9mm or HOn30 as an acceptable compromise. Locos and stock for these lines came from a variety of European and US builders, so I've likewise used a grab-bag of different models as kitbashing fodder. I've registered to attend next year's Australian Narrow Gauge Modelling convention. That means I now have a deadline to motivate me, as I have been asked to bring along some models for display. So as of tonight I have four freight cars and one passenger car ready for the spray booth. If the weather cooperates and the smoke from the bushfire down the road clears a bit I'll be painting tomorrow. The passenger car is a simple kitbash of a Liliput Austrian car, which aims to represent the steel bodied cars supplied by Decauville to a number of lines in the Congo. Two of the boxcars are also modified Liliput models, while the other boxcar started out as a kit for an American 3' gauge car. The refrigerator car was also originally an American kit - Precision Scale from memory. All the best, Mark.
  11. Meitetsu street running: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=srN8YO5MEdQ# All the best, Mark.
  12. Nice! I wonder how long it will be before Tomix adds a steam loco to the range? Cheers, Mark.
  13. Not hard at all. The top of the tender lifts off to reveal a circuit board that incorporates an 8-pin receptacle. Remove the blanking plug, install the decoder of your choice and away you go. There's more than enough room in the tender to install a speaker enclosure if you're going to use a sound decoder. All the best, Mark.
  14. marknewton

    Japanese H0 Lima Trains.

    Lima also produced models of Australian trains. While they've now been superseded by better quality locally-produced models, they were the first company to offer mass-produced RTR Australian models. For many years they were the only ones available, and there wouldn't be many local HO scale modellers who didn't have some in their collections. My son recently bought a Lima Vline B class diesel at an exhibition at a good price, and I've been fettling it to get it running well. For its age, it's not a bad model at all. All the best, Mark.
  15. There's no turning back now! If you do do get a C59 you won't be disappointed. They're a very nicely finished and detailed model with a smooth and quiet mechanism. All the best, Mark.