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  1. Rail Suicide

    From my perspective, a well written and insightful article. In particular I found this paragraph very interesting: The patient must learn that the train driver is not the perpetrator, but the victim. He may have been driving the locomotive, but he didn't kill anyone; the people who committed suicide did so themselves. Anger is good, says Kall, anger at the person who put you in this position. Anger helps the train driver escape from the role of perpetrator. When my railway first offered professional counselling for crews involved in fatalities, I went to see the psychologist after having one. He asked me how I felt about it, and I told him I was angry. He said he didn't understand why I'd feel that way. He started going on about how the person we'd hit must have felt before they died, and how their family must have felt, and how I should have empathy instead of anger because they were a person too, and so on. That was the last thing I needed to hear, so I told him he was an insensitive arsehole, threw his phone book at him and walked out. When I went back to work I told my boss that if that's the best we could do we should go back to our previous approach, which was to self-medicate with a six-pack from Dr Tooheys. Happpily, our current arrangements for critical incident support are so much better. My depot's counsellor is a former ambulance paramedic who has had many experiences similar to ours. She's a great listener. She gets it. Anyway, sorry for the rant, and thanks for posting the article. Mark.
  2. Fiberglass pencil?

    You're not wrong about rubbing your eyes without realising it, Jeff. I did it once while I was chopping up chillies for dinner. Never did that again! The classroom presentation sounds gruesome! The funny thing with gloves is that I can't stand wearing them when I'm firing or using the oxy because I don't like the loss of dexterity or sensation, but I tend to wear the nitriles almost all the time now when I'm modelling. Best thing about them is they stop the oils and other gunge from your skin getting on the model, so cleaning up for painting prep is a lot easier. Cheers, Mark.
  3. Train hits buffer in Sydney

    Hopefully this incident will be the last. The signal that controls entry to platforms 1&2 at Richmond has been modified to provide speed checking. The train stop will remain up when the signal is showing a caution or caution turnout aspect. A train approaching the signal will be speed checked, and must be travelling at no more than 20kph to suppress the train stop. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Fiberglass pencil?

