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  1. Nice work Sammy, just one comment from my side: the helicopter seems to me overscaled on your pictures, or the landing place is too small and too close to the entrance on the top of the building and also maybe too close to the tracks. I do not know what are the Japanese standards for this, maybe it is OK, it just little bit weird for my eyes.
  2. Bay Area T-Trak

    Great idea and I can't wait to see your progress!
  3. Oh, yes, it can be seen on the pictures, I do not know why did I write triples... But at least the length is the same (4*3 vs 6*2).
  4. Those are Coromant's modules, but thanks! I can't wait for the exhibition or a bigger clubday where we all can connect our T-trak modules. If I count well then Coromant has 4 almost finished single modules (those with the road on the pictures) and his station that is 4 triple modules, kvp has 4 single, 1 double, 1 quad and some under construction and I have 7 single and 4 corner modules, plus 2 single are under construction.
  5. We got an invitation from Coromant to have a clubday (or clubhours) at him, so kvp and myself grabbed the opportunity and visited him on Sunday. He has already prepared a layout including his 4 modules long T-trak modules and his station modules also. We talked about the wiring of the station, the possible exhibition in April and run some trains. I brought my new Densha De Go Plug & Play with me, so they could try it. Although my time was very limited, the meeting was fun and we should make it more frequently. Pictures:
  6. It seems the Ebisu problem will be solved sooner or later: https://www.taito.co.jp/corporate/topics/news/3071 Sooner would be better as it is frustrating that you can not drive on the whole Yamanote line.
  7. This is a typical DDG game without any improvement in the last couple of years. So you got the same if you have ever tried the PS or PSP or mobile versions, nothing new. The selling point was for me is the controller and the easy useage, as you just plug it to the TV and play, so it very easy to put away which prevents some indignation from my wife. I love how the controller works, smooth while you can really feel the changes between the gears and it has something like a vibro-motor as you can experience some rumbles during driving the train which is a cool new feature. The announcements are the usual Japanese-English, so I became familiar again with the "Tsugi wa Kan-da, Kan-da" announcement. For me (as a train sim fan) it worth the money, although it wasn't cheap (~15000 yen for the console and ~10000 yen for the post and taxes, ouch).
  8. Densha De Go! First section of the Yamanote Line from Ósaki to Ueno has been cleared. (Sammy, I got an HDMI and an USB cable with the set. I connect both of them to the TV, so I did not need any other adaptor, it went well.)
  9. What did you do on your layout today?

    Me too. Berlin is not that far from here.
  10. My pack is in Budapest now, but I haven't received yet, DHL says it will arrive tomorrow. So I have to wait another day. About HDMI cable: there were 2 versions of the box, one of them included the HDMI cable, the other one is not. I think you ordered the second one, don't you?
  11. Thanks for the replies and help! It seems to me that this is a typical situation, where I should have think first and act second, but I was pretty sure that there are some kind of parking places in Japan also. As I looked your links and Google pictures in most cases there are parking places as part of the road with white paintings or there is a separated area next to the road, but no such thing what I imagined. I think I will paint white rectangles just before the shops. Or paint the road lighter grey there (so it would look it is not part of the road) and put cars diagonally.
  12. I'd like to ask some help here. I have this T-trak modul with the shops: My original thought was that there is a small street in the length of the modul, while cars can park parallel with the shops just front of them. To achieve this I would like to place road markings for parking places, but do not know how (I mean where to put stripes and in what colour and what format, not the technique). I tried to find similar places via Google Maps, but until now without any result. Any advice or picture from the real life?
  13. My Temporary Setups - Mostly Trains!

    Nice start Junior, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy detailing the modules.
  14. What did you do on your layout today?

    Added an extra layer of grass, a small amount of bush, some figures and two street stalls (? I do not know what the right name is for these). A club member helped me in painting road markers. Put some figures inside and outside the shops, looks better than in the last week or at least figures inside the stores can be easily seen, and weathered somewhat the buildings.
  15. And Amazon has just charged my card. Now I have to wait for the delivery.