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  1. I would like to let you know there will be a model train exhibition in Budapest in 27-29, April (will be here). Our little club will attend on this event with kvp's, Coromant's and my T-trak moduls, so we will assemble an approximatle 6 meter * 0,7 meter layout for Japanese trains. There will be an inner circle, while the outer circle will work as a point-to-point operation if kvp can make the necessary electronics until that time. If not, than the outer track will be a circle also. You have already seen most of our moduls here in the forum, but we have never ever played on all of it at once, so we will have a new record for Hungarian T-trak length. :-))) We advertised this event as a "bring your Japanese train and run it" railfanning on some Hungarian forums, so with some limitation (and much more care) anybody can play a little with his/her rolling stock on the layout. Let's see if it will be successfull or not! :-) If someone will be in Budapest at that time and want to join, please let us know or simply just come!
  2. JNS Forum World Tour 2018

    Hungary fully integrated into the EU without the Euro. So not fully. :-) There is no special rule, just the usual customs fee plus VAT (which is the highest in the EU), but considering that this is only one car it won't be a huge amount (I know this is not a purchase but our tax and customs office will not believe me). Within Hungary we can give each other the package, so we do not have to post it. I have some bad experience with the Hungarian Post, so registered mail is a good idea, although I have got all of my unregistered SAL package from HS until now.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Thanks! It is not a pre-made mat, a local hobby shop makes different types of grass (length, colour) similar to Noch products. For example this one.
  4. What did you do on your layout today?

    I grabbed my friend's Grassmaster and added 3 layer of static grass to the T-trak modules (and I think I have to add at least another one). Buildings have not been glued yet, I just put the on the modules to look better.
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The re-released Kato Kirara sets has just arrived, so I had to try them. And here is a small video including my T-trak modules:
  6. What did you do on your layout today?

    Of course there will be something.
  7. What did you do on your layout today?

    Some photos from last week's clubday and today. I have a corner module which was upgraded with the flowers in the recent weeks. I told you some weeks ago that I would like to correct the basement of the house on it, here is the original version: I added a mixture of water and sand around it, tried to reshape it, and added the necessary white glue to keep the sand in place: After it dried out I used a GrassMaster to have some grass around it (and next time maybe I will color the driveway to the house). I had progress with a single T-trak module also, I made the parking places in the front of the shops with the help of masking tapes. As the road was made with a Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint its surface is not so flat, so the white paint run below the masking tape therefore a friend of mine made some correction with a grey paint. The result is OK for me, from a normal distance it will be more than good and beside of this I plan to weather the road. And here is how it looks like with the shops and cars (not fixed yet):
  8. Bay Area T-Trak

    I use white glue also for securing tracks, it works for me. You have to be more careful when you separates the modules (as Jeff mentioned above), but otherwise it is as good as the screws.
  9. Bay Area T-Trak

    As I see that Practical Electronics for Investors book is really practical.
  10. Nice work Sammy, just one comment from my side: the helicopter seems to me overscaled on your pictures, or the landing place is too small and too close to the entrance on the top of the building and also maybe too close to the tracks. I do not know what are the Japanese standards for this, maybe it is OK, it just little bit weird for my eyes.
  11. Bay Area T-Trak

    Great idea and I can't wait to see your progress!
  12. Oh, yes, it can be seen on the pictures, I do not know why did I write triples... But at least the length is the same (4*3 vs 6*2).
  13. Those are Coromant's modules, but thanks! I can't wait for the exhibition or a bigger clubday where we all can connect our T-trak modules. If I count well then Coromant has 4 almost finished single modules (those with the road on the pictures) and his station that is 4 triple modules, kvp has 4 single, 1 double, 1 quad and some under construction and I have 7 single and 4 corner modules, plus 2 single are under construction.
  14. We got an invitation from Coromant to have a clubday (or clubhours) at him, so kvp and myself grabbed the opportunity and visited him on Sunday. He has already prepared a layout including his 4 modules long T-trak modules and his station modules also. We talked about the wiring of the station, the possible exhibition in April and run some trains. I brought my new Densha De Go Plug & Play with me, so they could try it. Although my time was very limited, the meeting was fun and we should make it more frequently. Pictures:
  15. It seems the Ebisu problem will be solved sooner or later: https://www.taito.co.jp/corporate/topics/news/3071 Sooner would be better as it is frustrating that you can not drive on the whole Yamanote line.