    I'd agree with everything Jeff says, particularly about cleaning up afterwards. When I use a fibreglass pen I wear thin nitrile gloves for extra protection against the fibreglass particles. I also use them for cleaning up glued joints on plastic, for distressing painted surfaces as a part of my weathering techniques, removing old paint and decals, and for slightly roughening very smooth surfaces to help paint or new lettering to adhere. Cheers, Mark.
  5. My second Aclass EF64 arrived a couple of days ago. Once I'd test run it I applied the detail parts and numbers. It's a beautiful runner, smooth, quiet and powerful. As the model comes equipped with a 21-pin receptacle, DCC conversion was easy as. Here it is with my other EF64. All the best, Mark.
  6. Updated to include new locos and freight cars: Steam Locos JNR A8/600 2-4-2T - Sango, brass kit JNR B6/2120 0-6-2T - Sango, brass kit JNR 6760 4-4-0 - Toby, older RTR brass JNR 8620 2-6-0 - Tramway (x2 locos) JNR 9200 2-8-0 - Frateschi (conversion) JNR 9600 2-8-0 - Tenshodo (x2 locos) JNR C11 2-6-4T - Tenshodo (x2 locos) JNR C12 2-6-2T - Tramway (x2 locos) JNR C50 2-6-0 - Toby, older RTR brass JNR C51 4-6-2 - Tenshodo, older RTR brass JNR C55 4-6-2 - Tenshodo JNR C56 2-6-0 - Kato (x2 locos) JNR C57 4-6-2 - Tenshodo (x2 locos) JNR C58 2-6-2 - Tenshodo (x2 locos) JNR C61 4-6-4 - Tenshodo JNR D50 2-8-2 - Tenshodo, older RTR brass JNR D51 2-8-2 - Kato (x6 locos) JNR D61 2-8-4 - Adachi, older RTR brass Diesel Locos JNR DD13 (single headlight) - Tenshodo, older RTR brass JNR DD13 (dual headlights) - Tramway (x2 locos) JNR DD14 - Tramway JNR DD16 - Tramway (x2 locos) JNR DD54 - Zoukei Mura JNR DD90 - Bachmann (conversion) JNR DE10 - Kato (x2 locos) JNR DF50 - Tomix (x2 locos) Electric Locos JNR ED14 - Tramway (x2 locos) JNR ED60 - Micro Ace JNR ED61 - Micro Ace JNR EF10 - Tenshodo JNR EF58 - Kato JNR EF60 - Tramway JNR EF62 - Tomix JNR EF64-0 - Aclass (x2 locos) JNR EF65-0 - Tramway JNR EF65-0 - Kato JNR EF65-500 - Kato JNR EF65-1000 - Kato JNR EF70 - Tramway JNR ED75 - Tomix JNR ED76 - Tomix JNR ED79-0 - Tomix JNR ED91 - Kitbashed, P2K mechanism, modified Arii EF58 body Toshiba 40-ton steeplecab - Tenshodo (x2 locos) BLW B-class steeplecab - MTS Imports (conversion) Akita Chuo Kotsu Dewa 3000 - Neko Publishing DMUs JNR Kiha17 - Tenshodo JNR Kiha22 - Tenshodo JNR Kiro25 - Tenshodo (x2 cars) JNR Kiha28 - Kato (x2 cars) JNR Kiro28 - Kato (x3 cars) JNR Kiha30/35 - Tramway (x5 cars) JNR Kiha40 - MicroAce & Neko Publishing (x4 cars) JNR Kiha52 - MicroAce (x3 cars) JNR Kiha53 - Tramway (x2 cars) JNR Kiha58 - Kato (x3 cars) JNR Kiha65 - Kato (x2 cars) JNR Kiha82 - Limited Express Kato (8-car set) EMUs Seibu Railway Series 101 - Zug (2 cars) Keio Teito Electric Railway Series 5000 - Neko Publishing (2 cars) Meitetsu Moha 510 - Tomix (x4 cars) Kotoden Moha 3000 - Tomix (x7 cars) JNR Kumoni13 Parcel/Luggage van - HobbyModel (x 2 cars) JNR Kumoni 83-0 Parcel/Luggage van - Tomix (x2 cars) JNR Kumoha 12 Suburban cars - Kato (x2 cars) JNR Series 40 Suburban train - Kato (x7 cars) JNR Series 103 Suburban train - Tenshodo (x4 cars) JNR Series 105-1000 Suburban train - HobbyModel (x2 cars) JNR Series 115-0 Suburban train - Dentetsu Kobo (5-car set) JNR Series 153 Ordinary Express -Tomix (low cab, 10-car set) JNR Series 159 School Excursion Train - Tomix (5-car set) JNR Series 165 Ordinary Express - Kato (high cab, 8-car set) JNR Series 485 Limited Express - Tomix (8-car set) JNR Series 489 Limited Express - Tomix (8-car set) JNR Series 583 Limited Express - Tomix (8-car set) Trams Tokyu Tamaden Deha 80 - Tramway Tokyo Toden 7000 series - Modemo (x2 cars) Tokyo Toden 7500 series - Tramway (x2 cars) Enoden Type 100 - Modemo (x3 cars) Tosaden Type 600 - Modemo (x4 cars) Hokuriku Rly Kanazawa city car - Modemo (conversion) Loco-hauled Passenger Cars JNR Naha10 - Tomix (x2 cars) JNR Nahafu10 - Tomix JNR Oro11 - Tenshodo JNR 12 Series/Oha12/Suhafu12/Ohafu13 - Kato (x7 cars) JNR 14 Series/Oha14/Suhafu14/Ohafu15 - Kato (x6 cars) JNR Suhani31 - Max Model JNR Suha32 - Tenshodo JNR Suhafu32 - Aclass JNR Ohafu33 - Kato JNR Oha35 - Kato (x4 cars) JNR Oha35 - Tramway JNR Suhani35 - Modemo (x2 cars) JNR Suhafu42 - Modemo JNR Suhafu42 - Kato (x4 cars) JNR Suhafu43 - Modemo JNR Suha44 - Modemo JNR Oha47 - Kato (x3 cars) JNR Suro34 - Max Model JNR Suro53 - Modemo JNR Oha50 - Tomix (x4 cars) JNR Ohafu50 - Tomix (x2 cars) JNR Ohafu51 - Tomix JNR Oha55 - Tramway JNR Oha61 - Kairyu JNR Suro62 - Tomix (x2 cars) Luggage and Mail Vans JNR Oyu10 - Tomix JNR Suyu13 - Tenshodo JNR Mani36 - Aclass & Tenshodo (x2 cars) JNR Mani50 - Neko Publishing JNR Mani60 - Nippon Seimitsu Mokei(x2 cars) Brake Vans JNR Wamufu100 - HobbyModel JNR Yo5000 - Kato (x5 cars) JNR Yo8000 - Kato (x3 cars) JNR Wafu22000 HobbyModel (x2 cars) JNR Wafu29500 Endo-Prus (x2 cars) Bogie Freight Cars JNR Hoki800 - Tomix (x3 cars) JNR Waki1000 - Hobbymodel (x2 cars) JNR Hoki2200 - Kato (x15 cars) JNR Hoki2500 - KTM (x9 cars) JNR Hoki3100 - Kitbashed from ConCor Airslide covered hopper JNR Hoki5100 - Cosmic JNR Hoki5700 - Tomix (x8 cars) JNR Hoki5750 - Kitbashed from Walthers Airslide covered hopper JNR Seki3000 - HobbyModel & Tenshodo (x21 cars) JNR Taki1900 - Tomix (x7 cars) JNR Taki3000 - Tomix (x2 cars) JNR Taki7900 - Kitbashed from Atlas US tank car JNR Taki9600 - Adachi JNR Taki9900 - Tomix (x7 cars) JNR Taki35000 - Tramway (x8 cars) JNR Toki15000 - HobbyModel (x2 cars) JNR Toki25000 - HobbyModel/Tramway (x7 cars) 4-wheeled Freight Cars Chitetsu Wa1 - Kitbashed from CooperCraft GWR wagon. JNR Wara1 - A-class (x6 cars) JNR Tsumu1000 - World Kogei JNR Ka3000 - Endo-Prus (x2 cars) JNR Re12000 - Endo-Prus (x6 cars) JNR Remu5000 - Tramway (x2 cars) JNR Remu6000 - Tramway (x2 cars) JNR Tora25000 - HobbyModel (x4 cars) JNR Tora40000 - HobbyModel (x4 cars) JNR Tora45000 - Kato (x6 cars) JNR Wamu23000 - Endo-Prus (x2 cars) JNR Wamu50000 - Endo-Prus (x2 cars) JNR Wamu50000 - HobbyModel (x2 cars) JNR Tora55000 - Endo-Prus (x4 cars) JNR Tomu50000 - Endo-Prus (x2 cars) JNR Tomu60000 - HobbyModel (x4 cars) JNR Wamu70000 - Endo-Prus (x6 cars) JNR Wamu80000 - Aclass (x6 cars) JNR Wamu80000 Fish cars - Aclass (x4 cars) JNR Wamu80000 - Kato (x7 cars) JNR Tora90000 - HobbyModel (x2 cars) JNR Wamu90000 - Kato (x8 cars) Maintenance of Way DD16-300 snowplough - Tramway (x2 cars) Ki100 Russel snowplough. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Tomix - New Releases

