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  1. Tramway C59 4-6-2 in 1/80th scale

    Looking good! http://www.mmjp.or.jp/tramway/_src/sc2515/C59.jpg Cheers, Mark.
  2. Passenger and freight car projects making progress: Cheers, Mark.
  3. Having mostly finished doing the boring bit - making the base for the Mitaki layout - I spent a bit of time today placing track, trains and structures so I could visualise how it's all going to look. The platform will be long enough to accomodate four cars, the short section shown here is just to establish how wide it needs to be. A few European buildings are standing in for more typically Japanese apartment buildings, again so I can establish the width of the street behind the station. Early days yet, but I think the concept will work. In one sense it's just a bigger and better "plank" than my previous effort, but one that can be taken to an exhibition and have running trains on it. At the moment it's just sitting on sawhorses in my shed so I can do the messy work on it, but it will eventually have integral legs with castoring wheels on one end so it can be easily moved. Cheers, Mark.
  4. We were having dinner last night at our local Japanese restaurant when I noticed the owners had some decorative bottles in the window with tiny lights in them. I had a look at one and saw that it was a string of very small surface mount LEDS powered by batteries contained in a plastic "cork" shaped holder. I asked about them and the owners said they'd got them off eBay. And they very kindly gave me one to take home and play with! :) The string has 20 warm white SMLEDS, each is encased in a small blob of clear resin that looks like a lamp housing. The string is about a metre long, and is fairly flexible. I think these strings have great potential to be installed under station canopies or used for internal lighting in structures. And as they're cheap as chips, I'm willing to experiment with them. The type I have to play with is this: https://www.ebay.com.au/i/262971760517?chn=ps&dispctrl=1&ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F705-139619-5960-0%2F2%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com.au%252Fi%252F262971760517%253Fchn%253Dps%2526dispctrl%253D1%26itemid%3D262971760517%26targetid%3D380651960334%26device%3Dt%26adtype%3Dpla%26googleloc%3D9071888%26poi%3D%26campaignid%3D905533373%26adgroupid%3D44539365029%26rlsatarget%3Dpla-380651960334%26abcId%3D1129306%26merchantid%3D107424895%26gclid%3DEAIaIQobChMI_cT29vfj1wIVFHy9Ch0JEAcFEAkYFCABEgJpjPD_BwE%26srcrot%3D705-139619-5960-0%26rvr_id%3D1378530272231&var=561980028107 ( I should add that the family who run the restaurant are lovely people. They give my son the VIP treatment whenever we visit, and the food is always excellent. There are other Japanese restaurants in our part of the world, but none compare to our local. ) Cheers, Mark.
  5. Yokkaichi

    Great photos - hope you didn't get too wet! :) Cheers, Mark.
  6. Indoctrinating children

    Okay, just learned how to take a screenshot! The leading unit on the excursion train was Clyde-GM 4201, and the trailing unit was Alco 4490. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Indoctrinating children

    Jeff, as Paul said earlier, good on you! Your nephew must have been thrilled to see the layout. On Sunday evening Harry and I wandered over the road to see an excursion train coming back from Moss Vale via the coast. While we were waiting for it we visted with James, our afternoon shift signaller. I only have video of the excursion train, which I don't think I can post to the forum? Cheers, Mark.
  8. Planning Aizu

    Wow! That's spectacular! Mark.
  9. Work's been insanely busy the last few weeks, so all I've managed to work on is this: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10358568 All the best, Mark.
  10. Indoctrinating children

    You're right, it's an ex-Kowloon Motor Bus Mercedes 0305. It's one of three Hong Kong buses that were imported a few years back by one of the bus museum's members. He paid scrap prices for them, but getting them here wasn't cheap. I'm glad he did, though, because the thing goes like the clappers, and really attracts attention. Particularly cruising through Chinatown on a Saturday night! Cheers, Mark.
  11. Indoctrinating children

    Indoctrination doesn't just have to involve trains. Last week my son had a doctor's appointment just before school started. We got there a bit early, and while we were waiting a young bloke driving a cement mixer pulled up next to us. The truck was immaculate, and we got talking with its owner when we told him how impressive it looked. His name was Steve, and he invited Harry up into the cab so he could check it out: Steve was a lovely bloke who was very pleased to show off his rig. On the way back from the doctor we called in briefly at the tramway museum so that I could collect some tools. Harry wanted to have a look at the steam tram while we were there: On the Friday night we met up with the missus after work and went out to the airport for a bit of planespotting. Our first stop was the beach near the old control tower: Next stop was the "Scottish Restaurant" for a quick meal, then more spotting. The hill in front of the new control tower has been turned into a proper viewing area, with signage, seating and a shelter. All the junk and weedy scrub that was in front of the hill has been removed to improve the view, which is now superb: And then last night we played with buses. The Sydney Bus Museum staged an event modelled on our nighttime tram running, which they called "Deckers in the Night". https://www.sydneybusmuseum.info/deckers-in-the-night It featured night trips into the city, a barbecue and a band playing music from the 40s thru to the 60s. A group of members from the tramway attended, and to get in to the spirit of the event we brought our own double-deck bus along. We made the trip from Loftus to Leichhardt in our newly restored AEC Regent, MO2619. During the night we ran a few trips into the city with her, but as well we rode on some of the other buses belonging to the museum. The most interesting one being this beast, which is a long way from home: I'm sure some of the forum members will recognise this bus, and know where it came from... All the best, Mark.
  12. Interesting Lash-up

    I've seen many photos of Hakubi Line trains that had steam and diesel power doubleheading, often with DD54s. My understanding is that they weren't very reliable. Which is a pity, because I think they're good looking units. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Interesting Lash-up

    The 9600 has had its connecting rods removed so it can be safely hauled dead-attached. Cheers, Mark.
  14. Planning Aizu

    Charles, The railway I work for is part of the English-speaking world, and we call them turnouts. (I've just finished work for the night, having supervised the first use of our new US-style Racor switchstands that were installed in our stabling yard earlier today.) Cheers, Mark.
  15. Planning Aizu

    Is it actually a crossing/walkway, or a drain covered in planks? Cheers, Mark.