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  1. Trains with Special Liveries

    Yeah, not really my taste either but certainly we’ll executed. The gentleman in question only had Kyushu rolling stock so I would bet he’d have another. At least he can get a new one in March if this is his only one. Or maybe he’s a massive Kis-my-FT2 fan!
  2. Trains with Special Liveries

    Sorry Eric I have pictures but sadly too much maintenance facility equipment in the way for a decent picture, annoyingly. The Kyushu Railway shop had their monthly N gauge running day on Sunday. It's a great way to give some exercise to the fleet while we are in moving limbo for another few weeks. One chap there had a couple of Kato 885 Sonics and a 883. He has spent considerable time photographing each car, creating a scale sized image for the model and then printing on decal paper. They are horrible liveries, but you have to admit, these are very well executed examples. I should have asked him whether he would want to share the file for those so inclined. Hopefully he'll be there again next month.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I know this in kind of the wrong thread for this. For all those old and new Koki owners, there’s a nice big section on container traffic in the December issue of Nine Scale World Magazine. (Vol. 97) It has 5 pages of who produces which containers and I thought the loading guide, although mostly common sense, might help you make your fleets more realistic. Staying on topic, I picked up the Tomix Eneos Gas station as well as the first 2 issues of Rail Magazine Archives. Not that I can read them but a huge abundance of great reference photos for a lot of stock that no longer runs.
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I too have been a bit Koki this month with this haul, but you can never have too many, in any scale! I finally picked up the Kato Koki 106 and 107 set (10-1432) I was worried I'd miss this as they seemed to be selling through fast. I also went around various hobby shops in Hakata to find suitable containers. I grabbed a good selection from Tomix (3133, 3134, 3155, 3146)and also picked up the newly released livery 19D and the UR19A containers from Kato (23-571, 23-572). Again the new paint scheme version were sold out in a number of shops. I also found the Assy part Sagawa T260s for Kato's recent Mc250 release (Z04M4156). Not sure if these are prototypical on a regular Koki but the JRF trains along the Kagoshima line often have one or two Sagawa containers. I also used up all of my spare JRF 19D containers filling up the train. Seemed I had the exact amount which was a bit of a fluke. I did look at the tanker containers from Poppondetta but still can't commit to investing 2700 yen + tax for two, despite their detail. Not N but I also grabbed some of the Tomix HO Koki 106 and 107s including the new version with Kuro Neko Yamato containers. I hope Tomix release just the containers in N in the near future. Also added some Kadee couplers for my Kato HO EF65
  5. Kato - New Releases

    Nice to see the 883 Sonic is finally worthy of a new release. I ride these every time I go to Hakata and seem to be more common than the 787s and 885s on my particular line. Also keen to get the Tsubame/Hato and green EF58 but seems to be the original tooling as no item number change. I hope these have had a had a slight update with LED taillights and to accommodate new lighting kits. Great for those Kyushu train collectors. Also nice to see the East Japan EF81. Is the Akebono due for a new release?
  6. Thanks for your tips, Mark. I also put the numbers on first. Generally the detailing went reasonable well. There were a few areas which tested my patience somewhat but I am astounded at how much better the loco looks once completed. The wipers were a particular challenge until I worked out that I could take the window hoods off. I also found the chromed parts on the window frames had a very fine tolerance to push into their recesses. I bent a couple in the process but luckily plenty were supplied on the sprue. With hindsight, some ambient music would have helped keep the big throbbing vein on my forehead from almost exploding a couple of times but we got there. A minor gripe with the finished loco would be the grab handles under the windows. I am sure these have been modeled exactly but due to only 2 points of attachment, they don’t stay straight. (See photo, left grab handle) I may decide to glue these eventually but I can live with it for now. Ive definitely been bitten. Already looking at other locos. I know Kato should be releasing more DE10s in JRF livery sometime this month.
  7. Trains with Special Liveries

    They are indeed as horrible as calling a boy band Kis-my-FT2 and their singing ( I use the term loosely). Mrs Kamome had a short moment of madness and bought one of their albums. I assume Kis-my-FT1 were even worse and whoever gave the green light on the marketing campaign needs a stern talking to. I saw a 800 series Tsubame with their vapid faces on my way to the JR Kyushu depot open day. Thankfully the Eva 500 was there to restore some faith in painted trains.
  8. Today I took my first steps into HO. I picked up the Kato EF65 1000 (1-306) and some Tomix Kokis to get me started. (HO-718 and HO-714) I now need to look at some track to have a play around. I am already deeply impressed by the jump in detail. I hope this doesn’t spell the end of my love of N gauge and I hope I enjoy still running long trains in N. I miss the ability to do shunting with the smaller scale so this will allow that. I also joined the the Kyushu Railway shop club which meet once a month. At least there’s an HO layout there I can run trains on. Now planning to spend the next 8 weeks detailing the thing.
  9. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Found the Kato Iida line freight set and ED62 today despite the Kato website stating it’ll be delayed for another week. 10-1426 and 3084
  10. Cheers Kiha66 This is an option but was hoping just to do a quick swap out with some resistors and LEDs
  11. Awesome mrp According to their website they have a branch in Hakata. Thanks for the help.
  12. I wanted to upgrade some of my older Kato rolling stock with LED head and taillights and getting rid of any filament bulbs. I have had a look around a few hardware stores like GooDay and Nafco and the range for LEDs and resistors is limited. Can anyone recommend a good place to get components that’s nationwide? I am a good distance away from Tokyo so a trip to Akihabara is out of the question.
  13. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I must admit, I do like the 651 series but this does look like it should have come with some matching fake nails. It’s a very detailed print but looks more like a ギャルの携帯 (gal‘s cellphone) I’m sure all the other trains laugh at it!
  14. JR Kyushu 787

    I would say it depends on what you want to achieve and how closely you want to match the prototype. The original 787 Tsubame from Kato was 9 cars and came as a 7 car set and a 2 car add on. This has been sold out for a very long time but they occasionally pop up on eBay. The later Relay Tsubame from Kato was a 7 car. Personally matching the colour for a respray would be a challenge and as Kyushu trains have a limited market appeal, trying to find suitable decals may be a greater challenge.
  15. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Picked up some bits in Hakata courtesy of Yodobashi and Poppondetta. I got a fish port along with some tsunami protection, workers and some fishing boats. Annoying, the included figures with the port are smaller than those in the additional dock workers from Tomytec. There is a a good selection of tuna and fish boxes included to create some interesting scenes. I'm keen to create a port area with a couple of sidings for レ12000 Cooler wagons. I'm not sure this is prototypical as I've not found any reference for this, but would like to have a smaller harbour branch for some fresh fish wagons. Thanks to the recent release of the Kato 885, I found some replacement pantographs for an old Kamome. This was bought for me by my father-in-law from a recycle store and it needed a lot to get it running properly. Apparently it was pretty cheap but poorly looked after. A comprehensive dismantle and clean got it working again but it's been limping with a broken pantograph for a while. I also grabbed an extension to make my automated crossing double track, finally. The final purchase was the new liveried E4 from Kato. I have considered getting a second E4 for some time so a slight colour change adds some variety. Glad Kato finally saw fit to produce this. Great looking Shinkansen and will be sorry to see them go.