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  1. What did you do on your layout today?

    Thanks! Steady hands and lots of luck (because I do not have steady hands). Really, nothing special, paintbrush and Revell paint.
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    First attempt to model a lavender field. Lavender coloured leaf petals will be added later, I would like to see first how it will looks like after drying.
  3. Brand new to T-Trak, having a blast!

    Congrats for your first module! I like the similar type simple but good-looking modules.
  4. What are the T-Trak "rules"?

    Just one correction: The modul length is not 310 mm, but 308. The length of the tracks are 310 mm.
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Just some paints and other stuff from Tamiya for future T-trak projects.
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    You really are on the slope, aren't you?
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Wow, please do it ASAP!
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    'Hey boss, the white train has just arrived! 'But we ordered a black one! 'No way, this is white. Should we send it back? My Ibusuki no Tamatebako from Yavianice has just arrived (after it spent 3 days at the local post office due to that they did not find it in the office, I started to believe that it has been lost). Of course I won't send it back, I like it soooo much, thank you Yavianice!
  9. What did you do on your layout today?

    Looks much better!
  10. Kato - New Releases

    I am wondering the new bumpers will have some lights in it or not?
  11. 3 Day Japan Excursion

    Hah, it is funny, that I have a very similar picture from Akihabara a few years before (but in daylight not in the night). Check this link, Junior!
  12. How to lubricate a Portram?

    Let's try the lubricating in the club next time (if I do not forget to carry my trams there)! I do not afraid to dissassemble my trams, but I do not think I can do it back...
  13. How to lubricate a Portram?

    Good question, as you saw it in another topic this is an issue for me as well, so I am curious also. Let's see if someone has a good solution!
  14. Same for me also, I hope Kato will release E235 in the middle of the next year.
  15. What did you do on your layout today?

    I would like to turn back the topic to its original content, so here are some pictures from this evening in the club. I started to build another 2 T-trak moduls, so I made some Tomytec buildings and tried 2 different methods to weather a bus stop (with Tamiya Weathering Master powder and with Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color brown paint, the last one is better I think, you can see both results on the 4th picture), and glue down some styrene sheets for road and parking places. I put the buildings into their future places, just to have a first expression, how it will look like.