    The train appears to be a Keio 3000 series. I don't recognise the colour scheme, though. Now and then I see a model that makes me think I should have gone with N scale. This is one of them. I love the look of these "Shonan" cab EMUs. Cheers, Mark.
  8. HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    Does it? I've never noticed our E5 doing that. Have to take it for a run on Friday and check it out! :) Cheers, Mark.
  9. Pamphlets, maps and other stuff.

    Yes, I suppose even in Japan these things are probably becoming rare. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Pamphlets, maps and other stuff.

    Yes, from an unexpected source. One of the members of my model railway club used to be part of a group that helped out on a huge private O gauge layout owned by a local businessman. After the man died his band of helpers were given the job of dismantling the layout and selling off the locos and stock, as the surviving family weren't interested in any of it. There was also a lot of books and memorabilia/railroadiana as well. Apparently the man must have visited Japan at least once, because all this stuff came from his collection. My mate from the club gave it all to me knowing of my interest in Japanese railways, and also knowing I'd give it a good home. Which I intend to do. Some of the more attractive pieces I think I'll frame and hang in my modelling den. The rest are going into archival envelopes. All the best, Mark.
  11. Pamphlets, maps and other stuff.

    That they are, Jeff. When I get a chance I'll post some photos of the lovely maps and pamphlets, too. Cheers, Mark.
  12. Pamphlets, maps and other stuff.

    Thanks heaps for that link, that was a purpose that hadn't occurred to me. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Kisha Seizo loco for Korea?

    Thanks for that, bb. :) For anyone interested, there's some very interesting Korean material on this website: http://donsdepot.donrossgroup.net/indexknr.htm Cheers, Mark.
  14. And Brill-built cars and equipment went everywhere. There's many preserved trams in Japan that are either Brill-built, on Brill trucks or licensed copies. There's also a fair number of older trams and EMUs still in regular service on Brill trucks. They really were built to last. On the Sydney tramway, there were also a large number of cars on Brill trucks, plus some Brill-built cars. Kalgoorlie and Perth also had Brill cars. Two are preserved in Perth, and we have one at Loftus. It's intact but in poor condition, waiting its turn in the restoration queue. Cheers, Mark.
  15. Pamphlets, maps and other stuff.

    I was recently given an envelope containing a varied collection of paper artifacts from Japan. Apart from old maps, timetable and pamphlets there were a couple of things that I don't know what to call, or what purpose they're intended for. They're laminated paper and plastic, slightly smaller than an A4 size sheet of paper, and feature front views of Japanese locos and trains. On the reverse side of some there are descriptions of the trains, on others there is just a blank ruled page: Has anyone seen seen things like this before? Cheers, Mark.